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songs for witches

let england shake - pj harvey // kind of woman - stevie nicks // marybell rides into town on a pig - katiejane garside // the ubiquitous mr. lovegrove - dead can dance // the killing moon - echo & the bunnymen // golden - cranes // rhiannon - fleetwood mac // seven devils - florence + the machine // colour of moonlight (antiochus) - grimes ft. doldrums // breathing ritual - globelamp // lesions in the brain - katiejane garside // dancing barefoot - patti smith // pretty polly - queenadreena // mary of silence - mazzy star // i’ll be your mirror - the velvet underground 

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Swamp Thing #40 Preview

This issue’s cover is presented in a special sideways format.

I’m no stranger to terrible solicits, but damn does this one take it to a whole new level.  It’s the conclusion not only to the Machine Queen story arc but to the entire series and all we have is some sideways flavor…………… Well, I’m still looking forward to it and man am I going to miss our Avatar of The Green.

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Swamp Thing #37 (2014), “Upgrades.”
- Written by Charles Soule.
- Art by Jesus Saiz and Matt Hollingsworth.


THATs your plan on beating Alec? With a frankenlovechild of Lady  Weeds, Anton Arcane, the avatar of fungi, and the corpse of Alec Holland? 

That’s actually pretty awesome. 

Except… Don’t you guys read Harry Potter? You don’t use body parts of your enemies for your final weapon! They end up as creepy babies in Limbo station!

They spoil what he looks like in the cover though. 

Swamp Thing #38

I’m amused that a machine can say guys and TMI, I thought they’d be more stiff, but then again maybe they pick up internet jargons.