machine love

K2S0 looked at Bodhi appraisingly.

“Trust is a matter of degree. I really don’t know you, Bodhi Rook.” Bodhi cringed and shook his head.

“There’s no time!” The others were waiting. Galen Erso was waiting. He wanted to shout; instead, he talked. “You do know me.” He said. “Look: you, me.” He jabbed his finger at the Imperial emblem on the droid’s arm, then at the identical symbol on his flightsuit. “We’ve both got them, and we’re both here anyway. We both want to stop the Death Star, right? Both want to help the Rebellion?” The droid didn’t answer. Bodhi was talking too fast, now, but if anyone could understand him it would be a machine. 

“Listen. Cassian reprogrammed you, right? Maybe? You’re loyal to him, I get that. Galen Erso reprogrammed me. We can still get this mission right, and we want the same thing, but you have to let me lead the way.” Something exploded on the canyon ridge. The light made K2S0 look wraith-like, a gaunt shadow with deathly bright eyes.

“Alright, then.”

—  Rogue One Novelization, Alexander Freed

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