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Sooooooooooooo .… 

I really love @squigglydigg ‘s art. I wanted to line them. I asked her and she said she was alright with me lining her stuff. I’m so glad I got her permission. I hope I did these pictures justice. I did went a bit overboard with ghost rider but I really liked it. (The shadows were the lines from the paper she drew it on.)

Edit: Forgot the watermarks for the Sonic pic


basically I wanted to share these cause they’re quite old (back when the first BATIM chapter came out)

I mostly create ocs and background character specifically for the BABTQFTIM universe, but these three where actually created long before I made this AU, they where originally just BATIM ocs

so before Alice was brought into the picture, I made the two angels; Willen and Polly

they’re gag in the Bendy cartoon is that they’re very highclassed and tend to throw parties; and Bendy ,being the uncouth one, isn’t invited! so he just crashes in and ruins it for everyone, until Polly gives up and leavs and Willen just joins in Bendy’s craziness

also, if anyone remembers the racoon that almost robbed Boris while Cuphead was saving Bendy, he was orginally a BATIM oc as well; 

his name is Sike the racoon

his gag in the Bendy cartoon is that, well.. he’s a theif! he comes into Bendy’s house and wacky shenanigans happen from then on

that’s all folks ;)

  • bendy/ theMeatly
  • polly, willen and sike/ me