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The Cast Of Many Different Disney Sitcoms and ABC Sitcoms Sing Some DuckTales


 -Ravens Home 



 -Andy Mack

 -Liv And Maddie 

-Fress Off The Boat

 -Stuck In The Middle 

-Radio Disney



-American Housewife 

-Modern Family

-Elena Of Avalor

What does this mean?


★ft. budget luminum and hoshizora

Thank you so much to my friend @shinonomenano for joining me to make this montage! We put a lot of love into this (and a lot of hours sending files) but it’s finally done. We’re really happy to share this with you, and we hope to make more videos like this in the future! 

♫Music: John Dahlbäck feat. Alexx Mack - Count To Ten (Radio Edit) -… 

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A few days ago we lost a legend in actor Bill Nunn, most known for his role as Radio Raheem in filmmaker Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. His passing, during yet another troubling time full of police brutality, hits the most as police brutality is what ended Radio Raheem’s life in the film. So the team pays tribute to a good man, actor, and also the one guy who finally brought Robbie Roberson to the big screen. 

Rest easy, Mr. Nunn.

anonymous asked:

Short fanfic about Jackson getting lost and bumping into McQueen, asking to stay with him?

How desperate does a man have to be to ask an enemy to stay with them…

Jackson was asleep when Gale rolled into Radiator Springs that night. She’d decided to take a little detour before heading back to California and see her boyfriend. 

Jackson won’t mind if we stop for a bit. she told herself, radioing Mack over her CB to tell him she was coming.

Gale sat the trailer down at the edge of town, leaving Jackson to sleep the night away. She drove through to meet up with Mack, and off they went to explore the countryside in the moonlight.

What Gale’d forgotten in her excitement was that Jackson was prone to sleep driving. If she was hooked up to the trailer, she could ensure the ramp stayed closed, but once she severed the connection, there were so safeguards in place.

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The Radio Freestyle.

Big L & Jay Z - Stretch & Bobbito

Notorious B.I.G & Craig Mack - Hot 97

RZA & Ol Dirty Bastard - Stretch Armstrong

G-Unit - Funkmaster Flex Takeover

GZA & Killah Priest - Stretch & Bobbito

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito

Roc-A-Fella - Hot 97 Takeover

Notorious B.I.G. & Lil Cease - Wake Up Show

Big L - Stretch & Bobbito

AK Skills - Hot 97 

Rah Digga, Guru, Common Sense & Rampage - Choice FM

Wu-Tang Clan - Radio One (pt.1)(pt.2)(pt.3)(pt.4)

They’re interviewing Mattress Mack on the Astros radio broadcast and one of the commentators asked Mack “people were asking if you were worried if the people you let into your stores during Harvey, if you were worried they would sleep on or damage your product (beds, couches)” and Mack just said “hey, that’s what it’s for, people over profit yknow”

Mack went from an icon to a Houston legend.

anonymous asked:

Could you perhaps write a fitzsimmons fic where either one or more members of the team find out about them because I have a real soft spot for these fics!!

Hi Anon!

I’ll do my best.  My fic writing is a bit rusty but I hope this is what you wanted!  Written before I saw 3.20.

They had agreed that night not to make it a big deal.  That for now the change in their relationship was something special, just between the two of them, until everything with Hive was taken care of and they safely had Daisy back.

But just because they didn’t announce didn’t mean that the team didn’t find out.   And rather than spreading like wildfire as the base gossip normal did the news spread in a slow burn, one by one through the family in their own sweet little moments.


They had left Bucharest hours ago, Mack leaving Fitzsimmons to sit with the pilot and radio ahead the early debrief to Coulson.   He was letting them sleep after hearing of their encounters with Hive and Daisy they deserved a few moments of peace to rest.   

Scrubbing his hands over his face he got up wanting to stretch his legs and make sure the pair had something aside from tea.   He entered the bay quietly not wanting to wake them should they be sleeping.  The site that greeted him causing him to freeze in the door.  They had snuggled, yes snuggled into the farthest darkest corner of the seats, both unbuckled forheads resting against each others, hands clasped between them.  They were talking in tender whispers and Mack knew he had no hope to hear what was being said.  And he didn’t need too.   The look of absolute peace and contentment upon their faces making him feel better than he had in ages.

Fitz’s hand slipped from hers and went up to caress her cheek, Jemma leaning lightly into his touch.   Mack didn’t realize it but he was holding his breath as they slowly leaned in for a long but tender kiss.   When they finally parted, Fitz adjusted himself on the seats Jemma snuggling in the space he’d made for her, his arms wrapping securely around her before he dropped a tender kiss to the top of her head.   

“Get some rest Jemma,” he heard Fitz say, his voice finally something above a whisper.   Mack didn’t dare move until he’d seen both of their eyes close and their breathing sync up in the depths of sleep.  

Finally he turned away, a wide smile on his face “Way to go Turbo”.  


May had allowed herself a rare day of sleeping in, opting to do a less intensive workout that morning for a few more moments of quiet solace in her bunk.  The situation with Daisy and Coulson’s injury weighing heavily on her mind.   And even though she had slept in the rest of the base was at least an hour away from stirring.   

With practiced ease she opened her door, going on alert at the sound of quiet voices whispering at they came down the hall.  Always on alert she slipped back into her bunk and closed the door enough that she could just peer though the crack.

Seconds later she saw the source and relaxed.   Fitz and Simmons were walking down the hallway.  Both clad in their pajamas, Simmons carrying two steaming mugs of tea, while Fitz two plates of pancakes.   

Unable to help herself May felt her eyebrow raise and the smallest of smile play on her lips, the first one in days.   The smile only widening when they stopped together at the door of Simmons bunk, Fitz nuzzling into her neck and eliciting a delighted giggle from Simmons.

“Fitz!” she admonished though she tilted her head to give him better access.  “Wait until we at least get inside-” the rest of the sentence falling away as they slipped in and closed the door behind them.

May slipped out into the hallway the grin still on her face as she headed for the gym, delighted giggles muffled behind Simmons closed doors.  

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Oh look guys!  Something!

What to Expect: After last season’s shocking epilogue, which revealed Coulson (Clark Gregg) to be back in the field as a simple agent, partnered with Mack (Henry Simmons, seen here in an exclusive photo from the season four premiere) and hot on the trail of Quake, aka a once-again renegade Daisy (Chloe Bennet), don’t expect an easy fix. Prepare yourselves for a mysterious new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (played by Jason O'Mara) with deep connections to Marvel lore, one whose presence is tearing the team apart. And the move to a later time slot won’t be the only thing heating the show up. Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) is coming, so break out the SPF.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

#AGENTSOFS.H.I.E.L.D. E! Fall TV Preview

I”m assuming Mack is radioing in some dude just burst in to flames…and boy Mack looks good!

12 Days of Skimmons: Day Four

An anon sent me this prompt: “Jemma knits Skye a Christmas sweater since she’s never gotten a homemade Christmas gift. Skye tries to wear it so as not to hurt Jemma’s feelings but it itches like crazy.”

Ad yes, I realize that I missed Day Three because of crazy moving but…in theory, I’ll just post two stories in one day…at some point…

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