The Dogged Days.
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You shall see that in every season, there is a time when the eventual champions play nothing like it, but still go on to win. The Frederico Macheda moment has become a legend that will go on for many years even if Macheda himself slips out of the footballing radar.

But its these dogged days, fighting performances, that eventually go on to decide who goes on to lift what defines a season - a trophy.

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Kiko comes out swinging!

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Last night Federico Macheda showed he was up for the fight by scoring 2 goals… and he could have had another 2 but for a fine stop by the opposition keeper and a header in which he could have done better.

Kiko endured a tough 6 months on loan at Sampdoria, struggling to get game time and was rumoured to have been sent to train with Sampdoria’s reserves a few times. It’s perhaps this that has made him realise what he has at United where there are more opportunities for young players and the facilities are fantastic. So perhaps while the loan seemed one of the worst loan spells ever, maybe it wasn’t that bad in the long term. I don’t think people look at that side of things when it comes to loans, the mental side of it. Players realise how much better off they are at United when they go on loan. After last night I’d imagine the Sampdoria boss will have egg on his face as had he given Kiko more chances he may not be looking at a season in Serie B and instead looking at another season in Serie A. Instead of playing Kiko, the Sampdoria boss decided to play Massimo Maccarone ahead of him despite him struggling to score, Macheda failed to score in Serie A despite making 14 appearances, and while that looks hugely unimpressive it doesn’t tell the whole story as he only started 3 of the 14 games making 11 sub appearances which were 10-15 minute cameo appearances. I’m not saying Kiko would have done any better because from the Sampdoria games I watched they weren’t creating any chances to score from, what I am saying though is that he should have been given more chances as when your team is on the slide you try something else instead the Sampdoria boss continued with something that was failing him.

It’s still very early days in pre-season but if Kiko can build on last night’s performance he has a very good chance of getting regular game time next season and could go on to have a very good career at Manchester United.