My contribution to the Mermay challenge. 

I wanted to give it a go earlier, but I’ve been busy with client work and was rushing for Anime North. Fortunately, both are done with and I’m finally getting back into my groove of things.

It feels good to finally get back to my usual work and my apologies for my absence. For now at least, I’m back to my usual self and I have a backlog of personal projects I want to see through. Thank you for staying while I was gone.

Hello dear friends. I’m sorry that I left you for such a long time, I just had a lot of work and had absolutely no inspiration, but now I again slowly come back to you and hope I can please you even more. And, you know, maybe I’ll post less SasuNaru but more other fandoms. That’s because I’m a little bit tired of Naruto and I want to dilute the content.

So today I will introduce you to my new waifu, a stunning cinnamon bun - Connor❤️✨😍.