I was listening to this earlier with my ears perked quite curiously, and the deeper I dove into the song, the more I found my spine tingling and my eyes widening with delight. In an epic meeting of two ginormous acts of our time, Hot Chip has remixed Florence + the Machine’s Queen Of Peace. The song, off recent glorious album How Big How Beautiful, is already a magnificent creature to begin with. It has Florence Welch, after all. Hot Chip gives it a deep and hypnotic funky house makeover with an ominous, bitter tang. It’s certainly not what we normally are used to hearing when we think Florence, but it’s a wicked new visceral soundscape to hear her in. This is something to go nuts to on the dance floor, in a most beastly way. Stream the remix on Spotify above or YouTube below.

The signs as bands/ musicians (+songs)
  • Aries:Lana del Rey (Blue Jeans, westcoast, back to the basics)
  • Taurus:bon iver (skinny love, floom, for emma)
  • Gemini:Nirvana (smells like teen spirit, come as you are, heart-shaped box)
  • Cancer:Halsey (ghost, colors, hold me down)
  • Leo:Marina & The Diamonds (Hollywood, oh no!, teen idle)
  • Virgo:Florence + The Machine (Queen of Peace, Never Let Me Go, Long & Lost)
  • Libra:twenty øne piløts (tear in my heart, stressed out, trees)
  • Scorpio:One Republic (feel again, alive, love runs out)
  • Sagittarius:Imagine Dragons (demons, dreams, radioactive)
  • Capricorn:My Chemical Romance (teenagers, na na na, welcome to the black parade)
  • Aquarius:Gin Wigmore (black sheep, mr freakshow, oh my god)
  • Pisces:The Beatles (help!, oh darling, let it be)


Florence + The Machine - Queen Of Peace (Hot Chip Remix)


florence + the machine - queen of peace (hot chip remix)


August 28th    Happy Birthday Florence Welch 🎂

The aesthetic came along the way, I think - just through experimenting, and going on tour, and trying stuff out on stage, having fun with it, and not taking it too seriously. If I had a ballgown at home, I’d wear it onstage. If I found something in a charity shop, I’d wear it. That’s where it grew from - just wanting to play dress-up”

Swamp Thing #40 Preview

This issue’s cover is presented in a special sideways format.

I’m no stranger to terrible solicits, but damn does this one take it to a whole new level.  It’s the conclusion not only to the Machine Queen story arc but to the entire series and all we have is some sideways flavor…………… Well, I’m still looking forward to it and man am I going to miss our Avatar of The Green.

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‘Cause she’s just like the weather; you can’t hold her together. She’s chaos and she’s tranquility. A garden, an ocean, a skyline. The most inspiring, fascinating human being I’ve ever had the pleasure to find and develop a profound admiration and love for. She’s the only one who has followed everywhere I’ve gone. Trapped between two lungs. I deeply care for this woman and am endlessly thankful for how much she’s filled me. Florence is an oasis in a desert many of us find ourselves in. She deserves the best of the best and I genuinely wish her infinite happiness. I think we all understand her more than she thinks. So, today and always, I want whatever cosmic force there is out there to fill this woman with joy. Happy birthday, queen of peace. Happy birthday, Florence Welch. You gorgeous creature.