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Concealed carry permit holder fatally shoots carjacker, rescues woman he tried rob

A concealed carry permit holder is being heralded as a hero after he stopped a carjacking in progress. 

from Corvallis Gazette Times:

The 31-year-old man with a concealed weapons permit was in the Macey’s parking lot in Orem, 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, when he heard a woman’s screams as she was being pulled from her SUV by the suspect Saturday, investigators said.

Police Capt. Ned Jackson said he does not think the shooter would face charges because he only fired his 9 mm pistol after the 27-year-old suspect lunged at him in an effort to grab the gun.

Jackson also cited Utah law, which allows the use of guns for self-defense and to prevent the commission of a forcible felony, including an attempted car theft. The fact the suspect was unarmed makes no difference because he tried to steal the SUV and posed a threat to the man, he added.

“I think you’ll have some people say he (shooter) didn’t have proper training, and some people will say stealing the car shouldn’t be a capital offense,” Jackson said. “I think you’ll have other people who will say the citizen shouldn’t have turned himself into a judge and jury.”

“But I think he did the right thing by being involved and helping the woman. If it was someone’s mother or sister, would they want this guy to step in and help them?” he added.

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Another good guy with a gun saves the day…

Just a theory:

Okay so I’ve been thinking:
We know that Steven Universe is set in 2015 (at least on Earth) because he makes constant pop culture references and has an iPhone (AND if I recall correctly the Fox in Garnets Universe was looking at tumblr)
So anyway, then I started thinking about Gravity Falls… I know they have computers, but they look kind of old. Do you think Gravity Falls might take place in the 90s or 2000s?