“They’re just pretending to make people happy!!!”

>Craig had an obvious crush on that one boy with Tourette’s Syndrome a few seasons ago
>Tweek can be seen playing with LEGO and trying to force the bricks together without using the holes, possibly thinking about how two dudes do it (also pic related)
>Craig tells Tweek that “he’ll have to be gay with someone else”, Tweek doesn’t deny that he’s gay
>Tweek doesn’t shake or jitter when he’s with Craig and Craig doesn’t act like a cynical prick when he’s around Tweek
>They never mention doing it for the town’s happiness OR for money when they get back together
>South Park official wiki lists them as boyfriends
>South Park official Tumblr heavily implied that they’re gay (

machinyan replied to your post:“Square is dead!” american fans cry at the top of…

i just love how they keep making close calls about FFVII, i honestly feel like they’re doing it just to piss their western fans off and it’s great

tbh i would do the same thing because itl literally only the western fans that want it and you know that they don;t have the time and resources to remake a game from the ground up that people have already played and /maybe/ they’ll buy like real talk maybe only half of the people who want the remake would actually buy it, an FFVII remake is just financially a bad business decision 

titleforablog  asked:

you have an eye for design, i'll tell you that - and you've done a superb job at putting insight on a character in a game that served no other purpose than to melt into the background. you gave her life, a personality, and a story - and you've gotten people to care about a minor character, more than anyone i've ever known. that's a talent.

man, i ain’t felt like i’ve been good at design in a hot minute, so thanks a ton for that.

as for carla, it’s amazing what she’s become to me. like, there’s a few characters that are incredibly dear to me from numerous series. asuka kazama, makoto nanaya, rikku… but they’ve also got thousands of fans each. they’re respected, loved, by many.

carla never got that. be it her background npc role, the fact that her missions take your money in a game where staying stocked up on potions is key to success, japan’s horrible attitudes towards aya hirano, whatever it was, she just never got the respect that naghi or, to a lesser extent, ryid or mutsuki or quon, got.

and that sucks. that really fucking sucks. she’s just a dumbass merchant, but she’s given me so much, especially having you people in my life and i personally credit rping her for giving me that last little push of confidence i needed to ask sars out, and i just feel the need to return the favor to her. give her the love that the majority of the fanbase, or even square themselves really, never really gave her. 

not a lot of folks will see her the way i do, and that’s cool. but that won’t stop me from trying to get people to take a second look at her.

Goodness gracious guys, thank you all so much for helping me reach another big milestone! I really don’t know what to say anymore that I haven’t already said before. You have no idea how much I love waking up every morning to check my tumblr. I love coming on here and being an idiot. I love obsessing over Repliku and crying with laughter at every Daily Terra and arguing with people over how COM is an amazing game and posting horrible gifs. So thank you, each and every one of you, so much for making tumblr so fun for me.

I’ll stop before I get too mushy :) Here are some of my favorite blogs and friends that you should definitely follow! Get ready, there’s a lot!!♥


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