Okay guys here are two request by machinegunjessie and trill-asvp! Hope you like it!


Name: Mia Dalon

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: Body Type: not too curvy but not skinny/ Skintone: olive/tanned/Hair-color: Blonde/Eye Color: Green/ 

Personality: she’s a country girl, but she’s kind of edgy, not in a rockstar type way but she’s fashion forward. She doesn’t follow rules very well and she likes challenges. she’s somewhat of a southern belle but not exactly. She’s a free spirit and takes life one day at a time.

Traits: Again I didn’t put her traits so you can do it how you want.



Name: Jaquline Dalton

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: Skin tone, body, hair and eyes are like Nicki Minaj’s so she was inspired by her.

Traits: Again I didn’t put his traits so you can do it how you want.


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