This screenshot has to be my favorite of the whole series so far:

After The Mountain kills Oberyn Martell, everyone’s reactions are priceless. Maester Pycelle is way too old to even know what just happened. Cersei is excited (for obvious reasons). Even Tywin can’t believe the situation.

But my favorite reactions are these two:

Mace is acting like the idiot they always portray him to be: “Whaaaat?”  But Jaime, my sweet sweet Jaime, is my favorite because he’s simply like:



The Tyrells were never kings, though royal blood flows in their veins (as in half a hundred of the other great houses in the Reach). Ser Alester Tyrell, the founder of the line, was an Andal adventurer who became the champion and sworn shield to King Gwayne V Gardener, one of the Three Sage Kings. His eldest son became a notable knight as well, only to die in a tourney. His second son, Gareth, was of a more bookish bent and never achieved knighthood, choosing to serve as a royal steward instead. It is from him that today’s Tyrells descend. (insp.)

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Game of Thrones Meme: 4 Deaths

→ [2/4] Margaery Tyrell (+Loras Tyrell, Mace Tyrell, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister & The High Sparrow)

“Forget about the bloody Gods and listen to what I’m telling you. Cersei understands the consequences of her absence and she is absent anyway, which means she does not intend to suffer those consequences. The trial can wait. We all need to leave.”

Justice for Olenna

Randyll Tarly got what he deserved.

He sided with the fake Queen who killed his Liege lord & actual Queen (Margaery) and betrayed the woman he served his entire life. It was only fitting that he experienced his beloved house go up in flames with him.

And it’s hilarious that his house is now in Sam’s hands, the son he hated. Revenge is sweet.


By popular demands the family with too many alive members (they didn’t fit into one picture). I hope all this green hurts your eyes as much as it hurts mine :D

Top picture left to right: Willas, Margaery, Olenna, Alerie and Leonette

Bottom picture left to right: Garlan, Mace and Loras

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The Roses of Highgarden. 

Many moons ago I did a portrait of my favorite Tyrell, Willas and in my vanity vowed that I would make similar portraits for all of the Tyrells. Of course that never happened, but over three years later I’ve made this to honor my favorite Westerosi house.


Willas Tyrell - The Rose’s Heir

“I had a letter from Willas not half a year past. We share an interest in fine horseflesh. He has never borne me any ill will for what happened in the lists. I struck his breastplate clean, but his foot caught in a stirrup as he fell and his horse came down on top of him. I sent a maester to him afterward, but it was all he could do to save the boy’s leg. The knee was far past mending. If any were to blame, it was his fool of a father. Willas Tyrell was green as his surcoat and had no business riding in such company. The Fat Flower thrust him into tourneys at too tender an age, just as he did with the other two. He wanted another Leo Longthorn, and made himself a cripple.” Oberyn Martell, A Storm of Swords.

The day when Oberyn hurt Willas Tyrell in a tourney and their friendship began…


Houses & Places- Games of Thrones (1/?)

House Tyrell of Highgarden

“Growing Strong”

“Other great houses take lions and wolves for their sigils, and draw their power from the gold in their mountains, or the cold of their winters. But mountains run dry, winter yields to spring, and the rose blooms once more.



MACE TYRELL, Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, and High Marshal of the Reach
—his wife, LADY ALERIE, of House Hightower of Oldtown,
—their children:

—WILLAS, their eldest son, heir to Highgarden,
—SER GARLAN, called THE GALLANT, their second son, newly raised to Lord of Brightwater,
—SER LORAS, the Knight of Flowers, their youngest son, a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard, wounded on Dragonstone,
—MARGAERY, their daughter, twice wed and twice widowed,

—his widowed mother, LADY OLENNA of House Redwyne, called THE QUEEN OF THORNS

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"(If you doubt me on this, see the first siege of Storm’s End)" What did you meant by that?

During Robert’s Rebellion, Mace Tyrell put Storm’s End under siege and maintained the siege until the end of the war. While most fandom focus on the Siege has been on Stannis and the people inside the walls, it’s important to think about Mace and the people outside the walls:

  • Mace put Storm’s End under siege rather than pursue Robert Baratheon into the Riverlands, forcing Jon Connington to personally take the field to try to run down the Stormlander army. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even when Connington was beaten at the Battle of the Bells and the rebel hosts of the Starks, Tullys, Arryns, and Baratheons united. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar returned and marched to the Trident. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar was defeated at the Trident, and nothing stood between the rebels and King’s Landing. 

Does anyone think that Lord Merryweather, Lord Connington, Lord Chelsted, or the King didn’t send letters in all that time, asking the largest contingent of loyalists in all of Westeros to come to the defense of the king? Pointing out that Mace could easily divide his enormous host and still keep Storm’s End under siege while making a decisive turn in the war by giving the loyalists a numerical advantage over the rebel host? 

Mace stayed at Storm’s End because it was safe, because he is by nature a cautious and conservative man. It’s the same reason that, when Renly was marching on King’s Landing with a massive, seemingly unbeatable host, Mace stayed behind at Highgarden with 10,000 men to keep him safe and stayed there while Randyll Tarly sorted things out at Bitterbridge, and then went to Bitterbridge once things were safe. 

So in a moment of profound uncertainty, with his daughter having been wed to a dead rebel and the Reach politically divided, is Mace Tyrell going to attack Stannis Baratheon on his lonesome, with only the word of Petyr Baelish as surety that he’ll get what he wants after? 

No. Because that’s not what happens. Mace stays at Bitterbridge while Baelish sends riders to get Tywin to force-march down to the Reach and sign onto the deal while there’s still time. And as a result of those riders and Tywin’s speedy arrival, they arrive just in the nick of time.

But any delay, even by an hour or two, means the Battle of Blackwater would have been lost.