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100% cotton sweater for 7-8 yrs
{custom sizes are welcome}
contact me if you want one!

Sonbahar maceralarının başlama zamanı!Fotoğraf makinanızı ve en sevdiğiniz oyuncağınızı yanınıza alıp keşfetmeye çıkın!!100% pamuk  7-8 yaş için

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10 DIY Knot Pillows Roundup by truebluemeandyou. 

A blogging friend just emailed me with a link to KnitPicks’ free knit knot pillow pattern, so I’d thought I’d see what other DIY Knot Pillows were still out there with working links (because so many tutorials for the DIY Celtic Knot Pillows have disappeared).

 1. DIY Knit Celtic Knot Pillow Free Pattern from KnitPicks here. “This pillow starts as a very long tube, then it’s then stuffed and cleverly woven around itself to form a knot.”
 2. DIY Winter Tights Knot Pillow from Johanna Rundel here.
 3. DIY Celtic Heart Pillow from Tried & Twisted here. Made with stretchy jersey fabric.
 4. DIY Felt Celtic Knot Pillow from Pure or Purple here. 

 5. DIY Knot Pillow from Cut Out + Keep here.

 6. DIY Faux Furry Knotted Pillows from Besa GM here.
 7. DIY Knot Pillow from Heg Regina! here. 
 8. DIY Knitting Machine Knot Pillow here.
 9. DIY Scarf to Knot Pillow here. No tutorial and Pinterest is the source, but another idea of a fabric to use.

10. DIY Knot Pillow from EHow here. Wide knit fabric used.