• Anakin Skywalker: *had all his limbs chopped off, then was left to burn to a crisp in an active volcano like two feet from lava, and lived*
  • Darth Maul: *was chopped in half and fell down quite a big hole, and lived*
  • Mace Windu: *was thrown out of a window, at a pretty high height*
  • Star Wars fandom: But it is ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE for Mace Windu to survive that!

lylilunapotter  asked:

God bless u, you wrote the Mace Windu thing. I live for the Mace Windu thing. "I had a vision," says Mace, immediately beginning to coddle his child. My Lord. Thank you thank you!!

Mace Windu is gonna be lucky if Anakin doesn’t start calling him “Mom” at some point, frankly. 

Mace is like “I am not your mother, Ani, you ARE aware of this, yes, did I hit your head too hard in training yesterday?” 

“Yeah, I know, I’ve got a mother, but you’re like my MOM,” Anakin replies as reasonably as any nine year-old with zero concept of traditional Core World gender roles/family dynamics would, swinging their hands together. Because they are of course holding hands as they walk; OF COURSE they are holding hands as they walk. Because Anakin is a tiny emotional disaster who needs constant reassurance and Mace does not want to get his hand chopped OFF and his ass thrown out a window, basically. “’Cauuuse you take care of me and teach me cool things and scare off people who want weird stuff. Oh! Can we go look at the ships taking off in the airstrip again?” 

“… okay,” Mace says, more than a little concerned at this point and already trying to figure out how to make sure this conversation never happens again. Anakin just beams up at him and swings their hands again. 

Mace immediately resigns himself to getting called “Mom” in front of at LEAST half the Order and probably Darth Sidious at some point too. The Jedi Code is probably already crying. 

blooodymoon  asked:

But in MWUFTTL AU, please just imagine Windu having to deal with C3PO on a regular basis, because when Depa bought Shimi of course she bought CPO with her, she knows how effort Anakin pulled in that droid, and when she is on Courosant she gives him to Ani, so that she can work on him again, and of course it makes Ani happy, so Mace of course doesnt say anythink, even if he wants to stranggle that droid. But he also knows, that droid (and R2D2) have more luck than any droid can have. Just imagine

So actually Mace Windu has to LIVE with C-3PO, is what you’re telling me here, Mace Windu LIVING with C-3PO and then once Anakin finally sends him back to Shmi every time Mace calls her for “children with emotions/attachments” advice, C-3PO picks up and starts TALKING HIS FUCKING EAR OFF, because of course he and Master Windu know each other very well now! And Mace is just like “oh no”. 

Shmi gets invited to the occasional Sunday dinner and C-3PO inevitably shows up with her with a casserole dish and an endless stream of multilingual neighborhood gossip. 

When I was reading Shatterpoint by Strover, I was so conflicted because I felt like the novel was tapping into some Really Bad Stereotypes but

by god Strover loves Mace. Strover loves Mace so much. You could see it in his novelization of RotS and you could see it in Shatterpoint, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed reading both novels so much. 

honestly, Mace deserves so much more love than he receives and it is such a shame.