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idk why but i thought about krieg finding and keeping a tiny pet snail. it is small slow and kinda ugly looking but he loves it. its the only thing hes the most tender with (besides maya) and has even been caught whispering jokes to it. it helps him get over his nightmares and he dubbed it Little Meat.

It’s really late. Maya wakes up. She feels something wet and cold slowly crawling its way across her cheek. Krieg is watching with delight as his pet snail leaves a trail of slime on her face

Little Meat leaves wet kisses” he whispers

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the way you draw bodies is not only unique and good but it makes me feel good about my body shape (i have rolls fo days and rly broad shoulders) i jus wanna say thank u and keep drawin <3

im ;________; this means a lot to me, thank you for telling me. i’d like to be more inclusive w my art and im glad i can make someone feel good. thank u so much 💜💜💜


And now I want brimstone
In my garden
I want roses
Set on fire

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Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. Often times I see the whole plot twist thing with the husband being dead instead of the wife which I guess is an attempt at mixing things up but I still feel like it’s a way to make it seem as though the character growth of the wife is from the dead husband and not on her own terms but that’s just me.

dead wife syndrome is just a cheap trick to make weak characters sadder