Machine Heart Chapter 5: the fall, part iii, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
“That is, of course, unless you would rather be banished to The Gates of Hell, where you will no doubt be put to death on The Grid. Your unit dismantled, your legacy tarnished. A failure and a criminal. Not a hero. Your silence can be bought the easy way...or the hard way. I leave it to you.” Rick no longer cared about his reputation. But the thought of Carl or Judith learning that their father had been skulled by Lucille in front of thousands of viewers seared his insides like a hot poker. Strike three.

A new chapter of Machine Heart has been posted. 

This is the final stand for human Michonne. The hardest to write, but it now means that the story is about to shift into turbo sci-fi mode. Now we’ll venture into Blade Runner territory. I’m sad, but I’m sooo excited to show you what’s knocking around in my head!


Smiths One and Four face claim…