Ἀνδρόνικος: «Εἶχα λοιπὸν βρεῖ, τὸν πρῶτο ἀσύλητο μακεδονικό τάφο!»
«Πήρα το τσαπάκι της ανασκαφής, που έχω μαζί μου από το 1952, έσκυψα στο λάκκο και άρχισα να σκάβω με πείσμα και αγωνία το χώμα κάτω από το κλειδί της καμάρας. Ολόγυρα ήταν μαζεμένοι οι συνεργάτες …

Sunset, Lake Ohrid, Macedonia


30m2 Apartment by Proxy

“Small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia with only 35m2 space.”

Proxy is a multidisciplinary creative studio committed to developing contemporary, innovative and exceptional designs in the field of architecture, visualizations and product design. Sophistication, open minds and talent are the key elements that drives this studio to make remarkable things happen. Their team is a mix of architects, CG artists and designers prepared to deliver a full range of services and meet the most daring and unconventional tasks. 

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki:

Bronze medallion with Athena, possibly from a workshop of Delos. Decorative accessory from a formal charriot for parades and public appearances. The goddess is depicted as a Promachos, bearing her aegis and a helmet with a depiction of Medusa, ready to throw her javelin.

(2nd century B.C)