mack rice

Glee Fic: The Bonfire

1038 words, gen, rated G. Jane, Roderick, shades of Roderane

At some point during the bonfire Jane realizes Roderick’s not beside her any more.

They’ve sort of had their arms around each other on and off all evening, to the point where it’s like what going back for drinks at a bar must be like for a heavy alcoholic, or something. The excitement and the movement and the singing makes it hard to stay anchored to him for any length of time, and there are other people she wants to hug every so often too, but they keep going back to one another. Neither of them have said anything about it – they’ve barely exchanged two sentences together in total. But they’ve sung together. That makes it feel natural.

She shifts away from him for a moment to sing a few lines with Madison (that’s her name, right? So many new faces, new names.). And then she returns, reaches automatically for the thick, warm arm that’s been there all evening – and it’s just not there any more.

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