mach diamonds

Rocket engines often feature a distinctive pattern of diamonds in their exhaust. These shock diamonds, also known as Mach diamonds, are formed as result of a pressure imbalance between the exhaust and the surrounding air. Because the exhaust gases are moving at supersonic speeds, changing their pressure requires a shock wave (to increase pressure) or an expansion fan (to decrease the pressure). The diamonds are a series of both shock waves and expansion fans that gradually change the exhaust’s pressure until it matches that of the surrounding air. This effect is not always visible to the naked eye, though. We see the glowing diamonds as a result of ignition of excess fuel in the exhaust. As neat as they are to see, visible shock diamonds are actually an indication of inefficiencies in the rocket: first because the exhaust is over- or under-pressurized, and, second, because combustion inside the engine is incomplete. (Photo credit: Swiss Propulsion Laboratory)

anonymous asked:

Do you think our Pearl was white Diamond's pearl or Rose's pearl? And was Rose even Pink Diamond? I think not, because we now know the purpose of quartz gems and Rose fits the profile, but she is also too short to be a Diamond... Plus we saw Pink Diamond's legs (part of them anyway) and they were too skinny to be Rose's. Also Pearl's color skim and gem placement mach white Diamond's. What is you opinion about all that?

This is certainly a hot topic right now, isn’t it? Well, first, I agree that I don’t think Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond. She’s got a similar body type as the other quartz gems we’ve seen, she’s nowhere near the height of the diamonds that we know of, and considering the importance and the status of the diamonds, it’d be a lot more obvious if she was Pink Diamond. 

Rose still could have been an elite gem, perhaps very close to Pink Diamond (maybe she took down Pink Diamond???), maybe a personal guard. We know next to nothing about Pink Diamond, so it’s hard to speculate on her and her purpose among the other diamonds. 

If you want me to guess… um.. well, she could have had something to do with gem production, which brought Rose to Earth in the first place. Maybe Pink Diamond was part of the rebellion and that’s why she no longer exists. Maybe the other diamonds broke her. Or maybe none of that is true?? There’s no way to be sure at this point (but I REAALLY want to know more).

Oh yeah, next is the Pearl debate. This post right here made me really doubt that our Pearl belonged to White Diamond, and maybe she belonged to Bismuth (seriously go read that post, it’s cool). It makes a good argument about her coloration as well, that the outfits we’ve seen her in don’t make it seem like she belonged to White Diamond. 

Even in The Answer, the farthest back we’ve seen Pearl (5,750 years ago), her outfit was multi-colored. Could mean she belonged to Bismuth at the beginning. Alternatively, she has coloration that fits every single one of the diamonds: blue, white, yellow, and pink. Maybe she helped all the diamonds. Or maybe she changed her appearance after she was liberated and joined Rose Quartz, Or maybe she belonged to Pink Diamond and that’s how she met Rose in the first place. She could have even been a gift to Rose Quartz.

There are countless possibilities and I really can’t be sure about anything at this point. I get disproven a lot, so I don’t want to make a definitive statement. There’s evidence to prove many different theories, so I’ll just leave these ideas here so people can see and make their own judgement. 

One thing is for certain tho. Pearl is a fancy one.

- Mod Sparky