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Also, get the movie trailer, a synopsis and more.Learning Curve on the Ecliptic: Monday Movie ~ Barney;s VersionMonday Movie ~ Barney;s Version. barneys-version-poster.jpg. He deserves a lot of respect for this role. Best Movie Reviews By TurtleDog: Barney;s Version - Paul Giamatti. Barney;s Version (Movie Review) Madness BrewingMovie Review Barney;s Version 2010. Barney;s Version Hollywood Movie Hot Hot GalleryInternational Celebrities-Barney;s Version Hollywood Movie Hot Hot Gallery.Movies base: Where can i buy Barney;s Version movie.Barney;s Version is a Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Richard J.. Lewis. Homemade Lemon Cake: Barney;s Version (2011)It is this darker version of tongue in cheek humor that pervades the film. I had started the movie last Sunday night, but shut it down after about 15 minutes, thinking, mehnot so much. Mike Jutan;s World: Movie Review: Barney;s VersionI just watched the recent film adaptation of Mordechai Richler;s novel "Barney;s Version" starring Paul Giamatti. Barney cannot ever seem to do it right. Movie Review: Barney;s Version | The Daily of the University of. First he marries a woman who is having another man;s baby–but he remains with the abusive woman until. Find Barney;s Version times and tickets at movie theaters near you.. . It;s a story about. it;s a comedy-drama, adapted from a book about a womanizer. Tonight, after a long day in

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Tagged with: ;Splosion GAMEPLAY LadyPower Levels Movie. wow loot card-Aion Goddess Figurine-runescape power leveling. MesoTips-Unlimited Ultimate Free Online Games · Subscribe to RSS. Movie Theme 2 Power Hour Drinking Game Video | Power Hour is a. All rights reserved. We;re here to have fun with other Hunger Games fans with discussion, contests, the Jabberjays podcast, and an up to date news blog that covers anything related to the books or the upcoming film that is being made by Lionsgate.. Mother,daughter killed in mishap |, latest News. Admittedly, it;s a nice touch which adds something of an RPG element to this otherwise run-of-the-mill hack and slash, but it possibly comes. X-Men: First Class DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date. Using points you gain from battling, you can upgrade everything from your health, to the power of your magic. Filed under: Free Online Games. All rights reserved. Reasons stated at the end of the review. Power hour to sixty movie themes, overlayed over iconic scenes from their films.. But fake movies based on video games? Well, that;s an entirely different story.. GameSpot;s News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features. However in many instances, the bread is rotten, the cheese is too crunchy, the drink you wash it down with has gone flat, or they committed the ultimate offense of making the game for the movie instead of the character itself.

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Barney’s Version - 4 STARS

Barney (Paul Giamatti) is a movie producer reflecting on his life. He’s alone and bitter and starts thinking back to his wedding to his second wife (Minnie Driver) when he meets the real love of his life, Solange (Macha Grenon). He becomes infatuated with Solange and his second marriage begins to deteriorate. But Solange won’t have anything to do with Barney while he is married. Barney seeks solace and advise from his father (Dustin Hoffman) who tries to guide him to do the right thing. The marriage ultimately ends and Barney goes after Solange and ultimately wins her heart. They are deeply in love with each other, they start a family but over time, Barney’s work begins to take over his life and he spends less and less time with Solange and his family. Solange decides to pursue a career after the kids have grown and moved on, but Barney doesn’t like being without Solange. Solange develops a relationship with her professor Blair (Bruce Greenwood) and realizes there is more to life. Ultimately she leaves Barney to pursue her career and new life with Blair and Barney becomes more and more destructive in his own life.

If you like Paul Giamatti, this is a must see. His humor is definitely different than most so if you don’t know him, you might not appreciate it. But he is priceless when he hits on Macha Grenon at his own wedding! Very moving story and a bit like “The Notebook” or “Away From Her”. Very good movie, definitely a love story so good date night movie. Highly recommend renting this one.