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No matter how many times I watch this I still crack up.

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Have you ever analysed the RTD era to the same degree because I genuinely find a lot of it disturbingly sexist. I mean he’s the man that transformed a woman into a portable blow job machine and described Miss Hartigan as “a victim of sexual abuse and that is why she sexualises every conversation and scenario she is in”. His treatment of Rose and Martha was utterly insulting, and most women weren’t useful unless they performed a “noble sacrifice”. There’s a lot there to write about I think.

We do mention RTD on occasion and I do believe I’ve said that he has many issues in his series. We do like how he was capable of character development,  consistency, and letting his main female characters simply be characters, but he was not without his bouts of sexism, racism, and other issues as well.

For instance, take Harriet Jones. Her character was awesome! She was uptight, but took pride in her occupation, was intelligent, and a worthy leader. She did what she thought was right and I applaud her for that. However, the way the Doctor made it so that she lost her Prime Minister job was incredibly sexist. ‘Doesn’t she look a bit tired?’ as if because of that, she was incapable of doing her job. If she were a man, the decision she made to protect Earth would not have made the Doctor as angry as he was and he would’ve used a much different tactic to get rid of her.

There is a LOT to write about and we do write about it on occasion. We’ve mentioned the severe rape culture in Torchwood and I myself wrote on Martha and her vast character. However, he isn’t part of Doctor Who anymore and his influence is not as immediate as Moffat’s at this point in time.

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600th post.

This video is simply amazing.


i’ve always wondered what music will be like in the year 2000.

It's my Tumblr anniversary!

Well, not technically since my account was created a year and 4 months ago and I posted a coupled (shitty) posts then but I started actually using my blog regularly on 10/9/2011.

It’s been a great first year. I’ve gotten to experience the holidays, E3, all sorts of TV show, video game, and movie release dates, and even got some people to follow me along the way. 

I want to be a dumb sap and thank the following people in no particular order for making my time here super grand so far: The AcademyKennedy, Ryan, Sam, Hamish, Michael, Abby, Alden, and Zack. (Woops only one girl huehuehuehue) And everybody else who ever talked to me since I can’t list everybody. And if you haven’t talked to me yet it’s your loss.

I look forward to another year and I promise to keep posting dumb stuff that half of you don’t care about/loathe seeing.


Yep, this song just about sums me up!

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Would your younger brother even understand the jokes? (I don’t know how young he is.) I watched the Rocky Horror Picture…

Exactly my point. He won’t understand the jokes. He’ll just be really confused. Despite being young, he is really invested in the characters and arcs of the show, so he hates missing things. I love this show so I want it to be the best it can possibly be, and I don’t think it can do that by ‘distracting’ the children with baubles and appealing to the adults with innuendos. I think that’s slack, and it underestimates the children who are watching.