macintosh birthday

From Me To You Gavin


First of all i Can’t wait to see American Fable!!! I’m super excited about this movie!  I also can’t wait to see what else you can do! We know you can play  the sweet guy and no doubt you’re gonna nail being the twisted kid.- judging by the little clip I’ve seen.-   I can’t wait to see you tackle some other roles hopefully more fun twisted roles if you like those a lot! Maybe eventually some comedy who knows!  The future is full of surprises! 

I wanted to let you know that other than being super excited for future projects from you, i’m also super proud of you for standing up for what you believe in.  For spreading love instead of hate, for doing your best to keep in touch with all of your fandom family!  You’re doing the best you can with what time you have and that’s really awesome.   

I also want to take this time to tell you that no matter what life throws at you-be it good or bad-  we always got your back just like you’re there for all of us!    If i could hug you right now i would be giving you a hug!   You’re a positive influence for everyone!  However this doesn’t mean that you can’t have bad days..  Maybe sometimes you feel as if you’ve got to keep everything happy  but it’s okay to have bad days and for us to see that. You’re human  and we know that. We’re here for the happy, the sad , angry  or whatever feeling you may be feeling.  We all go through it so of course we understand.

Honestly i know you’re probably busy with family, friends and work.. Buttt  i know i’m not the only one who thinks this;  If you have the time i think it’d be really cool if you did more youtube videos. We love seeing you on the Sorensons sister vids and i know we’d also love to see you do more stuff for your channel. It could be whatever you want, whatever is easiest for you to manage with a busy schedule.  That’s just a thought though! If you do it or not we’ll still support your decisions   

Okay my rambling aside.

You’re going to go places and do things that are hopefully going to be fun and hopefully will be meaningful to you!  We’re all along for this crazy ride and it’s always okay to ask for help!  If you need to some  virtual hugs or words of support, we got you!   We’re your big crazy extended family and no matter what happens we’re here for you! 

I know your birthday’s coming up so  Happy Early Birthday! 

Happy Birth Month I’m proud to share the same Birth Month  with you! :D 

Love you so much! 

Keep your head up.