machete the corgi


Yesterday, we received the most awesome package ever from our favorite east coast corgi friend, Machete (and Rae)! The box was filled with goodies for the corgs and me! (Forget corgdad!)

There were doggie bakery treats, Whimzees dog treats (check out Rae’s review of the treats here), corgi postcards of Machete and Gatsby & Scout as done by Jess Baer, key chains, corgi bookmark (!!), and just…ahhhh! So many good things!

Machete and Rae – we love everything and we can’t thank you guys enough! 

knives is like ‘hoomin, you’re going to owe me some SERIOUS treats for this infraction!’

(photo by beth oram photography)

We really do have the bestest corgi friends in the world. 

For his birthday, Rae and Machete sent Gatsby and Scout birthday goodies! Wrapped in Machete wrapping paper! So awesome. Thank you guys SO much! We love you!

Also seen in this photo is the corgi reindeer bandanas that we got from Dawn, Murphy and Franklin! A corgmas bandana! I absolutely love it. Thank you, Dawn!

And thanks to everyone for the Gatsby birthday greetings! He must have known that yesterday was his special day because he insisted on being carried around the house like a little prince as soon as I got home from work. 

On Mondays, you need a little something extra to get you going and kickstart your week. Machete Corgéz’s Nick Fury and Ellie’s Thor are stumpy little ‪#‎CORGVENGERS‬ here to brighten your day (with a little mischief making byKnives the Corgi as Loki, our resident cheeky villian)!

Who’s your favorite superhero? Doesn’t have to be Marvel-related, let us know in the comments! Personally, we’re rather fond of Hope Corgi (