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Espresso Maker By ROK

Forget about complicated espresso machines which are all about counting bars of pressure, adjusting all the settings and bleeding your bank account dry. With the ROK Espresso Maker, you are the one who is in control, you are driving this fine machine, you choose the coffee, and you choose the pressure.


“Samantha Groves was special. She was capable of terrible things, but she chose to do good. Ever since she found you, at least. I watched her die 12,483 times in the seconds before she expired. I couldn’t save her, but I kept trying. You can’t conceive of my grief because you can’t experience it like I do, but it’s there.”

Don't mess with my laundry.

So the dorm that I currently live in has one laundry room (it’s one of the smallest dorms on campus) with 10 washers and 10 dryers. The other day I loaded up an empty machine, paid, and left the laundry room.

A bit of backstory: to pay for laundry at my school, you go to a little box on the wall, choose the machine you want, and swipe your ID card you can load it up with (Team Name) Dollars and use it at stores on campus, etc- you have to use it for laundry. There’s no quarter option or anything.

Fast forward to me returning about 45 minutes later to move my stuff to the dryer, only to find that someone had taken all my stuff out and left it in a soaking pile on top of the washer and put their stuff in. I see that all the washers have filled up in my absence, so I get that he was looking for an open one, but based on when I got there my cycle had ended about seven minutes ago.

Really? You couldn’t wait? Generally people in my dorm are pretty good about getting back down to their laundry in a reasonable amount of time.

So after retrieving some socks from behind the washer (thanks buddy) and loading my stuff into a dryer, I decide to go get my laptop and sit in the laundry room (which is a common occurrence) to see who just couldn’t wait to wash.

The guy comes in after his cycle and loads all his stuff into a dryer, swipes his card, and leaves.

Here’s the thing about this little payment box. You can pay for your washer/dryer, but you can also add time to a dryer cycle if you have a lot of stuff in the machine- costs 25 cents to add 15 minutes- and anyone can add time to any current load. Generally, people don’t unless it’s an accident, and it happens, but…hmmm.

He’s got 35 minutes left on his load, I make it 50. He comes back at the time he thinks it should be done -I was still in there, casually surfing the internet- and leaves again, a bit confused, but maybe he just thought he got the time wrong. After he’s gone, I get up and add another half hour to his load before heading back up to my room.

Maybe this will teach you patience, buddy.

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Espresso Maker - By Rok

Forget about complicated espresso machines which are all about counting bars of pressure, adjusting all the settings and bleeding your bank account dry. With the ROK Espresso Maker, you are the one who is in control, you are driving this fine machine, you choose the coffee, and you choose the pressure. 

Request: I just got a job at like a dog shop with dog baths&sells dog stuff. Basically I was wondering if you’d write a SamXreader oneshot?reader gets a job in a shop similar to mine as cover(she’s a hunter) and whatever she’s huntin sam&dean are too&it turns dean to a dog which lasts longer than thought so Sam comes in to the shop(they don’t know each other til the shop)&they flirt&he realises she’s a hunter when they meet on the hunt&recognise the other and end up dating please?

Request: Sam catches (y/n) dancing to everybody wants to rule the world by lorde? Please and thank you :)

Request: hi can you please do one were dean and the reader are best friends and she has been hunting with them for a long time and Sam and her are in love but nether of will admit it so dean handcuff or locks them in a room together and won’t let them go till they admit it. I’m sorry it was so long

Request: I will just take any fluffy Sam x reader stories. ( Maybe Sam and the reader begging Dean for a dog, maybe a shelter dog?) or just fluffy Sam snuggling. Cuddling is top priority. Love your blog, hope you are having a great day, thanks for being an awesome writer/person in general. You make Mondays better!

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a ginny/hermione hogwarts mix [listen]

crimson and clover joan jett and the blackhearts//not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance kate nash//my best friend’s hot the dollyrots//there she goes sixpence none the richer//drumming song florence + the machine//i choose you sara bareilles//i do colbie caillat//hey soul sister (train cover) marilou//all this and heaven too florence + the machine//all of me (john legend cover) luciana zogbi

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Playlist: You'll Get Through This


Brave by Idina Menzel

Rescue by Yuna

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield

Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sung by Dick VanDyke

and finally because it makes me happy

When You Believe from The Prince of Egypt sung by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky

Tennessee Teacakes: Thirty-Five

Good evening, my little cupcakes! Here we are at chapter 35! This chapter has been a long time coming and I’m very happy to share it with all of you! Can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


in my daughter’s pumpkin pie; november 27, 2019

Robyn’s water broke in the middle of our deep breathing exercises. Her partner, Lydia, a quiet woman who needed to step out of the room during the live birth video, fainted at the sight. Two wheelchairs were needed. Robyn wasn’t exactly happy.

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soldier on; a bellamy blake fanmix | bellamy blake is a soldier with a soul (listen)

1. Bad Blood - Bastille >> if we’re only ever looking back we will drive ourselves insane

2. Ghost In The Machine - B.o.B >> tell me where am i supposed to go and who am i supposed to believe

3.  Midnight - Coldplay >> when i’m rolling with the thunder but bleed from thorns leave a light on

4. Monster - Imagine Dragons >> and if i seem dangerous would you be scared

5. Angel on Fire - Antony & the Johnsons >> i’m an angel, an angel on fire and i’m burning to escape the cold

6. All These Things that I’ve Done - the Killers >> i’ve got a soul but i’m not a soldier

7. No Light, No Light - Florence & the Machine >> you can’t choose what stays and what fades away

8. Bloodflood - Alt-J >> breathe in, exhale, i’ve poked a nerve you’ll slap me like a whale

9. We Own the Sky - M83 >> we will what we build because we own the sky

10. We Must Be Killers - Mikky Ekko >> we must be killers, children of the wild ones