machine civilisation


‘‘There she is!’‘ Donna exclaims enthusiastically as she point at the screen. From next to her, the Doctor flashes you a smile.

‘‘Hey gus.’‘ you say from the other side of the screen, giving them a small wave. ‘‘How’s space?’‘

‘‘Space is doing fine,’‘ The Doctor answers. ‘‘But tell us, how are your exams going?’‘

You shrugg and groan when you think about the many exams you still have to do. But if you wanted to gruaduate, you had to do this!

‘‘They are going really well, actually,’‘ you say. ‘‘Especially the History exam. Thanks for taking me to the Romans, by the way. It really helped!’‘

Donna grins. ‘‘Nothing wrong with a bit of cheating sometimes. If you can call using a time machine to discover ancient civilisations cheating…’‘

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I suspect there are few women who will not find a witch lurking somewhere within themselves if only they dig deep enough. but I think that a woman will also turn witch today for other reasons other than personal power. The deeply buried feminine in us whose concern is the unbroken connection of all growing things is in passionate revolt against the stultifying, life-destroying, anonymous machine of the civilisation we have built.
—  Irene Claremont de Castillejo