machete the corgi

funny story: knives is really, really bad at tug. like SO BAD at it! she sucks and in theory would always lose…but the thing is? machete lets her win. nearly 95% of the time, he will play and then just acquiesce to her so she gets the toy/ball/stick/etc. he’s such a good brofur and lets her win so much that when she plays tug with another dog (or us) she gets super confused like “but why am i not winning, tho?”

he’s spoiled her :p


Friends Appreciation Day!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank some of my recent Tumblr favourites.

noodlethedachshund is so adorable and tiny!

leothecorgi as always, goes on the most amazing adventures in the hunt for treats and food!

bucketthecorgi the cutest little corgi puppy in recent weeks!

faerielandcorgiandbeagle it’s fun seeing these two goofy pups new antics!

biggiethedachshund love Biggie’s expressions and when he gets lost inside blankets :D

machetecorgez and knivesthecorgi I mean Knives is so small and fluffy, a perfect pawtner in crime for Machete!

Machete: always the perfect model corg. And then there’s Knives…and she wants that fucking cake RIGHT NOW.😂😂😂 #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez

Summer summer summertime! 🌞😎🌞 #pupdates #corgi #summerfun #FriYAY #dogsofinstagram #bestwoof #corgiaddict #ellielovesfetch #alfrednorthwhitehead #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez