mace head

Dwarf Wardens leaving their home with Duncan and looking up at the sky and seeing clouds and the sun for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens looking up at that same sky at night and seeing the moon and stars for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens that have never even seen a dog before suddenly having this Mabari following them around

Dwarf Wardens getting caught in a rainstorm and Alistair has to explain No it’s okay the sky didn’t break this is a thing that happens sometimes

Dwarf Wardens boggling at how foods that are so rare back home- grains, fruits, crops- are everywhere up here

Dwarf Wardens being fascinated by flowers or bugs or trees

Dwarf Wardens that feel vulnerable without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens that feel free without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens exploring this world that is so vastly different from the one they know

Dwarf Wardens

Aftermath (Agents of SHIELD fic, philinda, fitzsimmons, gen)

post-finale speculation. Angst ahoy, because let’s be real– Tuesday ain’t going to be pretty. 

When it’s over- finally over- they look to Coulson for orders.

They are once again leaderless, trying to navigate without equipment. And he has always been their North Star.

“Take the week,” he says. “Take care of yourselves, and each other.”

He hears Mace in his head and tries not to flinch. An exhausted team is not an efficient team. “And then, we go back to work.”

Because there’s no fanfare when they save the world. No ticker tape parade, no messages from the adoring public.

They’re not those kinds of heroes.

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Star Wars: In the Silence and the Dark: Holding Pattern, part 4

@poplitealqueen @markwatnae

DescentPart 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7Part 8Part 9 | Escalation

Word Count: 440 (2310)

Mace doesn’t let more than a brief frown cross his face. Obi-Wan had also mentioned that Qui-Gon had left his cloak with him and Satine, though he’d mentioned also that his Master had been on edge that evening - and that Obi-Wan himself had been uneasy about something for the week before. Never able to pin-point why he was feeling uneasy, like something was just on the edges of his awareness of the future. He hadn’t slept that night, but he still hadn’t noticed anything amiss until morning, and that doesn’t bode well.

Neither do the words the young Duchess has repeated just now. Why would Qui-Gon say safe when none of them knew of any heightened risk of danger beyond the unusual cold?

“After you went to sleep, did you wake up before morning?” Mace doesn’t expect an affirmative, after Obi-Wan’s report, but he has to ask, has to know if there’s anything else that can be discovered about how Qui-Gon vanished.

“No.” The Duchess radiates frustration, though her expression barely shows any of it. “I don’t remember anything else until I woke in the morning, and Master Jinn was gone.”

Nothing. No struggle to wake her, or alert Obi-Wan, no warning along the training bond that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon shared, no one strange enough to stick out to either of the younger two either leading up to or after Qui-Gon vanished.

“Thank you, Duchess Kryze.” Mace stands, tilting his head politely to her.

“Master Jedi, wait a moment. Please.” The Duchess gives him a smile that looks more a grimace for all the tension still radiating off her. “Where should I go to find a meal?”

Or anything else, Mace suspects she’s asking, as well. What she should do, when she has nothing and no one to turn to, as far as Mace is aware. “I’ll send one of the Initiates to show you to a cafeteria.”

He’s not sure what to do about the Duchess, with the conflict on Mandalore spreading, and worsening. There will be more Jedi sent to try to contain the brewing war, to attempt to bring a peaceful conclusion to the conflict, but until then, Duchess Kryze’s situation is uncertain.

“I’ll inform you when the Council reaches a decision about what to do about the Mandalorian Civil War.” Once that is done, the Duchess will have to decide what she wants to do, if she wishes to continue to seek sanctuary here, and leave her fate in the hands of the Jedi Council, or to return home, or some other path.

“Thank you.”

Indo-Persian Armour, 19th C.

A rare and beautiful set from the property of a high ranked warrior, consisting in a khula-khud, a sipar, a bazu-band, a coat of mail, two points and two maces.

Helmet with hemispherical skull, cusp of squared section at the top, on a base shaped as a truncated cone; sliding nose-piece, two plume-holders; all engraved and gilt. Decorated with six, big, richly carved and pierced cartouches at the base, featuring Arabic writings, provided with twenty-four smaller cartouches, pierced with floral motifs and with gold frame; featuring a copper leaf under the cartouches. Silver-plated, Arabic writings at the border the skull. Red cloth lining at the inside. Mail neck defense consisting in small rings with simple closure (missing parts). Height: 60 cm circa. Featuring a big, round and convex, iron sipar, provided with four studs engraved and gilt with floral motifs; decorated with nine cartouches at the center, together with twelve, smaller ones, all richly pierced with floral motifs and gold frames, with a thin, copper leaf below. Silver-inlaid, Arabic writings among four bands decorated with flowers at the border; brass support at the border. A red cloth lining at the inside, with an old label, four suspension rings. Diameter: 46.7 cm. Bass-band decorated en suite, featuring a stylized face at the top, complete with plaques to close it and with sword-shell (defects), Length: 55 cm. Coat of mail consisting in rings with simple lock, some missing parts; neck with lined cloth, provided with fringes. Height: 60 cm circa. Neck: 10 cm. Two trident heads, one with damask structure and Arabic writings, decorated with horned head, snakes and floral motifs (Height: 55 cm), the other one with socket featuring silver decorations an cusp engraved with floral motifs and silver and gold decorations (height: 54.5 cm). Two iron maces, one with horned head and remains of silver decorations (77.5 cm), the other one with bull head and remains of silver decorations.

College Was Interesting...

I don’t know if my experience was unique because I lived in a weird fucking town (Ashland, Oregon) but during the two years I attended college, I…

Got hit in the face with a 1-pound brick of marijuana,

Interrupted a cult meeting at like 2:00AM while wearing a dead coyote on my head,

Maced a black bear,

Faced off with a mountain lion, 

Lived in a cave,

Had a secret admirer (who later turned out to be not-so-secret and actually rather creepy), 

Had one college professor who absolutely hated me and went out of her way to grade my papers unfairly because I knew more about the course curriculum than she did,

Ran into a man and two of his friends walking their pet llama down the road, was asked if I wanted to kiss said llama, and totally did (because why the fuck not?),

Got hit by a drunk driver,

Fell madly in love and deeply regretted it, 

Ate my first roadkill turkey,

Played beer pong at a party with a guy who was later beheaded with a sword in one of Ashland’s strangest unsolved murder cases,

Was somehow adopted into a metaphysical healing arts school, given the name “Sister Coyote”, was revered for my “supernatural” ability to see “auras” (which is actually just a form of synesthesia), and was told I was an “Indigo Child” who’s soul was not from this planet (…..?). 

Accidentally met Chuck Norris when I stopped to tie my shoe next to him on a park bench as he read the morning paper, 

Befriended an old mountain man living deep in the woods with his dog, smoked weed with him, and discussed the philosophies of life while patching up an open wound on my ear, 

Was once followed through a park at night by two people dressed as Slenderman until they stopped in front of me while I swung on the swings, pointed at me wordlessly for thirty seconds, then left,

And started a city-wide “werewolf scare” because I took to wandering around town at night while wearing a wolf pelt on my head. 

Yep. College sure was weird. 

the ot3 nobody really needs and probably don’t want either

So I was playing around with this idea that Mace gets his head out of his ass and switches reports and files around so Dogma was killed on Umbara Officially, but he’s taken into Mace’s office, with Wolffe, and Mace is just “Wolffe, this is your new soldier” and Wolffe is told EVERYTHING and he just goes “A'ight, let’s go Uj'ika.” and that becomes Dogma’s new name and that’s how Plo meets himand has no idea he’s actually Dogma until Dogma takes his helmet off and everyone recognizes him as the one who killed the asshole jedi

like Kit and Dogma meet every so often for ‘rehab’ or therapy or w/e so they’re friends but Kit doesn’t know Dogma is DOGMA

he never met Dogma before, so he just knows he’s (Dogma) another clone dead, this time because he did what was RIGHT and saved everyone the trouble of dealing with Krell

so he knows Uj'ika, and Uj'ika is a pack member, so he and Plo talk often about Uj'ika’s welfare and both are like 'fuck we both like him’ (by that time, Kit has probably stopped giving therapy sessions to Uj'ika bc it’s no longer moral and he’s not gonna do that to Uj'ika)

and Plo and Kit are probably already in a relationship, but it’s an air toss because nobody can confirm it

so they’re like “We gotta talk to Uj'ika” and then working with the 501st, Kix is doing check ups on the pack bc they fucking need it and Uj'ika has been protected from him ALL THIS TIME, and he finally gets to ORDER HIM to the medbay andhe cries because everyone, including Tup and the Jedi and EVERYONE, thought he was dead and Dogma feels bad

and then Plo and Kit are just floored and just “I fucking love you?????” and Dogma is Embarrassed because Wolffe is like “So do I have to give the 'brother to boyfriend’ speech to my DAD???" 

I Saved Anakin, That’s Got To Mean Something!

Star Wars (The Prequels) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Anakin Skywalker + Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu & Count Dooku

Warnings: violence and injury

Request: “They can’t figure out what to do with *the gender neutral person* so they have to figure out how to train someone with that set of skills. They try to figure out how to assign a master and how to get the person to be a padawan. And then there’s the part where you almost die from count dooku, but then you redeem yourself, when you save anakins butt when he almost dies. Main characters: Anakin would be one,  Obi wan, and master unduli  (the master that the person is assigned to. But then gets sick” - interwebseriesfan24 

Word Count: 2,470

A/N: Hope I encompassed everything, and hope you enjoy it!

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 : Episode 18 - No Regrets Recap

I have no regrets watching this episode so let’s get into it! ;)

Coulson and Mace stage a car accident to take control of a Hydra bus and we get to see Coulson back in action shooting some of the Hydra agents as they get on the bus. (You get them Coulson!!)

It turns out that the bus was carrying a few dead bodies in Hydra body bags. 

Fitz is still as cold as ice, but we find out more about the real reason why he’s been acting this way in this episode. Daisy tells Fitz again that this is not who he is and if anyone can snap him out of it, it would be Simmons. He slaps her across her face and then takes out a handkerchief to wipe his hands. (oh gosh Fitz who knew that you were as cold as killer frost?) 

“Everytime I see him I get this weird itch, like hives, did we get along?” – Phil Coulson

Back at HQ, Coulson asks Simmons if he got along with Ward in the real world. To which Simmons responds that he shot him while they were on the planet, so no. (HAHAH that reference to Hive by Coulson though. His memory is still fuzzy with the blue soap and hives but it makes for good dialogue HAHA) 

At the triskelion, Hydra R&D has come up with a serum that when injected, would give May strength for a limited time. (Sounds familiar aye? hahaha because that’s what Mace was injecting himself with in the real world)

Still trying to wrap their heads around how this reality isn’t real and that they’re all avatars. Simmons tries to convince Ward and Mace that the missions they are doing are useless and they should focus on rescuing Skye and getting out of the framework. 

“You don’t know me at all” -Mace

Mace questions Simmons with some trivia about himself. Is he married? Does he have kids? What does he like to eat? They weren’t that close in the real world so obviously she does not have the answers to these questions. To which he responds with “You don’t know me at all”. 

When Simmons mentions how their priority should be saving Skye, Ward slams a glass on the table angrily and says “You don’t think I want that?” (The glass didn’t break but this slam was better than Fitz’s slam on the table last week haha) 

“What we’re doing here matters” spoken by the true hero, Mace. He disagrees with Simmons and believes that all the missions that they’re doing here have a significance.

Simmons leaves the room and Ward is like “So what do we think? Delusional? PTSD?” (HAHA ward. Maybe not now but possibly when they all return from the framework)

Back in Hydra’s torture chambers, Skye complains about how they didn’t give her a mani pedi but tortured her instead. (haha Skye still has the sass going even when she’s being tortured) AIDA says that all she did was fix one regret which was what Radcliffe intended and claims that “the subsequent world is a consequence of your actions.” (Sure is, AIDIA, when you manipulated it to get the outcome that you wanted haha) AIDA makes Skye an offer to give her Lincoln Campbell in exchange for Skye’s location in the real world. Skye asks her what she gets out of all of this to which she responds with “ a choice”.

Mack and his daughter, Hope

The real reason why Fitz has been acting evil is finally revealed in this episode. It is none other than his dad. Fitz’ dad convinces him that all of these decisions that he is making are good and whenever Fitz shows signs of hesitation, his dad convinces him otherwise. (this parallels Garrett and Ward where Garrett influenced Ward in all of his decisions and shaped the person that he was.) 

Radcliffe has a rage fit about the prison’s dog food and how they’ve taken everything from him, especially Agnes. (He’s facing the consequences of his actions, so no sympathy from us and Skye) Radcliffe reveals how Fitz killed Agnes in cold blood and Skye doesn’t believe how taking away one regret can change a person completely. But it can, as we have been seeing in the past few episodes On the bright side, Radcliffe reveals that there is actually a working backdoor for them to get out of the framework. (yasss there is hope afer all!! )

Fitz and his dad head for tea time/ a chat session. He regrets killing Agnes and questions if it was necessary to kill her. Fitz’s dad convinces him that that is his mother talking and that there’s no room for love and sympathy/ womanly sentiment. (LOL) and more about how the only person who understands that is Ophelia. Fitz says he doesn’t know what kind of man he would be without his father. (Well we do, FItz! and it’s definitely not this person) This scene just proves Radcliffe’s point that just one change could actually change a person completely. Fitz was raised by his father instead of his mother in the Framework and his father taught him that he doesn’t have to feel remorse or guilt as long as he gets the job done/ is a man of action. 

Coulson and Mace head to the rehabilitation centre to rescue a friend of Mace who is none other than Agent Trip!!! (Welcome back Trip!! We’ve missed you! That was a really nice surprise!)

“Did you clean you room? Well I’ll be the judge of that” - Mack

Mack and his daughter continue being adorable in this episode. And everyone can see that including Ward. He tells Simmons that he finally figured out why Simmons dislikes him so much. It’s because she thinks that he’s someone he’s not. (Mannn Ward catches on really quick especially after Simmons revealed to Mace and Ward earlier on in the episode that this world is fake). 

Simmons reveals what Ward did in the real world and he truly looks guilty and says “For what it’s worth, I’m truly sorry”. (There’s the apology and Simmons looks like she could maybe forgive him a little) 

They watch Mack play with his kid and Ward asks her if they’re able to feel all that emotion, then doesn’t that make it real. (Ward in this episode,  shows that even though they’re all fake avatars in this world, they have real feelings. It’s actually something that’s quite interesting that has been explored in other shows like legends of tomorrow when they had their doom world arc. Could artificial  intelligence actually have real feelings? When fake May sacrificed herself earlier in the season. That was because she actually began to feel like something was wrong with what she was doing so she tried so hard to go against her programming and actually showed regret when she failed. These emotions that the AIs feel, could they also be real?) 

Ward receives intel that a Quinjet has arrived at the school where Mace and Coulson are and immediately wants to gather back up to head down there. He suggests bringing Mack but Simmons would rather not. He thought it didn’t matter since this world isn’t real and asks if Simmons is hesitating because of Hope. Simmons reveals that if Mack dies in the Framework, he will die in the real world as well and so they head off to the school together. 

“Someone’s been juicing unless you’re one of us now” - Mace

Enter Mace and Mulan (oh wait, May)’s fight scene.

Coulson, the teacher, is back at school again. (haha) But this time he enters the classroom to find a class of children being forced to watch some Hydra propaganda. (The scene is super creepy btw). The kids are all in a trance as they’re being hypnotised and brainwashed to believe that Hydra is good /Hail Hydra and what not. Super Nazi style but still creepy) 

Mace wins the fight against May and she calls him a terrorist but if he were, she would have been dead by now. He runs into the school to find Coulson while May contacts Madame Hydra and Fitz. Fitz orders the Quinjet on site to fire at the school because it doesn’t matter who’s in the building as long as they can get rid of the Patriot. 

Ward and Simmons arrive just on time as the Quinjet fires on the building. They rush to the school and help Trip, Mace and Coulson rescue the children. Coulson’s student, Chris, is caught under the ruins as the building collapses and Mace, like a true hero, rushes in to save him. 

 Outside the building with the Hydra agents,they watch the building collapse. May wants proof that the Patriot is dead so she goes into the school to make sure of it. As she enters the school, she sees the children running and trying to escape. On the comms, she asks why the hell are kids in this building. (Looks like May is finally coming back to her senses.)

Inside the school, May enters the classroom and demands to know where the Patriot is. Coulson snaps at her and says that they’re trying to save a kid’s life. She can either help them or don’t but the focus shouldn’t be on killing the Patriot. She watches on as the team rushes to save Chris as Mace lifts up the remains of the building. They manage to save Chris. Ward and Trip find a cabinet that could possibly hold the building together while they escape but Mace says that it’s not strong enough and asks them to all leave while they still can. He stays on to sacrifice himself while Coulson, Ward, Trip, Simmons and May run out of the building to safety. (Nooooooo Mace, this can’t be happening.) They make it out and watch as the building collapses fully along with Mace. (This whole scene was truly heartbreaking but it showed how much of a martyr Mace was, willing to sacrifice himself so that he could save the lives of others). 

At the triskelion, Fitz and his dad celebrate the death of the Patriot with glasses of champagne while Madame Hydra looks on smugly.

In the real world, AIDA walks in to the room where Coulson, Mack, Mace and May are housed. 

Mace’s vitals have flat lined and she disengages him. (Noooo R.I.P. Jeffrey Mace, The Patriot, Inhuman leader of the Resistance) Your sacrifice will be remembered and the team will get back at Hydra for what they’ve done to you. This also further cements that death in the Framework is synonymous with death in the real world. Also, it seems that AIDA has a backdoor out of the Framework as well since she was able to get to the real world so quickly. 

May enters the interrogation room that Skye is in and asks her if she really is an Inhuman. Skye says that she is and she’s powerful enough to bring this place down. May says she hopes so as she whips out a terrigen crystal from her sleeve and smashes it on the ground. 

Whooo Quake  is back!!! Looks like Hydra having the kids at the school was enough to convince May to side with S.H.I.E.L.D. Yass so excited for next week when Skye gets her powers back and teams up with May to bring down Hydra.

It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 3

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline)

Part 1 Part 2

Makin’ like a hobbit today, and looking forward to it.  ^.^  @suzukiblu, I believe this fic is still in your domain.

“Master has given Dobby a sock!

This is some Assassin’s Creed level shit here, but everybody should know that Mace isn’t cut out for it.  Yet.

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These are weapon displays at the Chambers Street Museum. These kind of displays annoy me as they are put up with no context and little thought.

The whole thing reeks of Orientalism (yes I know some of them are European and from the Bronze Age) and an idea that these are here just to stare at.

This annoys me more because the Chambers Street Museum has some great ethnographic exhibits that mostly focus on similarities between peoples rather than differences.

Anyway rant over, please do visit this museum as it is rather good.

Long Has It Been

As requested by Anonymous. Enjoy, dear!!

Legolas x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Injury. Blood.

Word count: 1,686

The pelting rain is frigid, numbing your skin as your party moves forward through the night, on the lookout for anything that might strike. Vigilance is key, especially when the only light to see by flashes but for a moment or two every few minutes, nearly blinding you with its brilliance before letting the pitch darkness and torrents of rain blind you instead.

A voice, possibly, pierces through the din around you and the Elves before you halt in their march; it only makes sense that you should follow suit before you smack into the body in front of you. Another shout and everyone relaxes.

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*Sees a snapchat of Mamrie and Grace eating dip and watching dance moms*


Fanfic Writers reaction:
*cracks knuckles*
*sits in front of computer*
It started off simple Grace and Mamrie were just watching dance moms and eating hummus. Then Mamrie shot a glance at Grace while licking the hummus off her lips. THEY BEGIN TO FU-


Reasons to love Gundam IBO
  • Orga. Just… Orga. Shirtless Orga on top of a moving Mobile Worker in the middle of an all-out battle proclaiming he’s never gonna die. Sly *steals a whole freakin’ PMC right under his former boss’ nose* Orga. Cool, bold *I’l leave this to you while I go take over space mafia’s ship* Orga. Drunk, sappy, “I finally made a family for you to be proud of” Orga. Hell, everything about Orga.
  • Raise your FLAAAAAAAG!!
  • The whole “we’re brothers” dynamics that everybody in Tekkadan has going. Biscuit always rolling his eyes at Orga’s antics but going along with them anyway. Mika being the cool and stoic big bro to the kids even though he’s probably the shortest of the older group. Ride literally fighting with the younger kids for the sweets, then stashing them in a closet cause it’ll definitely cheer the little brats up whenever they’re upset.
  • “This looks like one of yours so you deal with him.” 
  • Biscuit. Name alone is enough to love him, but then he sets off the signal flares when the First group tries to bail from the battlefield, is probably the most educated one of the bunch, kind and competent and has sisters named Cookie and Cracker.
  • “Chocolate-man.”
  • Kudelia and her faces, all her face expressions ever. Special mention goes to that moment when Naze full-out admitted that his ship is his harem. Though everybody’s faces then were amazing.
  • Mika eating those Mars palms or whatever they are and the subtle smug look when he offers Kudelia and she picks the bad-tasting one.
  • Orga, Gaelio and McGills and the unofficial contest of who has the flashiest and most attention-grabbing hairstyle. (Sorry boys, you’ve got a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Lockon Stratos)
  • Related to the above, Kudelia’s hair in zero-gravity.
  • Mika and Barbatos making their debut by bursting out of the ground on Orga’s call to save the CGS 3rd group leader’s cocky ass. By smashing a mace into the Graze’s head. Wow. Just wow.
  • All the attention that the series gives to the political, bureaucratic and economic issues that Mars, Tekkadan, heck, every faction in the series is facing. It’s practically at the core of the plot and boy do I enjoy all of this.
  • Naze and his ship harem. Good lord, how the hell did you achieve that? HOW? On that note, his girls also kick ass. Way to go.
  • Drunk Orga. I think I mentioned that, but once again for good measure. Drunk Orga. Hungover Orga. Just Orga in general.
  • Atra, who signed up for a spaceship cook when she didn’t have the slightest idea that nope, it’s not just a space field trip, we’re going to Earth. Yes. That Earth. Her reaction? “But I’ve got nothing fancy to wear!” God, I love you girl.
  • Eugene and his faces when he gets to be the Captain of Isaribi while Orga’s out. Priceless.
  • Akihiro being so fired up and training so freakin’ hard that even Lafter gets sick of him.

eshnoazot  asked:

"I didn't know we could have two lightsabers!?" Lil!Anakin excitedly tells Mom!Mace when he notices Pong Krell practicing. Mace looks at both blades, at Pong Krell and down at both his Wonderfully Attached Hands. It was nice while it lasted.

“FOUR?!?!” Anakin exclaims delightedly when Grievous turns up.

Mace puts his head in his hands, figuring he’ll enjoy them while he still has them both to enjoy.

Realization: if Percy hadn’t gone outside to get Vex, the Pit Fiend would have bitten her unconscious fifteen feet from the mansion. Even if Keyleth had gotten to her to cast Protection from Poison, she was unconscious. The Pit Fiend could have crit-killed her. And even if Scanlan brought her back to consciousness, Vex wouldn’t have been able to move by the time her turn rolled around because the Pit Fiend would have his opportunity attacks back. A mace to the head and she’d be out again. And then - four attacks from a Pit Fiend.

I think Percy actually saved her life?


Soldier A
Occupation : Soldier Apprentice
Sex : Man
Level : 2
HP : 18
MP : 7
Left Hand : Soldier’s Sword
Body : Soldier’s Armor
Waist : Leather Belt
Shoes : Leather Boots
Power : 11
Speed : 87
Physical Fitness : 22
Intelligence : 27
Luck : 1
Maximum HP : 18
Maximum MP : 7
Attack : 2
Defense : 5
Loyalty of Heart: 279
Ex : 14

Occupation : Magician
Sex : Woman
Level : 30
HP : 214
MP : 153
Right Hand : Wiseman’s Rod
Head : Three-Cornered Hat
Back : Jet-Black Cape
Personal Item : Jet-Black Book
Power : 38
Speed : 68
Physical Fitness : 31
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 121
Maximum HP : 214
Maximum MP : 153
Attack : 50
Defense : 62
Chuuni Level : 279
Ex : 241766

Occupation : Priest
Sex : Man
Level : 31
HP : 238
MP : 25
Right Hand : Hardcore Mace
Body : Holy Clothes
Head : Holy Hat
Personal Item: Bible
Power : 253
Speed : 60
Physical Fitness : 140
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 78
Maximum HP : 238
Maximum MP : 25
Attack : 219
Defense : 121
Faith in God : (Crossed Out (15)) (Written In (999))
Ex : 298105

Occupation : King (The Greatest)
Sex : (Crossed Out (Woman)) (Written In (Girl))
Level : 1
HP : 10
MP : 10
Head : Crown of Ramitonia
Body 1 : Cashmere Clothes
Body 2 : King’s Robe
Personal Item : Girl’s Secret Pouch
Power : 3
Speed : 8
Physical Fitness : 2
Intelligence : ???
Luck : 255
Maximum HP : 10
Maximum MP : 10
Attack : 1
Defense : 4
Financial Assets : National Budget
Ex : 0

Occupation : Demon Lord Army Soldier
Sex : Man
Level : 37
HP : 402
MP : 185
Right Hand : Demon Blade Kusanagi
Body : Armor of Legend
Back : Cloak of Curse
Power : 249
Speed : 130
Physical Fitness : 167
Intelligence : 140
Luck : 21
Maximum HP : 402
Maximum MP : 185
Attack : 320
Defense : 140
Evil Eye Power Level : 333
Ex : 417771

Cypriot Agate Scepter Head, c. 950 BC,  Late Cypro-Geometric I – Early Cypro-Geometric II

Scepter and mace heads are well-attested Cypriot implements, but this example is exceptional in the magnificence of its material. The head itself is set on an iron shaft. During the Late Geometric and Archaic periods, rulers of the major centers of Cyprus gained considerable wealth from natural resources, notably copper, and from active trade, especially with the Phoenicians.

             Modern day. England. Families in business with others. Children born in the upper class of each town. The perfect façades, money coming from left && right. The real business happens in the hidden corners, behind closed doors. Property. Drugs. Guns. Deals, Papers. Treaties. By now, everything feels normal. Organized crime fills the streets as if all of them were born to do it. Is expected to keep a straight face, a gun on your hip, && open eyes when taking lives. Not all of them want to, but fathers always have the last word on the business. Bloody knuckles. Smoke. Bullets. Most of the bussiness in handled on tables, with words they all keep, is better if no one goes against others on their own. It’s better if no one messes with others’ business. It’s better, yes, but that doesn’t mean all keep their words. That doesn’t mean smiles are sweet && soft, && slender fingers are kept away from pulling triggers. No. People mess with others. Fight. Punch. Kill. A warning, two, three. Hatred fills bodies, blood fills the streets. 

             Targaryens. Martells. Tyrells. Baratheons. Lannisters. Big names, big famillies. They all deal with their own bussiness, the façade && the real one. Marriages connect heirs, treaties born out of good relations, out the need of expanding connections. Rhaegar Targaryen, Mace Tyrell && Doran Martell form an alliance since they become the ruling hand of each family. Years of peace, years of hoarding && becoming more && more rich. Children grew up together, learn the bussiness as soon as they are old enough to. Rich kids, cars, clothes. They grew up in both shadow && light. Under stranger circunstances, Rhaegar Targaryen dies, leaving two kids under the care of his wife && the martell family. Viserys, engaged to Arianne Martell, takes charge of her brother’s business. Good relationship with Willas Tyrell, keeps his family close. It is when Daenerys, hating on her brother, plots to destroy the alliance && earn a spot up the ladder for herself. A plot that ends with Oberyn Martell shooting Willas by accident && leaving him crippled. A plot that has no witnesses, not real purpose. A plot that ends all bonds between the Tyrell family && the other two.

             Daenerys marries a foreigner, Drogo something. Crowning herself the head of the Targaryen empire, after making her husband kill her brother, claiming self defense towards his abusive behavior. It is then when things get out of hand && families seek for new alliances to put Rhaegar’s daughter on the place Dany claims for herself. It is then when problems born from ashes. Revenge, the need for blood.


  • Godmodding && any ooc drama will NOT be tolerated. This is meant to be fun for all parties involved.
  • CROSSFANDOM group verse. Your character can be placed under the protection of any family yet THEY CAN NOT BE RELATED TO THE BIG NAMES. Applies for OCs as well, selectivity WILL apply.
  • In character drama IS encouraged, yet for DAENERYS RPERS that want to apply, please contact the admins : @heiressofdorne or @thelittleqveen / @dcvoidofcolor before joining.
  • NO DUPLICATES / TWINS allowed. Faceclaims must all be different.
  • We reserve the right to DECLINE applications, or ask you to re write some part of it.
  • NOT all families are inside the world of organized crime. Please, READ UNDER THE CUT to know more about this. 
  • If you are accepted, please track the tag : ( v. mobster’s paradise ) . All info && bios regarding the verse will be posted there.
  • To apply, send / submit the application underneath the cut to either me or Jaz. If accepted, we ask you to post a FULL BIO on the tag with back story && affiliations of your character.
  • Due to mature themes, && for the comfort of everyone here, appliers must  be 18+ of age.
  • Skype will be shared with all accepted people for further plotting.
  • Following members / admins is not required, but encouraged.
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