macho guys

the penatrators: make the girls they fucked wear their hoodies like they’re some kinda objects to be Branded™ and get into fistfights smashing bottles on people’s heads.


the balloon squad: don’t stand for disrespecting women and talk about serious social issues like racism and police brutality.

some of y’all: ………. yaaaa i can’t be interested in these “loud macho straight guys who preen” they’re so basic they’re demons they can’t be trusted.

12x17 I..... liked this episode ?

This is my first post-episode overview commentary because I just was surprised how much I liked this episode. There was still some wtf-ery but generally I enjoyed it and, well, I can’t help but link everything to Destiel these days and the Destiel itself was strong but man, the continued breaking down of the barriers to it becoming canon more textual just keeps coming this season. 


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The women: Ok so I really hope they follow through on the Mary can actually “have it all” and I hope there’s a reason for Kelly’s characterisation like she’s being mind controlled by the kid, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this episode? Kelly textually said she was used. Yes, thank you.

Mary and Ketch - I didn’t…hate it? Ok so it’s a bit weird but only because we have info on Ketch that Mary doesn’t? To Mary he is her trainer, he’s charming, he helped save her boys…. she doesn’t know about Magda, Toni, maybe not even how vicious he can be…. and Mary is allowed her fair share of Winchester terrible sexual partners and she’s a big girl, she can do what and whoever she wants as long as it’s not hurting anyone. 

And there is a clear Destiel-related reason I am 100% OK WITH MARY MAKING THIS DECISION! (see below).

Crowley / Lucifer: I’m hoping this whole thing is just another set up like it was last Bucklemming episode, to be ‘fixed’ later, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there. 

Mick: I liked Mick, I wanted Mick to live even though I knew he wouldn’t really. At least now people wont be worried he’s replacing Cas. Oh well. Also, kind of re-cements Ketch as our bad guy. Will he still try to kill Mary? *drum roll*…

Omg the Saileen: They are cute, they HOLD GREAT EYE CONTACT and all the little smiles and flirting while at the same time wow badass hunter couple. And Sam learned more sign language?! And they talked before off screen after Coeur d’Alene and its implied they talked more than that?! Yes please! 

My head canon is that that night she still couldn’t sleep after killing whatisface snobby Brit guy (yeah, another snobby Brit guy, thanks for that), knocked quietly on Sam’s door, he wordlessly offered his hand to her, she climbed into bed with him, they cuddled and he comforted her, that is all. They are so pure and I love them.

They can be a badass hunter husband and wife and just all the cuteness.

Ok so the Destiel: 

Pining!Dean is what I live for in these kind of episodes. Whispers *Thank you Bucklemming*? 

Dean / Cas and Sam / Eileen clear romantic parallels all episode! Dean not deflecting and admitting he is worried to Sam! (Also aside - Dean admitting Mick drank him under the table and not posturing like he’s this big macho guy).

Dean called Cas 4 times… that day. I would also be worried, Cas always calls Dean back. They also text regularly. So yeah. Also the callback of Mick talking about Lucifer being in your boyfriend. Ouch. Also MORE Dean calling Cas away from Sam *satisfied face* - will add this to my already long phone call post ;) 

Ok, so the Mary/Ketch thing…

Personally, Destiel shipper hat on I hope that between the colt and this, when Dean finds out it will really cement his realisations this season about his feelings for Cas. 

If Mary can sleep with who she wants why can’t he? He’s put her on such a pedestal and she’s shown she’s human over and over again, this would cement it for Dean. And if Mary can sleep with someone she doesn’t love, who Dean knows is a psychopath (even if Mary doesn’t), why can’t Dean acknowledge his own pure, healthy feelings of love for Cas? I don’t know if I’m voicing this coherently but I have feelings about this ok. 

This season is just building so much to break down the walls around Dean / Cas: 

1. Dean generally is letting his facade down and letting his real self shine through, see ALL the meta about the whole of season 12 plus the textual whole episode of 12x11 showing us this is what we are meant to be seeing and getting from all this.

2. Cas was / is still thinking about where he belongs. Dean was / is still worried that everyone he loves will abandon him. THESE THINGS TIE IN TOGETHER AND ARE TEXTUALLY TIEING IN TOGETHER THIS SEASON.

3. Sam and Eileen are / could be a cute hunter couple and a great example. Sam doesn’t have to rely on Dean if he has someone else. Dean can move on himself much as a single parent often does once they know their child is emotionally OK. Check. 

4. Mary shows him that he doesn’t have to worry about *shame* on the family. She might even say something to this point about herself if they discuss this (I’m looking at you leaked argument between Dean and Mary in 12x21).

5. Cas has told Dean that he loves him. And yes I will go on record AGAIN to say that Sam and Dean both had an acknowledged, directed, written, face of REALISATION when Cas made the clarification and made clear the first I love you was to Dean alone. Even if it wasn’t (pffff), it was written ambiguously for a *reason*.

6. And….

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It seems Dean is realising now how ‘fragile’ Cas is. He is no longer on the ‘Cas’ll be fine’ band wagon. HE IS NOT MAD, HE’S WORRIED.

There is a reason twitter is awash with - 


- every episode since 12x12 (even 12x15 only had marginal Cas and no real Dean/Cas other than both times it was gloriously, clearly, romanticised).

We are supposed to be worried, to be missing him because Dean is worried and missing him and off course this flows through to the show’s narrative and they’re making us feel this (and I’m sure Sam too of course but its not the same).

Dabb. I see you.

Jeong Joon Hyung: The Boyfriend of a Feminist

1. Joon Hyung is not a guy you have to change for. He likes you, as you are. Pimples on nose and all. It always irked me that dramas like She Was Beautiful or 200 Pound Beauty or every other teeny bopper romcom in the States - looking at you She’s All That - always has this makeover scene where the frumpy heroine becomes a bombshell goddess. 

Bok Joo doesn’t have that moment. She doesn’t have a montage where her hair becomes all silky and she’s wearing heels and she takes off her glasses and why she’s a goddess.

Joon Hyung saw a Bok Joo that was in sweats, a weightlifter, with calluses on her hands. And he liked her for it, because what happened to Joon Hyung was not that Bok Joo became pretty and bam he liked her. 

What happened to Joon Hyung was that he got to know Bok Joo. How she was a kind daughter, a loyal friend and a good person. He got to know a Bok Joo who made his heart warm and that was what made her beautiful to him. 

Not her physical appearance.

And I don’t know about you, but that’s just really lovely for me. 

2. Jealous Joon Hyung is not asshole Joon Hyung. Most K-drama guys become macho-men I’ll pee over you like a dog because you’re mine when they get jealous. Jealousy, by itself is not bad per se. But jealousy that leads you to treat characters as objects (see Lee Min Ho in BoF, Heirs and now LotBS) it crosses a line from awwww so cute to ewwww I’ll get a restraining order on you. 

This is why jealous Joon Hyung is my favorite guy. Joon Hyung gets jealous because he likes Bok Joo and some other guy is chummy with her. But his response is:

a. To ASK Bok Joo, not to DEMAND Bok Joo not to see this guy again.

b. And when he realized his jealousy stemmed from loving feelings for Bok Joo instead of cooking up a sick reason to keep other guy away, he tells her straight. I’m jealous because I like you. Give me a chance. It’s all up to you. Do with me as you please. 

This is what’s good about them. Even jealousy is healthy for them, it’s a driver for them to address how they feel. 

3. Joon Hyung is not a knight in shining armor. He thinks Bok Joo is strong enough to fight her battles, but that doesn’t mean he can’t support her. 

He looked after her dad.

He did not kick up a shit storm when they had to be apart because she’s training for the national team. Instead he understood that to Bok Joo being an athlete comes first, and her family second and he’s happy to be there to help her with it. That’s what makes Joon Hyung such a loveable guy. He doesn’t demand that he be the center of your universe. He just wants to share the world with you. 

And after all the macho men who think it’s romantic to tell a girl to ignore her family and dreams and responsibilities and look at me, only look at me, Joon Hyung is a refreshing reminder that love is not selfish, love is not an or but an and. And that when you truly love someone your life opens up to include them in it.

Over Our Heads

Title: Over Our Heads

Summary: When Sam leaves you and Dean alone in the bunker to have a movie night all by yourselves, feelings that have been under wraps for years begin to surface. Will it be the start of something new or will it turn into yet another moment you’ve had with the eldest Winchester?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Word count: 2482

Warnings: Language, the slightest bit of angst. Pure fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @idreamofhazel ‘s and @impala-dreamer ‘s “Sammy Says” writing challenge. First of all, congratulations to both of you amazing human beings because you deserve it. Second of all, thank you so much for letting me participate, I loved writing this.

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for putting up with my whining and for helping me figure out what I wanted to do with the ending here. Thank you so, so much, Emily, you’re the absolute best.

Now about this fic: My prompt was “You mind doing a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?” and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written both from the reader’s and Dean’s POV and includes a flashback in italics.)

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Your fingers curled into your palm whilst you sat on Dean’s bed, head rested against the headboard, body just mere inches away from his as the world in the screen before you came to life.

It was one of those rare nights that you had nowhere to be and nothing to do. Miraculously enough, the world seemed to be doing just fine without you and the Winchesters brothers were more than happy to take advantage of all of that tranquility and stagnation while it lasted. Sam, for instance, had already hit the bar for the night -he had said something about needing to spend some time with himself but you were pretty sure that his sudden outing had something to do with that beautiful librarian that had been flirting with him all week- while, much to your surprise, the older Winchester had decided to spend a lazy night in with you, filled with cooking and silly jokes, wonderfully interesting conversations and laughter.

However, as fantastic as the evening had been, it was getting late and you were getting more and more tired.

Stifling a yawn, you turned to see Dean already staring at you, green eyes bright and wide in the dim light of the bedroom.

“What?” you asked.

He smiled that half-smile of his that always caused your heart to flutter unevenly.

“C’mere.” He whispered, arm draping over your shoulder to pull you to him.

You opened your mouth to object but the look on his face, vulnerable and intense, pierced through your very soul and you leaned against him, letting his warmth seep into your skin and his scent, so utterly and uniquely Dean, to overwhelm your senses, comfortably resting your head on the crook of his neck.

“Better now?”

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The staggering turnout of young college educated males voting for Trump was by far the most disheartening thing about the election. They were all there almost exclusively because they support Trump as this ‘last of the alpha males, when men were men’ type mindset. The younger demo of Trump supporters, men in particular, like Trump because he represents the last great vestiges of old white man’s America, where woman are 2nd class citizens, gays and blacks and minorities are pests and pariahs on the purity of society to be subtly persecuted, and the concept of a 'real man’  is key to the functioning of society. Male identity as a whole not just in the USA but around the world is undergoing a rapid change in the world we live in today. Not everyone understand or agrees with the idea, but it is happening regardless because you cannot stop progress, you can only slow it down. A lot of what these young men idolise in Trump is this archaic ideal of what a “real man” used to be, but America as a whole, and the white male in particular has fallen and become pussified and a part of the whole 'Make America Great Again’ rhetoric is about re-establishing archaic toxic macho culture as the norm when it just doesn’t fit into the 2000s anymore.
A lot of those misguided but very educated young men probably don’t give 2 fucks about the knock on effects of Trumps economics on small rural communities where maybe their parents or grandparents came from, they were the ones posting Ppepe memes and trolling liberal cucks on line for the lulz, and wanting Donald to win so 1. they can troll some more and 2. feel like they have “taken back” male identity and re-established it in the way it used to be where men didn’t have feelings and never cried and dealt with mental health issues by bringing on whiskey and beating their wives. There’s a whole generation of young men who grew up watching Mad Men and seeing the way things used to be for men and thought to themselves 'Man I wish we could go back to that.' 
And that is where Trump got such a huge level of support from young white college educated males. Stupid idiotic foolish macho bravado.

A young guy I knew had a real ‘drop the mic’ moment.

I didn’t say this. But, dear God, I wish I had. 

another thing thats abundantly clear after watching ben c clips for a solid week is if you think any of us exaggerate how gay he is…’s really not at all. taking into consideration the obvious fact that hes attracted to women, which nobody is disputing, he still has such a gay AURA? his SOUL is gay? the ONLY unconvincing roles i’ve ever seen ben in is when he’s meant to play a super macho het guy: a really good example of this is his mad libs sketch, clearly that’s for comedy but i think that’s kind of the point, i think ben views that sort of uber masculinity as parody worthy, or like a parody of manhood in and of itself which is a really fascinating take coming from a c*s guy who’s attracted to women and is generally masc…… ben’s personality he presents and the roles he is typecast as/fits into the most easily are the sensitive yet passionate about justice men who typically are either explicitly gay or queercoded….. its? wow

With No Particular Place To Go

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff oh and, did I mention fluff?

Summary: Dean Winchester loved a lot of things. But if he could choose his favorite it’d be the pointless car rides he’d  go with you.

Challenge/ Prompt: This was a challenge hosted by the amazing @butiaintgonnaloveem for Baby’s 50th Birthday :D My prompt was No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry 

A/N: I gotta admit, I really enjoyed writing this one -even though it took 5 friggin days- I really want to thank @imagining-supernatural for beta’ing this fic. She is amazing and had she not pointed out all that stuff this fic would probably be trash. Thank you so much <3

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i promised a lovely anon some bi trans leo headcanons and what better day than on trans thursday? beware, they are… a bit sad. i got carried away;

1) he figures it out from a relatively young age, mostly because of his “tia”, who keeps referring to him by he/him and using male titles for him (she knew the prophecy about him after all). it always feels right, and after a while, his very smart and amazing mom notices and starts calling him mijo instead of mija without being asked. it makes him happier, though its one of those things he appreciates much, much more later in life

2) thanks to his garbage extended family and the foster care system, his self-esteem and sense of self-worth is shot and he gets a kind of heavy dysphoria he never felt before. any kind of sga he had felt starts to get repressed; real guys like girls, right?? real guys are macho. real guys are cool. leo is small and skinny until he isnt so small and skinny in some parts and it hurts.

3) things get better when he meets piper. piper boosts his confidence and, being trans herself, offers him advice and council he doesnt think he could get anywhere else. he doesnt want it from anywhere else, either - she’s the best kind of friend there is. even if she has the strange and unearthly power to make him give her the good parts of his lunch…. seriously how does she do that…

4) ohhh so THAT’S how she does it… he thinks after a while at camp halfblood. he likes it here - he has something like family, and they just.. accepted him. called him their brother, called him son of hephestus, and he doesnt know how to handle it. it feels… strange. he likes it and he’s afraid od it all at once. he feels like he might have a home here, where he can be himself, be a man the way he was his mother’s mijo, her family, her son. he even thinks the guy who gave him the tour was trans, too. he never wants to leave, but he’s terrified to stay.

5) jason may not have been their friend for real, but he is now. it makes leo feel… guilty. jason is a good-looking guy, which makes leo jealous and… something else. something strange that he hasnt felt since he was little and he had his first crush on that boy he knew… he doesnt want it to happen again, but it does, and he cant help it. jason has pretty blue eyes and a nice laugh and hes the kind of tall and strong that makes you feel safe instead of intimidated. like a cross between superman and captain america. leo sighs to himself as he watches jason and piper slowly grow closer and thinks “and im his sidekick, lieutenant Totally Screwed”

akdhs i’ll have some more soon!!! trans leo is my jam (trans everyone is my jam, gonna rub my trans little hands over everything) so be prepared~

Reunion - Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Rafael Barba going to his high school reunion.

A pair of green eyes mindlessly watched his reflection as his hands threw a crisp and silky tie around his neck. Like routine, his hands looped the silky patterned tie around and securing it with a clean knot. He looked very sharp in his three piece suit and styled hair. He stood tall with his back straight and confidence that many envy. Yet, there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Rafael understood that networking was a part of working towards his future. He knew that if he wanted to climb up the ladder and be heard, he needed to attend the galas, dinner parties and a whole lot of kissing ass. He had to make the right friends. Rafael was a realist. He was a smart man, and he knew that there would be sacrifices he would have to make for his future.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a dinner party. It was his high school reunion. The only reason he was going was because he needed to speak with his old friend Alex Munoz. The last time he spoke to Alex, he told him that he was planning to work his way to running for mayor. Rafael wasn’t surprise, the man was always ambitious. Alex said his schedule has been all booked up and the only time he had was during the reunion. Rafael knew it was just an excuse to get him to attend it. Not that Alex would take no for an answer. The man always had a way of guilt tripping Rafael. So, he agreed, reluctantly, but still agreed.

As his taxi headed to the hotel, he constantly reminded himself that he was doing this because he needed to for his career. It didn’t mean he had to like it. He couldn’t help but dread the excessive bragging from adults that hadn’t mentally matured. When his taxi arrived, he took a deep breath, paid the driver and stepped out. He confidently walked through the lobby in his shiny leather brown shoes.

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why are most of my comfort characters guys anyway

i feel like..its cause i was never really stereotypically feminine and my interests were always really societally gender neutral

like yeah i had a littlest pet shop/gen 3 mlp/barbie phase when i was like 6 but i didnt brush their hair or shit. i made weird stories and took off their clothes and put them in anatomically impossible poses to praise the Dark Lord

but even the way i think or express myself is like…my guyish. you know how society puts that pressure on boys to not cry and to hold their emotions back. thats like me but it’s myself thats holding me back
but the comfort characters i love arent macho burly guys. mine are more introverted “weak” dorks with their strong point being intelligence and wit. they have this really down to earth personality. never really like conflict, sarcastic as fuck, dont really show genuine emotion around other people because they dont want to concern anyone. or if they do have an outburst theyre like fuck it time to retreat and deal with this on my own. theyre afraid to ask for help and wait for it to come first, and when that happens theyre genuinely grateful and show a side of their personality that you rarely ever see. and even though they seem kinda introverted and dont talk much about themselves they have a fuckton going on inside and above all theyre really really caring and loving even if you couldnt guess it
and they have these really unique quirks that flesh them out really well

like dave strider is the perfect example of this. dipper too

Another Shance Fic Idea

I saw an anti shaladin post while scrolling through the shance tag and got inspired. Thank you random anti!

Modern AU where:

- Lance and Shiro (or any shaladin ship you want idc, it’s just that i’m a shance shipper all the way so…) are celebrities.

- Shiro is one of the best sought out action stars and Lance is a model turned actor. 

- Shiro married young (17-ish) and had a son and a daughter (at 18). He had to leave for the military (for the cash and stability?) and came back with a prosthetic arm and PTSD, his wife couldn’t handle it and she left him.

- So Shiro had to work his ass off to provide for his children, that meant juggling three jobs and working overtime to keep his children happy and comfortable.

- He was discovered by a talent manager while busting tables at a restaurant and he was immediately casted for a car commercial.

- His success started there, and after a successful franchise, Shiro was now an in demand actor.

- Lance, on the other hand, was born in the world of modelling. His mother was a former supermodel and was now his sister’s manager, his father was once the face of Calvin Klein, and his other siblings were frequently booked for modelling high end kid brands. So it was only natural that he went to modelling too.

- But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Lance. He had to look for for the modelling jobs and not rely on his parents’ and siblings’ assistance. He encountered countless ‘no’s’ and ‘we’ll call you’, until he was offered an acting job for an indie film. And that’s the start of Lance’s career.

- They were casted in the same movie and Lance fell in love at first sight. He saw Shiro carrying his son and was smiling fondly at his daughter while she walked ahead with a giant dog beside her.

- Shiro was wary of his feelings towards lance because he seemed to good to be true. He was amazing with his children, he didn’t expect him to be this macho guy all the time, his smile lights up his face when he talks about his family, and Shiro seemed to open up to him quite easily, which scared him shitless. He didn’t want to chase Lance away with his dark past but yet he stayed and smiled that smile that chased the shadows away.

- When they came out in public, the reactions were quite varied. Some supported them and others did not, and both parties were not ashamed to show their opinions about their relationship.

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Listen, the writers for Supergirl this season are complete trash and shit. I’m only gonna talk about the shit they dun fucked up for 2.13 but I am aware they screwed up everything else in this season. Sooo let’s start off by talking about WHERE THE FUCK IS JAMES OLSEN?! I’ve been looking for him EVERYWHERE and yet he gets such limited screen time. The writers can take his character in so many WELL written storylines but, yet I have to remember they are trash and constantly forget about storylines that do not involve Karamel.
Secondly, I’m gonna talk about how they fucked up the writing through out the episode in which we discovered that Maggie doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Along with that we discovered why she doesn’t and why it’s an IMPORTANT issue to be talked about. We learn that Maggie started to find out that she liked girls when she would spend time watching movies and smoking cigarettes with Eliza Wilkie. Maggie thought that the feelings were mutual and spent time to write her a note about how she felt and put herself out there only to have it ALL backfire on her. Her dad found out and KICKED HER OUT for BEING GAY. Upon hearing this Alex wasn’t prepared and didn’t comfort her at all. This is such a HUGE issue in today’s society and Alex didn’t even comfort her?! Maggie’s pet peeve is to not be heard and that’s the way that Alex made her feel. Furthermore, into the episode Alex and Maggie make up but they made Maggie apologize? NOPE! I THINK THE FUCK NOT! Maggie was 100% in the right to feel this way. Yet, again we don’t see Alex console her or try to make her feel better… it’s all about how Alex feels because that’s the only feelings that matter? Nope. TBH I would rather see them talk about Maggie and how this affected her. Also, how she dealt with it, and how on top of that she lied and said that her parents were okay to make Alex have a better time. YOU CAN’T TAKE HEAVY CONCEPTS AS SUCH AND CRAM THEM INTO SHORT SCENES to make room for a toxic heterosexual relationship.
Next, I’m gonna address the horse shit that is Karamel. Throughout the past couple of episodes up until the FINAL SCENES Kara has been figuring out that Mon-Hell is wrong for her. This was shown in MAJOR way tonight. For example they fight in EVERY SCENE up until the final scene of the episode as always.In this episode Mon-Hell is being jealous and over protective and acts like he now owns Kara since she got guilted into liking him. She has to repeatedly tell him to leave because he making the situation worse with Mr Mxy and she has to remind him that she IS Supergirl and is capable of dealing with this in her own in which she is right because she eventually defeats him. Then after he finally leaves he picks a fight with her stating that she “has bad judge in what she can handle” Which is not true because AGAIN she defeated Mr. Mxy as she ALWAYS does. She even states that she thought that he had changed but she still thinks he is “some macho egotistical” guy he has always been. Lastly they end this fight scene with agreeing it was a “mistake.” In the final scene the first thing he does is flush her with compliments until she is blushing and thanks him. Then he proceeds to apologize and guilts her into thinking his behavior is okay when it’s not and it is VERY TOXIC. Then the end the scene with them making out almost swallowing each other faces and then crash into the couch and make out even more that alludes to sex. In which they ONLY got together within about 3 days. Lastly, I’m gonna touch on the development of J'onn or lack there of. WHERE WAS HE THIS EPISODE? Huh? I’d like to fucking know where he is? He is such a huge father figure to both Alex and Kara and he is NEVER AROUND anymore. What is he even up to? Which alien is he hunting? How is he hunting it? WHY WAS HE NOT HELPING SUPERGIRL HUNT DOWN THE IMP? Why is the setting like almost never where it used to be? The setting in S1 was the DEO, CatCo, and Karas apartment.. but this season I have no fucking clue where the main setting is at? Where are the family value that used to be in S1? Why am I being deprived of quality Danvers sisters scenes? Do they just not spend any time together anymore since they got into relationships? Why is it that all they talk about is relationships? Shouldn’t there be more to talk about?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ICONIC FEMINISTIC QUOTES? Did they disappear with Cat? I guess so. What happened to Supergirl working with someone other than Mon-El? Is it since Mon-El is on Earth that is the only person available to help her??? The Guardian is a new developing character in S2… Can he start to help Kara since they are friends again? How about Alex and J'onn helping her?? Along with agents they have? Lastly, WHY ISN’T ANYONE AT WORK AT THEIR DAY JOBS?? We never see Kara or James at Cat-Co? And Maggie came to the DEO and Alex was nowhere to be found… CAN THE WRITERS SCREW THEIR HEAD ON STRAIGHT AND WRITE ANYTHING GOOD?? Furthermore, what is the main story line? I don’t even know anymore??

I know b99 isn’t Perfect or Flawless by any means but there are still a few things that I will never stop yelling abt tbh?

- consistent normalization of male characters with traditionally ~~feminine character traits

- zero (0) undertones of sexual or romantic interest in majority of the male-female relationships in the squad

- non-stereotyped Jewish main character whose ethnicity is acknowledged consistently but literally never the butt of a joke

- 50-50 male female ratio in the detective squad itself (not including Captain Holt) with three very different yet equally important, multifaceted and complex women with different hopes and aspirations who support each other, two of which are Latina, but who have very contrasting features and personalities

- a major part of Jake’s character arch being that the more confident he becomes in his own self-worth the more he embraces being soft and emotional and unhesitatingly compassionate and kind and loving and rejects his earlier (probably societally enforced) internalized admiration of macho tough guy ideals

- the further fact that there’s the heavy implication that Jake’s feminism is rooted in the multiple strong female influences in his childhood and young adulthood and the consequent fact that hes always willing to concede the point to them when issues of female discrimination are in question

- the whole scene in maximum security where Jake and Amy resolved their conflict

- Amy Santiago learning to become more confident in herself and challenge a father figure, a man she deeply respects and admires, without being rude or disrespectful but still holding her ground eloquently and articulately

- equating ogling women to stabbing someone

- Holt and Kevin’s marriage very obviously being an ideal to aspire towards in the squad’s eyes

- that time Terry literally threw a character that’s the epitome of misogyny and racism into the trash