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Not sure if it got eaten the first time, didn't see it on the no list. Soooo, Mace/Obi timetravel? (It's your fault that I'm into this pairing, there's like no fics with it out there)

What he wants to do is to get out of his council chair and move forward.

What he wants to do is to wrap himself around the slender form standing by Qui-Gon’s side.

What he wants to do is to tuck Obi-Wan so tightly against him that the other can never leave his side again.

What he does is to remain sitting, watching the two offer up the situation on Naboo.

He knows what happened.

He doesn’t need to pay attention.

Instead he can watch the much younger version of his lover and Force, he’s still so pretty. ‘Oh Obi-Wan.’

Three weeks ago Mace had mid sparring session with Plo fallen straight to the sparring mats, convulsion and warping Force all around him. Two week ago he had woken up in the Halls wondering why he had his arms when he was sure Skywalker cut them off after they had fought Palpatine.

One week ago he had managed to get everything sorted out in a manner he could understand.

He was back in time.

To before everything had started to snowball so terribly.

He was back before Qui-Gon had died.

Before the invasion of Naboo had properly started though he could do nothing about it.

He could however start changing what happened in the temple.

And he was back with the young version of his lover who had never looked at him and shyly called him by name.

But he could win that back.

He could win his Obi-Wan back.

Mace just needed to be careful and not pull on too many strings at once.

‘First order of business…make sure the gundark survives and that Skywalker gets into the creche instead of right with a master. Make sure he makes FRIENDS.’ He thought as he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his face.

That had been one of the problems.

Skywalker’s isolation which caused him to confide in Palpatine.

If he had friends his age, friends who at least tried to understand and an open Master, then things would work out.

Mace hoped.

Kriff they couldn’t let that boy leave the temple to be easy prey for Palpatine.

Not training him was just as dangerous as letting him be trained.

And all the while a sith in disguise at the heart of the Senate.

How kriffed up wasn’t that?

He’d best follow them to Naboo.


Spitting out a vile Haruun curse, Mace stared forward to where Maul was prowling in front of the ray shield with Obi-Wan just on the other side of it, staring back. Then he threw a glance back to where Qui-Gon was holding his ribs at the very start of the rays, blue eyes wide as he stared at his padawan’s back before he caught Mace eyes.

They seemed to plead with Mace to get to Obi-Wan as fast as he could.

Of course Mace would but he could already tell that Obi-Wan would be facing Maul before he could reach them.

They were all too tired or injured.

Qui-Gon holding his ribs were enough proof of that.

It had spiraled so fast out of control, Maul had targeted Obi-Wan first, had him fall off the catwalk but Obi-Wan was young and had bounced back even as Maul had given a bone creaking (and breaking) kick to Qui-Gon’s chest, shattering several ribs.

And then the other was back at Mace side but this Obi-Wan had never fought at the councilors side and Mace had never fought at padawan Kenobi’s side.

It was different from councilor Kenobi.

No flashy Soresu and not all the skill that Obi-Wan had so proudly gained with years.

So when Mace had been kicked back and almost fallen of the catwalk too, Obi-Wan had sprinted forward into the trap of the sith, lured away and cut off from his support and the older Jedi.

And Mace could already see what the sith was planning in his eyes.

The low snarl on the zabrak, the wild look in blood shot, yellow eyes, the tight grip on the lightstaff and the predatory stalk spoke volumes.

If Maul had his way, there would be one less Jedi to worry about at all.

And Obi-Wan was young and cocky and first in line.

The ray shields went down and Obi-Wan attacked, moving like a predator himself as he tested himself alone against the sith as Mace raced forward once his shields.

To late, far to late.

He was stopped at the last ray shield and he could hear Qui-Gon much further behind, his breath coming in thick gasps from the broken ribs and all Mace could do was pray to Force they hadn’t pierced a lung as he watched Maul and Obi-Wan circle and fight each other like bright eyed territorial predators.

And this was not Master Obi-Wan of the council.

With a scream of pain Obi-Wan got pinned to the wall, end of the lightstaff buried in his right shoulder and making its way through his collarbone in a move that would bisect him if Obi-Wan hadn’t gathered enough sense to push the sith to the other end of the room with the Force.

Yellow eyes glanced at Mace, the Korun seeing the moment the sith became rushed to avoid facing an uninjured master Jedi.

Obi-Wan was injured, his right arm useless but he still sprung to action when the zabrak attacked again and this time, this rushed moment was all he needed as he dodged under the lightstaff instead of the jump he feinted at and with that the deal was sealed.

His blade passed through Maul and parted him perfectly through the waist, cutting waist from torso  as the Sith staggered then fell as the ray shields fell.

“Padawan Kenobi!” Mace marched forward as Obi-Wan fell to his knees, his hand going to the others uninjured shoulder as he heard Qui-Gon move as quickly as his injured ribs would allow him behind I the hallway.

Obi-Wan looked up, green eyes wide and full of pain and Mace had to resist the urge to lean down and kiss that pain away as he looked to the sith.

“I-I think I killed him.” Obi-Wan rasped out, saber still activated and held in a knuckle tight grip.

“I recon so.” And anything else Mace might have said was broken off by Qui-Gon’s arrival on the scene, the man gasping out Obi-Wan’s name and kneeling down beside him, arm around his ribs and his hand reached out towards the injury burned into the padawans shoulder, his eyes only filled with worry.

Perhaps it did Obi-Wan some good to see, to know he was loved and cared for and adored.

It seemed to ease something inside the redhead that Mace had spent far to many nights kissing off the others face when it was just the two.

“Oh Obi-Wan…bright little imp.” He whispered while touching as gingerly as he could, peeling the tunic away from the injury and making a low shushing noise when Obi-Wan whimpered and finally thumbed his weapon off.

Mace gave them the illusion of privacy by moving to the sith’s body, taking the mans belt to check it.

Perhaps something akin to evidence could be found.

Anything to connect Maul to the puppet master.

‘Anything to improve the future.’ He glanced back to Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. ‘And give me that love back.’

  • Anakin Skywalker: *had all his limbs chopped off, then was left to burn to a crisp in an active volcano like two feet from lava, and lived*
  • Darth Maul: *was chopped in half and fell down quite a big hole, and lived*
  • Mace Windu: *was thrown out of a window, at a pretty high height*
  • Star Wars fandom: But it is ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE for Mace Windu to survive that!

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God bless u, you wrote the Mace Windu thing. I live for the Mace Windu thing. "I had a vision," says Mace, immediately beginning to coddle his child. My Lord. Thank you thank you!!

Mace Windu is gonna be lucky if Anakin doesn’t start calling him “Mom” at some point, frankly. 

Mace is like “I am not your mother, Ani, you ARE aware of this, yes, did I hit your head too hard in training yesterday?” 

“Yeah, I know, I’ve got a mother, but you’re like my MOM,” Anakin replies as reasonably as any nine year-old with zero concept of traditional Core World gender roles/family dynamics would, swinging their hands together. Because they are of course holding hands as they walk; OF COURSE they are holding hands as they walk. Because Anakin is a tiny emotional disaster who needs constant reassurance and Mace does not want to get his hand chopped OFF and his ass thrown out a window, basically. “’Cauuuse you take care of me and teach me cool things and scare off people who want weird stuff. Oh! Can we go look at the ships taking off in the airstrip again?” 

“… okay,” Mace says, more than a little concerned at this point and already trying to figure out how to make sure this conversation never happens again. Anakin just beams up at him and swings their hands again. 

Mace immediately resigns himself to getting called “Mom” in front of at LEAST half the Order and probably Darth Sidious at some point too. The Jedi Code is probably already crying. 

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But in MWUFTTL AU, please just imagine Windu having to deal with C3PO on a regular basis, because when Depa bought Shimi of course she bought CPO with her, she knows how effort Anakin pulled in that droid, and when she is on Courosant she gives him to Ani, so that she can work on him again, and of course it makes Ani happy, so Mace of course doesnt say anythink, even if he wants to stranggle that droid. But he also knows, that droid (and R2D2) have more luck than any droid can have. Just imagine

So actually Mace Windu has to LIVE with C-3PO, is what you’re telling me here, Mace Windu LIVING with C-3PO and then once Anakin finally sends him back to Shmi every time Mace calls her for “children with emotions/attachments” advice, C-3PO picks up and starts TALKING HIS FUCKING EAR OFF, because of course he and Master Windu know each other very well now! And Mace is just like “oh no”. 

Shmi gets invited to the occasional Sunday dinner and C-3PO inevitably shows up with her with a casserole dish and an endless stream of multilingual neighborhood gossip. 

When I was reading Shatterpoint by Strover, I was so conflicted because I felt like the novel was tapping into some Really Bad Stereotypes but

by god Strover loves Mace. Strover loves Mace so much. You could see it in his novelization of RotS and you could see it in Shatterpoint, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed reading both novels so much. 

honestly, Mace deserves so much more love than he receives and it is such a shame.