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Mack’s Top 5 - Mobile Suit Gundam fights

It’s time again for another of my top 5 lists. This one is going to cover the many fights seen throughout the various series of Mobile Suit Gundam over the years. Now, these lists are only my opinion and do not imply that other fights are not worthy, just that personally I consider these as high points throughout Gundam.

I would also like to note; fights are not defined as ‘Battles’ here. This list will cover one vs one only, battles I will cover later.

5 - Stark Jegan VS Kshatriya

This lone warrior, an MS team commander onboard a Clop-class Battleship, takes it upon himself to ensure his ship’s safety by keeping the Kshatriya busy long enough for his ship to fall behind the Garencieres. Even against impossible odds he comes literally within inches of victory, only for the Kshatriya to use its wing boosters to blow him back long enough to carve his suit in two. With his last words, he curses the Sleeves and dies a hero.

4 - Zeta Gundam VS The O

This fight was incredibly intense. Here we had two newtypes of equal capability battling for victory in two suits that outclass each other in various ways. Zeta has firepower and speed over The O’s enhanced agility and melee capability. Reaction over wit, clash on clash… all culminating in a death that made even the most strong stomached of fans declare ‘ouchies’.

3 - Ez-8 Gundam VS Gouf Custom

In this epic fight of bullets, running, jumping and mashing of metal we witness Shiro Amada fight for his team’s safety whilst Norris Packard fights for the protection of his base’s hospital that, with its imminent launch, would surely be shot down by the guntanks roaming the abandoned mining city the 08th MS Team are guarding. Norris gives his life to take out the last of the tanks, ultimately dying for nothing as the Kergueren gets shot down regardless…

2 - Wing Zero Custom VS Nataku

Here we witness not just a battle of Gundams, but a battle for freedom of all. Wufei truly raises a good point in that discarding soldiers for the sake of peace is no sense of justice as those raised to fight and fight only now have no purpose. But equally so Heero is right to contest him to prove that their purpose only leads to death after death for the sake of a goal that will forever end in bloodshed. Hence the title of ‘‘Endless Waltz’‘ I guess.

1 - Gundam NT-1 Alex VS Zaku II Kai

This fight was not only epic, it was heart wrenching. Because as the audience we knew the truth and we knew the inevitable outcome. It didn’t make it any easier to stomach and it certainly didn’t make it easier to finish the final episode through to the bitter end. To those not wanting spoilers I will say only to give this series a watch to experience the full effect. It is definitely a high point for Gundam and well deserving of the number 1 fight spot for it’s conflicting finale.

You hated confrontation, everything about it made you sick to your stomach. The yelling, the tears, even just the blatant show of weakness and emotion made you feel the need to run to empty the contents of your stomach. Yet here you were, your back turned away from your boyfriend as tears streamed down your cheeks and your throat sore from screaming and crying. You were busy staring at the carpet of his living room, willing your tears to stop falling. “Baby..” He mumbled, his deep voice vibrating your bones with how close he was and how he spoke into the back of your neck, his lips just barely touching your cold skin.

“Don’t fucking call me that.” You snapped, your voice a whisper as you spoke, your words cutting his skin like papercuts. You whirled around, your palms colliding with his broad shoulders as you shoved him away from you. His brown eyes met yours in a frantic attempt to find a small ounce of compassion in your eyes. You let out a groan from deep in your throat and shake your head at Calum, ignoring the sadness evident on his face. “How dare you?” You hissed out, your throat scratchy as your spoke.

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thoughts on 2x12

1. Fitz is everything.

2. Skye is also everything.

3. Philinda protecting their baby is everything.

4. Bobbi and Mack need to gtfo, especially Mack.

5. Simmons is kinda pissing me off, but I kinda get where she’s coming from.

6. Lady Sif is everything too.

7. I need all the cards on the table from everything. I hate all the secrecy. 

8. WARD bby come back everything is falling apart without you also Skye needs you trust me i know these things

9. Poor Hunter. He deserves better.

10. I need it to be next week.






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It’s nice to remember at the end of a long day that Mario 64 effectively has infinite parallel realities contained within it and that people use said parallel realities solely to avoid jumping.

Like, that is some pro-level laziness right there. 

Is there a Nobel Prize for being so lazy you literally broke the universe? ‘Cause you just got it.