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I Saved Anakin, That’s Got To Mean Something!

Star Wars (The Prequels) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Anakin Skywalker + Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu & Count Dooku

Warnings: violence and injury

Request: “They can’t figure out what to do with *the gender neutral person* so they have to figure out how to train someone with that set of skills. They try to figure out how to assign a master and how to get the person to be a padawan. And then there’s the part where you almost die from count dooku, but then you redeem yourself, when you save anakins butt when he almost dies. Main characters: Anakin would be one,  Obi wan, and master unduli  (the master that the person is assigned to. But then gets sick” - interwebseriesfan24 

Word Count: 2,470

A/N: Hope I encompassed everything, and hope you enjoy it!

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blooodymoon  asked:

Mace Windu unfucks the Timeline is literally on of the best things EVER! Please write more! // How far does Windu know shit?, to his death or does he also know all the shit that followed after until Anakins Death, and because that he knows that there is good in Anakin? To when did he got send back?And how did he realise that he has to change his methodes? And that was propally a bit of something, being a proper council, but he knows what will happen if there all "proper jdfi" like the last time

I’ve basically been assuming he got sent back to just about LITERALLY the moment Qui-Gon showed up like “btw I found the Chosen One, he followed me home, can we keep him?”, or at least just before the start of that particular Council meeting. Pretty much he had enough time to be like “okay this is not a death-induced hallucination and WOW, WOW, SKYWALKER WHAT THE FUCK” and then kind of kicked into panic-mode and was instinctively like “dibs”.  And then was kind of horrified at himself? But also, still dibs. THEY NEED A SITH-KILLER, NOT ANOTHER SITH LORD. 

and a read-more, they need that too. 

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quite-a-character  asked:

Phil, with your trash family au, does Anakin still carry out the purge at the temple? If so, how does this fit into the au?


No, he doesn’t. The Awful Massacre Of Children does not occur in Trash Family AU.

Anakin’s turn doesn’t happen at all. It comes very, very close - but the whole AU is hinged on that part with Mace Windu at the window (hehe, Windu, window, Anelle I feel like you’ve made this joke) where instead of Mace yelling at Anakin he steps back and agrees with the fact that no, killing Sheev in cold blood isn’t the Jedi way and, also, maybe I should actually take a moment to listen to and not isolate and snub this kid that’s supposedly going to change the fate of the galaxy.

So Mace actually reaches out and feels Anakin’s turbulent swirl of emotions, and Anakin’s so mentally disorganized and allovertheplace at that point in time that Mace has no problem picking up on all the little details and fears and secrets and he can feel the triumph radiating off of Sidious and he takes a step back (but still keeps his lightsaber pointed at Sheev, because he is a Sith Lord, still), and says, “No, you’re right. It’s not the Jedi way.”

And Anakin is so shocked that Windu actually listened to him that he takes a moment to nod and say right before turning back to Sidious with rage flickering in his irises (because he was used and manipulated and yet and yet and yet Padme -)

“You need me,” says Palapatine, raising his hands, “you need me Anakin, she needs me -”

And then, Mace Windu does something no one ever thought he’d do.

He says, “She’s going to be okay, Anakin.”

(Because he reaches out into the force and see Anakin’s conflict and turmoil, sees the points of light within the force wherein destinies collide and expand and the catalysts for different paths everything could take and all of it is hinged on this one moment.)

And something shifts. Anakin’s eye’s clear a little, and the shatterpoint in the Force where everything was about to unravel … it comes together and solidifies. 

“Yes.” He turns back to Mace, and his eyes are still smoldering with anger. What if I misread this what if something’s going to - but Anakin turns back around and smashes the butt of his lightsaber into Sheev’s forehead in one fluid movement, because apparently, Anakin Skywalker has made a decision, and when Anakin Skywalker Makes A Decision, he Makes A Decision.

They can’t take Sheev, though; Order 66 is still happening, and they can sense the clones entering the Senate building and the disturbance from the Jedi Temple and they hop into a speeder except the first thing Anakin does is head to Padme’s apartment and Mace manages to get a distress call out to Master Shaak Ti at the temple to get the younglings out, and once they get there they make the arrangements for Anakin and Padme to separate and Padme decides that she needs to stay on-planet because she can’t just go into hiding it wouldn’t work, and Anakin protests for half a second before she gives him a look and he says “fine, okay, yes, that’s a good idea, I hate this” (and Mace Windu thinks I like this woman) and basically all of the Jedi Masters or even older Padawans take one or two younglings and go into hiding and lots of people still die but at least it’s not everyone, and they have to fight the clones on their way out and it’s terrible and awful.

(And then Padme gives birth to the twins and they’d planned to have them “kidnapped” so that Anakin could take them into hiding with him but Because Reasons a Wrench was thrown into their plans and only one of them (Leia) was taken with Anakin and Luke stayed with his mother and the general public, including Sheev, was only away of the existence of one child and Padme takes great pains to make it seem as though she’s cut all ties with her “husband” so as to protect herself and Luke and Anakin, desperate, goes to Tatooine - the last place anyone would ever think he’d return to. 

And eventually he manages to contact Obi-Wan, who escaped his Utapau ambush in much the same fashion as in the movies, and Obi-Wan comes to Tatooine too.)

someone sent me a submission with all these ideas a while ago but I can’t remember their url off by heart BUT YEAH a lot of this was their idea and credit goes to them. Anyway, I really really need to siddown and write the origins story.

komodoclassic  asked:

"I had a vision, deal with it" becomes a running gag in the entire Jedi temple, and Mace doesn't find out until, a couple months later, someone tosses that line at him

“Jinn, why in the name of the FORCE have your last three mission reports been written in Truncated Gungan?” Mace asks, pinching the bridge of his nose to stave off a migraine. 

“I had a vision. Deal with it,” Qui-Gon replies blithely, then jumps out the nearest window. 


questionablesidekick  asked:

in the unfuckening timeline, everyone obi-wan's age and below make a habit of disappearing through windows because of Mace. Uncomfortable situation? An I don't wanna? OUT THE WINDOW. Mace gets space whiskey and everyone judges very hard.

An entire generation of Jedi grows up assuming that space ice cream and Corellian whiskey are a natural pairing and is quite surprised to learn that most ice cream parlors do not serve hard liquor. They also assume that exiting through windows is exactly as polite as using the door and are VERY surprised when the Senate gets kerfluffled about the bootprints on their windowsills.