And now I want brimstone
In my garden
I want roses
Set on fire

a Lilith and Angel addition to my siren au thing i made earlier

i guess to explain it basically its the same as how Krieg’s mutant mode activates; they’d have to be under extreme pain/stress in order for the transformation to start. In this mode their siren abilities become more powerful, but very unstable.

image looks funky because tumblr is a dick

SO yea this is a little present to one of my fav tumblr artist iguanamouth

idk how to submit it to her i cant find a submit button on her blog

anyways heres the crummy sob fest

iguanamouth (aka lauren) dude you are such a rad artist and you have such a unique style, and are hella funny to boot. youre one of the few artists on here who seem to go with the flow of things and not get offended easily and see the glass half-full, or full of lizards. either way youre one of my many inspirations and i hope you dream big and get your art out there. from artist to artist