Okay. But if fitzsimmons had decided to slow down. Not rush. Wait. I have the perfect, most adorable alternative option…

Fitz catches Jemma’s hands in his own, hesitating at the speed through which they are progressing.

Fitz: “Jemma?”
Jemma: “Yeah?”
Fitz: “Do… do you maybe want to build a blanket fort?”
Jemma: *grins* “Absolutely”

A couple hours later Mack knocks on the hesitantly and says wheels up in 5.

Fitz: “Hey Mack, come join us! We built a fort!”
Jemma: “What? No! He can’t come in here!”
Fitz: “Why not?”
Jemma: “He’s way too big! He’ll destroy it.” *whispers* “and then we couldn’t do this” *kisses Fitz*
Fitz: “Oh that’s actually a very good point.” *louder so Mack can hear* Actually nevermind. I’m afraid even with the suspension system I designed and the extra reinforcements, the structural integrity of blanket forts just isn’t designed for people your size. Sorry Mack I’m afraid you can’t.“

Cue a confused look from Mack: "I don’t even wanna know.”

Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons have literally made a palace from the blankets and sit inside kissing and cuddling.

current AOS status

so all the Fitzsimmons fans have been reduced to mindless blobs with a huge smile on their face and happy tears rolling down their cheeks as they reblog post after post about the kiss, gifs of the kiss and reactions to the kiss

the Mackelena fans started out on a joyous note with the two goofs having spent time learning the native language of the opposite person (u know like those two other goofs did in Love Actually), but then plummeted into despair as Mack became suspicious of Elena and she in return ended up brushing him off without even looking at him

meanwhile the staticquake fans are reduced to a sobbing mess curled up in the corner trying to make sense of it all

idk i just really want Fitzsimmons to be super adorable and coupley while undercover and completely forget that their comms are or someone else from the team is in that room and all of a sudden Mack (or maybe Coulson/May) just goes “you do realise you guys don’t have to be THAT comitted to the role”

  • Mack:So how long have you two...?
  • Jemma:Oh no. No, we've... It's not...
  • Jemma:...
  • Jemma:I suppose it's very new.
  • Mack:No, it isn't.
  • Jemma:Fitz... He thinks we're cursed-
  • Fitz, bursting through the door:THAT WAS ONE TIME!!!
3.18 is nigh

Here’s a Daisy-centric aftermath ficlet to help kill time.

Daisy’s head was throbbing again– which each heartbeat it burned a little hotter. The pounding headache centered at the top of her head, where evil alien parasites had claimed residence inside her brain, dismantling everything good in her life and leaving an infuriating phantom pain in its wake.

Had it really only been  days since she’d deserted the base as a cloud of dust and cement crumbs rose behind her? It felt like eons. Entire eras of her life starting and ending at breakneck speed. Daisy Johnson: Team Leader. Supervillain Puppet. Destitute.

Walking down the now dimlit hallway that led to the Director’s office, she wondered if there even was another chapter in her storyline. How do you came back from serving as right hand to your sworn enemy? How many nights wasted hovering between the shame of her feeble mind to stop it, and absolute and raw anger at what had been done to her?

As she reached her destination, Daisy was left to face more tangible proofs of the destruction she had lashed on the base. Beneath the cracked ceiling, the shattered glass partitions had been replaced with cardboard dividers, which did very little to ensure the confidentiality of Coulson’s communications.

Daisy paused when she heard Coulson’s voice rise from the other side a moment before her raised hand made contact with the temporary door.

“I think there’s another option we should discuss,” he said, his tone both contentious and exhausted.

There was a pause, then, “Phil, no.”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it,” Coulson replied, daring May to contradict him.

“You can’t delete every bad memory,” Melinda countered somberly. “You can’t erase the past just because you don’t like it.”

T.A.H.I.T.I. That’s what they were talking about. Sawing her skull open and meddling with her brain until it was rearranged and cauterized in a more convenient way. After all, they’d done it to her father. They might even have extended the favor to her mother, if they’d managed to catch her alive. What if it ran in the family? What could you possibly expect from the daughter of two inhuman monsters, if not more monstrosity?

Perhaps that’s why she’d been chosen to stand by Hive’s side. Why she and Grant Ward had been so close in the first place. What if, underneath it all, they were both bad blood?

No, she reminded herself before she crumbled once more.

It wasn’t you it wasn’t you it wasn’t you it wasn’t you.

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