machine jeans

shirts, socks, underwear, and shorts are the “meat” of an outfit because you feed them to the washing machine after one use. jeans, jackets, scarves, and some hats are cartilage because you use them a few times before washing them. shoes, belts, and jewelry are bones because the washing machine cant digest them. this concludes my TED Talk


Not a moment passed where I didn’t strive to become more beautiful.
But he still won’t look my way.

I even tried to learn what is called a “song.”
Songs can make someone have feelings for you.
That’s what they say.
So I practiced every day.
But he still won’t look my way.

I keep designing cute outfits and then getting sad that I don’t have them in real life.

There’s some faint backwards text in the background because I doodled this on the back of a school worksheet, not expecting it to end up as a finished marker drawing. Whoops.

Hannibal’s Sketchbook p.14

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After cosette introduced her dad to them; les amis de l'abc accepted jean valjean as their dad weirdly fast and as did valjean like over the course of a week Jean Valjean had unexpectedly adopted 11 college students and 1 ten year old and they all look up to him as a fatherly figure and randomly call him for advice and he is pretty sure that over half of them have him as their emergency contact now. Sometimes the call him and give him life updates like enjolras excitedly calling him one night: “GRANTAIRE ASKED ME OUT TO GET COFFEE TOMORROW!!! Wait what am i supposed to do?” Then proceeded to slightly panic while valjean gave him dating advice and told him to be himself (yesterday grantaire had called him for advice on how to ask out enjolras) and every time they tell him about one of their latest achievements in life he gets this swell of pride in his heart.

He goes to gavroches soccer/football games, grantaires art shows, courfeyracs plays or musicals, every protest he can go to, and every big event that matters to them because even though they arent actually his kids they practically are at this point

a d r i f t 

x  a playlist for when god has abandoned our timeline and we are adrift on a sea of uncertainty  x

fuck it and whatever - the echo-friendly

angry sea - mother mother

stand by me - florence and the machine

naruto themed sexting - panucci’s pizza

greek tragedy - the wombats

wendy’s trash can - rozwell kid

sign of the times - harry styles

well, at least i’m not vaping - summerbruise

i just wasn’t made for these times - the beach boys

*sobs quietly* - mom jeans.

a sinistra. Lino ardesia, gessato, il blazer blu, Clarendon, da contrapporre ironicamente ai pantaloni color girasole, Phill Green, e alla camica su fondo rosato, King’s Shirt, stretta da un cravattino blu rigato di giallo, harlette. A destra. Stile classicissimo, doppiopetto blu-grigio, McQueen, da osare con inattesi jeans  gialli, Jeans Machine. Camicia a righine, Camel; cravatta Gucci