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we can joke and laugh about this cause it’s better than sulk and be sad but actually, being serious for a moment, I am sorry the world harry and louis work/live in sucks so much that the people around them, who are supposed to represent them at their best, think its VITAL to start this machine every single time. i am sorry that they have to do this, both of them, i am sorry even if it’s just an article on the sun making shit up (unfortunately something tells ne this is not just an article, but still lets pretend this is not sony+harry’s team promoting through het narrative as if they never did it since 2012)

So to Harry and Louis I want to say that yeah, we joke about it even if there’s actually nothing to laugh about, but the most important thing they have to remember is that they have our support, our understanding, our love. What you represent, what you are, what you stand for, what you taught us with your personality, words, music, LOVE, is strength and bravery and all great things that should only be examples to follow not stuff to hide in shame. I hope all this can be over soon for both of you. Your love is the most amazing story this world needs to hear and appreciate like your real fans do. And as usual, it’s an honour to be a fan of yours.



Flying the world’s first single-engine private jet

We got to go in the new Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet—the world’s first single-engine private jet. It has a top speed of 345 MPH, has a max distance of 1380 miles, and even comes equipped with its own parachute on the top of the plane (!!). You read that right. And how much does it cost, you ask? It’ll only set you back a cool $1.96 million. If only we had $1.96M lying around. 😂 😂 😂 

Watch the full video of our test flight here

I’d like to believe Harry just walked into a Sony meeting and said “A supermarket shopping cart. Wind machine. One single abandoned feather with today’s newspaper. Glamour shots mall sunset background. Depp gel in my hair. Backlit nipples.” and then with a dramatic swirl of his bespoke glitter kale cape from Gucci SS17, disappeared to the sound of a dozen sobbing interns.

This is crazy...

I loved the picture today of Jamie (Sam) and I really appreciate the fact that we got a little something for a change. But Starz/Lionsgate, you left us behind after season one. Right now it appears that your idea of PR is to “sell” one of your leads as a hot, single, sex machine, that bounces from one blonde bombshell to another. Why? Because someone in charge thinks that women who love and support Outlander finds that so desirable? You need to get a clue. Maybe it would be a good idea to actually take a poll, listen and read what we write and say about our devotion to the show, the actors, and even their charities. Take time to get to know the real human beings that pay for a premium TV channel, support Sam and Caitriona beyond Outlander, and open their wallets to do what they can to fight child and blood cancers. I venture a guess that you would be surprised that selling Sam as just a magnificent piece of meat is not what we find appealing or hot. And while we are on this subject, let me remind you that in the poll that you take, you will find that the majority of us are well educated, incredibly talented, and career oriented people. So when you try to “sell” us a relationship or a story, it better be beyond good. This latest scenario is truly a joke. We see right through it. Sam said it himself in an interview once, “no long distance relationship” would ever work for him AND you chose a person that is no where near Sam’s league. TBH, Sam is an incredible actor, but he can’t even sell this mess. Want to know what we find sexy? A man who is devoted to one woman. A man who is socially conscious, kind, and treats all people with respect. A family man. That’s what we find hot. Don’t look too far for that because you have one right in front of you. Sam. You don’t have to make him into anyone else but himself. Trust me.
While I’m at, let me say that you also suck big time at supporting your lead actress. She is an A+ class act and you better start appreciating her because with all the awards she is stacking up, she may just say “so long” and that will leave you in a big pile of crap. Cait is a woman of grace, an amazing actress, and works hard for those less fortunate. Don’t screw that up too.
I love Outlander and I love Sam and Cait. I just wish for once that “you” would actually read our posts and listen to us. It wouldn’t take much to please us. We would like pictures, more interviews, BTS “secrets”, just more. How about some previews? Some real life stories about Sam and Cait and some of the other actors in the cast. We would eat it up. Again, trust me. As I wrap, let me also say that allowing S&C to live their lives, out in the open - free, won’t hurt your numbers or the bottom line in anyway. You just might find that the results could be the exact opposite. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me. You got one last shot with your fans. Take the plunge. After all, that’s we all did three years a go for you. Isn’t it?

made manifest / 6.9k / canonverse trans!dean (read it on AO3)

wherein castiel defied god for dean before dean even knew his name.  

warning: slurs, gender/body dysphoria, some dubious consent

Dean’s twelve and bored in another health class. He’s staring at a pyramid in the margins of a textbook labeled The Hierarchy of Needs, only half-listening to the dull, muted monotone of the teacher’s lesson in the background. He’s confident he’s got this dumb thing down. After all, he’s seen it about three times this year, because they keep moving schools in the middle of the unit, and every junior high in the country apparently offsets their curriculum by one or two weeks with the sole intention of keeping Dean from getting to the really juicy bits of health.

Lecture complete, the teacher falls into his desk chair and dispassionately assigns a perky student in the front row to hand out worksheets. The promised land of goofy genitalia illustrations and condoms on bananas that lies in chapter seven is a distant dream to the depressing reality of this, a dumb photocopied doodle where he’s expected to write in where he stands on the pyramid. What he aspires to achieve in his life next. His stomach appreciates the irony of the whole situation and growls loudly as his hand hovers indecisively between the bottom tier labeled physiological needs and the next up, safety.

Are you eating? and Are you afraid for your life? Teachers usually assume the answer to that is a given for the kids in a junior high school class, but most the time but it really—isn’t. For Dean.

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