machine embroidery

Here’s a quick video of the Singer Izek in action! If you do not know what the Singer Izek is, this machine was released for Singer’s 150th anniversary and hooked up to the GameBoy Color! The GameBoy Color has a game cartridge in it called Sewing Machine Operation Software that lets you do lots of fun things with the machine!

Last week, I posted my unboxing video but with no sewing footage; I got it fully working on Saturday! It had two problems with it:

  1. The feed dog control would not budge.
  2. Someone had been in the bobbin case and messed with parts - it was all out of wack!~

Thankfully, neither were difficult problems to fix. The feed dog control was the result of improper maintenance and it just needed some oil (also the removal of a handful of lint - no joke). The second problem required much more patience; I just sat there and moved things until it worked nearly perfect.

My next goal is to get the outside of the machine cleaned up. You can tell the machine sat in the sunlight and, because of that, the plastic started yellowing. I would like to try and restore it to its previous white if possible.


FFXV, Kingdom Hearts, and Detroit Become Human Manjuu Plush (and one pillow) for offer at my Etsy! :D

As you may know, I went to Nerdbot Con the other day, and I (as promised) am posting stock now at my Etsy account! I also got into a minor car accident on the way home, so any help is appreciated, but I’ll not focus on that here. xD;;

The pictures above show much of my new stock, and my FFXV manjuu keychains have also been restocked! 

R.o.C. Productions’ Etsy Store 

I also have a small amount of “seconds” and prototypes available at a discount, and I’ll have a few more up soon!

I am considering taking the occasional commission for these, but I’m going deal with my car issues and take a short break first. Feel free to ask me questions, though! :D

Thank you so much! 


Since I loved the desert patches I made recently so much, I had to get the companion forest designs and make another set of patches. I think these designs are so beautiful. The bottom photo shows the patches I made my wife and I; the rest of these patches are available in my Etsy shop.


Today’s Cor!Doll progress! :D I haven’t made a full plush like this in a loooong time, so I’m happy it’s going so well? xD;

Everything has gone pretty smoothly, I AM considering sewing on some more bangs and hair layers, but I’m undecided as of yet. xD The head is not attached yet, there’s a stick holding the two halves together xDD Probably need to do some more stuffing, too….