Photo Appreciation Post for my Power Mac G3 Desktop. 
I use this machine as a file sharing and negative scanning workhorse, but she has got a handful of quirks that i am having trouble sorting out. mostly with her PCI slots, they get power but its been really stubborn about recognizing cards installed. - thinking i have to reinstall 9 from a non machine specific disk… i have been using my iBook G3 disk.. which i think might be the root of the issue. 

The Beige G3 is a third-generation Power Mac. It has a new motherboard with a faster system bus than earlier models, a third-generation PowerPC CPU, uses a completely different type of memory, has a different way of upgrading the CPU, and includes a personality card slot. The Power Mac G3 comes in desktop and minitower configurations and replaces the 73008600, and 9600.

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