Legion of Leia: I’d love to know what you envision as Merida‘s happy ending.

Amy Manson: That’s a good question! Yes, Merida‘s happy ending – well, I guess, the thing is, it’s always about others with Merida. It’s about how to follow in her father’s footsteps. And she’s got the crown now, but it’s not about having the crown on her head. It’s about looking out for her people and her land. But I guess that’s a big tick off her list. I guess now it would be to find a partner. That would be great. There was something in the last scene between her and Macintosh, that nod. That respect, I guess. The respect that he gives to her in that final scene. That nod to say I respect you as a woman and you clearly can do this. I take my hat off to you and I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you initially. And I think that’s all Merida needs. I don’t think she’s a character to hold grudges. She just says it as it is, gets out and deals with it. That’s her spirit and what I love about her. So yeah, I guess having a partner.

—  Legion of Leia