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Vintage Mac Museum

Adam Rosen & Matthew Bergeron are Macintosh geeks extraordinaire, and are no strangers to hauling Macs to VCF East.  I’ll let their exhibit description speak for them:

“With a product lifespan more than three decades long, many variants and oddities exist in the Apple Macintosh universe. For VCF East XII the Vintage Mac Museum will again show off a number of rare and unusual items from the collection, including: the clear sided “HyperDrive” Mac 512k; a Macintosh Portable, Outbound and DynaMac laptop clones, and their successors the PowerBook 1xx series; a (black) Macintosh TV running old Apple advertisements and videos; a working Apple Lisa with LisaOffice software; the always fun Color Classic (with After Dark “fish” screensaver), and a Macintosh Picasso Dealer sign.”

The A-Max, released in 1989 by ReadySoft Inc., is a very interesting hardware addon for the Amiga A500, A1000, and A2000 models. Using the existing hardware in the Amiga, this allowed you to run the full Macintosh environment without needing a Mac! Well, kind of. You still needed to provide ROM chips from your actual Macintosh (128K, 512K, 512Ke, & Plus) that you owned and not illegal copies you burned onto EPROMs. Ahem.

With this hardware dongle that connects to the floppy drive port, and the software that comes with it, you could run up to System 6.0.3 on your Amiga, and be able to use your existing mouse and keyboard, as well as your Amiga and Macintosh floppy disk drives. There is also a port that allows you to use an ImageWriter printer, but there is no LaserWriter/PostScript support. There is also no sound support, aside from the system bell. And you don’t get clock support if you are using the A1000.

Several revisions were released in the following years, adding support for more features and newer revisions of MacOS, as well as actual sound and color support. The last version, released in 1993, supported emulation of the Quadra, as well as a bunch of powerful hardware hacks that made integration of the existing Amiga environment much more seamless. After that, ReadySoft Inc. was acquired by Malofilm Communications in 1996, and discontinued all their products.