Today my little Easter bunny turns 1 😭 Certainly my life isn’t as calm as it was before we brought you home. You make every day just a little bit more exhausting with the most energy I’ve ever seen in a dog, my mornings just a little earlier since if you hear my stir at 6 am I know I now have to get up or ill have a puddle of pee to clean up when I wake, my face just a little more slobbery with all the kisses you need to give and you have my just a little more paranoid at all the things you NEED to bark at. Let’s not forget the time you hopped the fence cause of the snow like it was nothing. Just strutting in the neighbor’s yard wondering what the big deal is… But I wouldn’t trade a single thing for the world because the way you like to crawl right up in my lap like a baby when you’re tired is such a great feeling. You’ve certainly made our lives a little more exciting and don’t know what we’d do without our girl… Cobain would certainly be bored. Happy 1st birthday to my little pittie Maci girl <3 momma loves you! 🐶😍 #pitbull #lab #birthday #puppy #baby #macigirl #love #mylittleeasterbunny #crazydoglady


If Maci learned to talk and the first thing she said was “I hate my mother” I don’t think any of us would be surprised. #dubsmash #pitbull #lab #puppy #pitstagram #pitsofinstagram #rescue #adoptdontshop #mybaby #macigirl