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I’ve gained a few new followers lately. So, I thought I‘d offer a personal summary as to who I am and what you might find on this blog.

  • I’m Bisexual - fan of queer (lgbt+) cinema/history
  • Macedonian American (dual)
  • A singer, and history nerd;
  • Interested in Catholicism/Orthodoxy 
  • Horror films and vampires in general
  • Fan of ‘sequential art’
  • Fandom list over here.

I’m going to be studying ancient languages, and (heads up) I may start to use this space as a study blog eventually. Here are the languages I can hold conversations in now, though - Macedonian, French, German, English (duh). 

If you need something tagged, just tell me. Trigger warnings are indicated by the offending word followed by “for ts”, for instance, “scopophobia for ts”. 

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Muharem Serbezovski - Ramajana

Muharem Serbezovski is a Macedonian Roma singer who has lived in Bosnia since the 1970s. This is one of his songs in Romani with Indian influence. When this song was released in former Yugoslavia, India and Yugoslavia had very good relations and Indian cinema was very popular among the Yugoslav Roma. Serbezovski wrote this song inspired by Indian music and the Hindu epic poem Ramayana. In 1978 he travelled to India to attend the Roma festival in Chandigarh, where he met the prime minister Indira Gandhi and posed with her and her son Rajiv Gandhi dressed in the same Indian clothing as him to highlight the resemblance between the Indian and Roma peoples. There he sang his song “Ramajana”.