Person-to-person video transfer with machine learning

Proof of concept experiment by Brannon Dorsey is like a style transfer for video, where details of people from one video are replicated in another:

The output that you are seeing here is generated entirely by a machine. Created using pix2pix ( code applied to image sequences. Frames are hallucinated from 2D noise images (given a conditional image, aka, images from the Ray Kurzweil presentation) using a cGAN trained on ~700 images of me mimicking frames from the Kurzweil video.

It was created with the help of Nick Briz’s pix2pix_genData code to turn video into0 a dataset.


Luxury, Mustangs, Cars, Love= Perfect Mustang Couple 

My first attempt at generating music using artificial intelligence.

Magenta -> Tensorflow -> MIDI -> Reaper -> PianoOne VST

I generated this song using machine learning/recurrent neural networks. Basically, using a model which was trained on a set of midi-file classical music, it generated a new melody based on parameters learned from song structures from the given training music. This is a simple thing to begin with. I want to work towards generating more intricate structures by training on more contemporary music.

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