machine of death

World War II was never about bring down the Nazis because they were committing genocide. Even when the world knew about the Holocaust they did little or nothing at all to save the victims. So Inglourious Basterds has a really special place in my heart. It’s clearly and deliberately historically inaccurate in certain respects (Hitler obviously didn’t get machine-gunned to death, the Nazi high command didn’t die at a movie premiere), but those intentional anachronisms are a way to recreate history to allow Jews of today a cathartic way to see themselves taking down the Third Reich. The Basterds are specifically made up of Jewish soldiers, and the woman who blew them all to hell was a Jew exacting revenge on the fascists who killed her family.

In essence, the movie is “what if Jews had been directly responsible for killing the Nazi high command?” instead of “the Jews were victims, freed by the Allies.” Because the Allied Powers were not predominantly concerned with stopping the Holocaust, or with the plight of European Jews. Inglourious Basterds doesn’t mince words: Nazis are evil sons of bitches who deserve to be murdered brutally, and the genocide of Jews is what defined who they were.

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*sighs* i feel so sad *swishes buttplug tail apathetically* if we're all just cogs of a machine, why does my hypothetical death not even hinder the innerworkings? *nuzzles into hoodie*


This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you.
Better than any speech. Any photograph. This is absolutely… perfectly beautiful.
She was… beautiful.

im beginning to think the vast majority of video games are going to be unlikable to me. the adrenaline rush of avoiding enemies feels extremely unpleasant, even in puzzle games like portal and the talos principle

this is extremely ironic considering one of my favorite activities in real life, to do with my real human body, is get flung around by spinny death machines at amusement parks


ive been wanting to make one of these for a while, so finally, here it is! i wanted every song to be by a different artists so thats why theres no repeats. these are just some of the ones i think of for these two. hope you guys like them ey

i left some of the sadder ones out so these are mostly sweet songs haha

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Battleborn “Alternate Faction” Skins


Corporal Toby

Starting out his illustrious career in the UPR in the not-so-illustrious position of “Morale Medic,” then Private Toby spent a year going around in hospital wings and triage centers, bringing smiles to his battle-scared brothers, sisters, and non-binary genders in war (so long as they didn’t try to pinch his cheeks or call him “cute” too often), until one fateful day, the delivery of a faulty loader mech-suit changed everything.

Toby spent his days using his adorableness for new means: requisitioning parts, equipment, and even some experimental technology from all manner of UPR members who “Just couldn’t say no to that adorable face!” At nights, he worked in a tiny, forgotten corner of the Recycling Center, using building his masterpiece:

Berg, the name for the first and still operational prototype of the UPR “Death Machine” Bipedal Mechanized Assault Suit AKA the “BMAssS.”

Though the years have been long, the battles have been many, and many more brand new frames have been designed and deployed, Toby still faithfully sticks with Berg, always fixing, upgrading, and applying UPR-brand duct tape where needed.

“Boom Boom” Benedict

Benedict was supposed to be one of the UPR’s best new assets since the fall of Menneck-B, showing impressive rocket launcher skills despite never having picked one up in his life. However, irreconcilable personality problems–and a long, well-documented history of bullying then Private Toby–constantly threatened his position in the UPR, only being kept along for the ever dwindling amounts of populations to draw infantry from and his skill in demolitions.

All of this changed the day Private Toby unveiled his secret BMAssS prototype, Berg. Threatened, caught unawares, and more than a little upset that his rival had managed to do all this without him ever suspecting anything, Benedict immediately challenged him to a one-on-one duel, with their then superior officer Lieutenant “Deande” supervising the match.

Vastly underestimating the might of the “giant hunk of walking junk” and overestimating his own skills, Benedict lost, upon which he quit the UPR on the spot, going AWOL, and taking his rocket launcher and his Aviant Exo-Suit with him.

He spent a year going around doing random mercenary work, attempting to buy enough upgrades and maintain his constantly deteriorating equipment, but his temper problems and a number of burned bridges due to his “big fat beak” eventually lead to him ending up drunk and disorderly at the Happy Lorian in the Detritus Ring.

Having shown incredible agility in evading his pursuers, and showing a mastery of his rocket launcher even if the weapon was nearly falling apart at the seams (and being severely inebriated beside), Reyna “The Valkyrie” Valeria took pity on him and allowed him a chance to join the Rogues, giving him access to “as much scrap metal and junk as your can get your talons on.”

Now sporting his own heavily modified “Barnstormer” exo-suit and a rebuilt rocket launcher “Big Bertha,” Benedict storms space and the skies with the Rogues, terrorizing their foes will well-placed explosives from unexpected angles.

No one really LIKES Benedict, even for the Rogues’ low standards, but they can’t argue that he’s a valuable asset on raids and extremely entertaining when drunk enough.