my biggest art inspirations

so people often ask me what artist inspire me and as long as i couldn’t find the post where i list them all i decided to make it again )
France and Belgium
Uderzo and Goscinny, brilliant drawing style (i especially adore the earlier albums) and absolutely genial storylines and puns and visual jokes
Herge (Tintin was my biggest hero and one of the first comics i read)
Macherot (his Chlorophylle is absolutely sweetest story about little animals)
i have a big book called Cuando los comics se llamban tebeos about afterwar spanish comics edition based in Barcelona so almost all the artist from that epoch gave me a lot of inspiration, especially
Carlos Conti (adore his minimalistic style) 
Francisco Ibáñez (especially his one-page 13 rue del percebe)
Nene Estivill and many others
a great number of stylish guys from there too 
Josef Lada (i luv him from my childhood when i got the first book with his illustrations in a czech restaurant as a present from the personnel)
Neprakta (he’s got that great minimalistic style too and his editorial cartoons are really funny)
Josef Čapek, Karel’s brother, a great modernistic artist
Jan Szancer, absolutely sweetest book illustrations 
Janusz Christa, author of polish ‘asterix and obelix’, they’re fun)
Mauri Kunnas the greatest! his book on the Beatles is mine and @osatokun‘s book of books
Russia (Soviet Union)
a lot of artists too, as long as i live in Russia (yet) there must be a lot of them and as long as we had no comic books or so they’re mostly book illustrators
Konstantin Rotov (a man who was sent to gulag for his caricature but kept the vivid imagination and carried on producing illustrations with great number of hilarious details after jail release)
Bronislav Malakhovskii (or should i write him as Bronisław Małachowski) absolutely genial cartoon artist of 1920′s and 1930′s who influenced great number of artists after him
artists from magazines like Shanghai manhua and Modern Sketch are absolutely great, look up for this hip magazine of the jazz era
almost all the japanese culture is a great source of inspiration for me and especially the manga god, 
Mr Osamu Tezuka, i luv his style and i worship his capacities, sadly his manga which was originally printed in colours is now avaliable only in b/w, he got the great colours
Tagawa Suiho, author of Norakuro the dog, he’s got great colours too and sweet minimalistic style
Sugiura Shigeru, he’s crazy and seems to be naive and that’s so nice, i especially adore his tanuki characters
Akira Toriyama, i don’t know a person who doesn’t like Dragon Ball or Dr.Slump, and don’t forget his Cowa! book
and of course 
Mr Miyazaki, the modern genius, i luv his manga and Daydream notes books
here’s a great number of comic artists i adore like
Charles Schulz, i had an english dictionary with pictures from his Peanuts and it was an absolute cultural shock for me, a long-time source of inspiration
Brent Parker and Johnny Hart, with their BC and Wizard of Id, those modernistic style and witty puns are a kind of beacon for me in the world of comic art
Milt Gross he was just a pure genius of drawing and compositions and all the visual things at all



La Castafiore, Tintin, Tryphon Tournesol, Haddock, Jo et Zette
Mortimer, Chaminoux, Buck Dany, Blondin & Cirage
Fantasio, Seccotine et Spirou, Tif et Tondu, Bob Fish
Marc Dacier, Oncle Paul, La patrouille des castors, Corto,
Le major Grubert