A while ago I purchased a pattern to make an aligator for someone’s gator loving (adorable) son but when I went to crochet it, the pattern couldn’t have been more confusing or convoluted so I never ended up finishing it. It’s been sitting in the back of my mind ever since (along with the tiny bike I crocheted for a lovely lady that I have yet to mail out because Eric has a roadblock in his mind when it comes to buying me stamps) but I think I just found a better alternative! Hopefully this one will be a little easier to understand. I’m going to finish my new project first, which shouldn’t take long and then I’m going to try my hand at knitted amigurumi. 

machinegunmiddlefingrz replied to your post: fun fact: if i gave $1 to everyone i follow i’d…

so rent is like six bucks then? BOOOO-URN.

i’m not sure if you mean my apartment is low rent (low rent means bad, right?)

or if i don’t follow a lot of people

or maybe i follow too many people?

or maybe i follow exactly 6 fewer people than dollars in my account

i’ll take that last one as my insult. my retort: your face is like six bucks (bucks are male deer)(take that!)