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au where Anakin is Mace Windu’s padawan

Anakin bit his lip, afraid to ask, but needing to know. “Master? Why didn’t you want me to be a Jedi?”

Mace gave the boy, his student for nearly a year, a measured look. “I was afraid.”

“Of me?” Anakin’s voice trembled despite his best efforts. Master Windu wasn’t afraid of anything. “What’s wrong with me?”

Mace shook his head. “You reminded me of someone I didn’t want to remember.”

Anakin looked at the floor, his shoulders tight with anger, fear, shame, and his determination not to show them. “A Sith,” he guessed.

Mace placed a hand on his wayward padawan’s shoulder. “Myself,” he explained. “Before I learned to trust the Force.”

Anakin raised wide eyes to his master’s, flashing with a hundred questions, but he could articulate none. Mace pat his shoulder, once, and let go.

“You will be a Jedi. I promise.”

Dwarf Wardens leaving their home with Duncan and looking up at the sky and seeing clouds and the sun for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens looking up at that same sky at night and seeing the moon and stars for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens that have never even seen a dog before suddenly having this Mabari following them around

Dwarf Wardens getting caught in a rainstorm and Alistair has to explain No it’s okay the sky didn’t break this is a thing that happens sometimes

Dwarf Wardens boggling at how foods that are so rare back home- grains, fruits, crops- are everywhere up here

Dwarf Wardens being fascinated by flowers or bugs or trees

Dwarf Wardens that feel vulnerable without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens that feel free without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens exploring this world that is so vastly different from the one they know

Dwarf Wardens

Eyewitness report from St Louis last night, where 250 protesters took sanctuary in a synagogue and 7 SWAT buses showed up and arrested several of them for no reason, also arrested passersby for no reason.
“I was arrested while sitting on a bench outside the church, drinking a water bottle, nursing an injured foot. the church is not only private property, but was agreed to be a sanctuary by the police. they pushed me off the bench with their nightsticks and jumped me when i couldn’t move fast enough for them. the cops behind me discussed what they could pin on me in retrospect: Interference & Resisting Arrest. i was not allowed to keep my glasses, and they stole an expensive water bottle i’d borrowed. im told the church afterward was surrounded by cops who threatened to fire tear gas into the church if they opened their doors to let out those who they’d corralled in.
two women involved with some of the ethical lawyer organizations were also arrested there, minutes after being told by a cop that they could "stand there all night” and be fine. a street medic was told to leave, so after turning around to get on his bike and do so, they tackled him, maced him from head to toe, and arrested him.
the girls sang liberation songs from behind the wall in the van while we stomped in rhythm, so the cops turned up kshe 95 (the local classic rock station) and blasted the older generation’s songs of rebellion. I will prob never forget hearing zeppelin & bohemian rhapsody (a song about poor people being destroyed by the state and begging for mercy) blasted to drown us out.
a man was in the neighborhood with his 16 year old daughter–not part of the protest–taking a picture together under an arch when he was punched in the back of the head by a cop, then tackled and had his face shoved into the pavement, littering his face with cuts and scrapes. another man was arrested walking back to his apartment from a bar, also not a part of the protest.
we were kept in the van for a couple of hours before going anywhere. the cops kept the doors closed to prevent air circulation despite our friend screaming in pain, eyes swollen shut from the mace.
at the first jail, we met another man not part of the protest, who made the mistake of opening conversation with a cop while drunk. he claimed schizophrenia, and throughout the night was threatened with extreme violence repeatedly by cops for being annoying (particularly by repeatedly asking to speak to his case worker, tho there was also plenty of crudeness).
i didn’t see the girls again for most of the night (partially because i was not allowed to wear glasses/have vision in jail); the medic took his shirt off to reveal bright, blotchy red skin inflamed from the mace-soaked shirt the moment he was uncuffed. he was jeered at by every single cop we encountered for the rest of the night for not wearing a shirt. at no point was another shirt or towel offered, so he had to shiver with a body on fire for the rest of the night/morning. at about 3am, we were driven to the downtown jail and put in the tank.
afaik, none of us were ever given the option of making a phone call, no bail was set, no charges were given. we were released at about 730am.
i want to be clear that i am not glorifying or romanticizing arrest. I didn’t want to be arrested. Im afraid it’s going to prevent me from starting a job on Monday with the first living wage i’ve been paid aside of a month in the last 3.5yrs. I have literally no fucking money. planned (or any) arrests are a drain on limited movement resources; the stained record makes applying for anything more difficult. Being arrested doesn’t give one credibility, or reflect their dedication to the cause. it’s always a setback. MLK thought he could fill the prisons in 61, but the cops just shipped the prisoners to other places, making them effectively bottomless.
i basically wrote this to give an idea on 7 of the 32 arrested last night (i.e. little less than ¼). 3 were not even involved in the protest. 3 were literally in the safe zone (i.e. NOT on the front line). The last was a medic who was following instructions & arrested for it. None of us were read rights during, prior to, or after our arrest.
Last night was a protest against a city where cops can do literally whatever they want, and these arrests were very clearly about demonstrating that *indiscriminate* power. just 2 of the 7 were black (there was another white woman, but i do not know anything about her). During my arrest, i pleaded that the cops not destroy my glasses, and was told “that’s the risk you take” i.e. they know that this was all about them openly demonstrating incontestable power.
at least i know those soros checks are going to cover all my expenses.“

Maces and talons post

I could not stop wondering how this game works, how many pieces it has, how it is supposed to be played and if it is related to chess in any way.

So without further ado, a very long post about all its appearances and possible pieces.

Viggo uses it as a metaphor (despite him disliking metaphors) for his battle with Hiccup. Its first appearance was during Viggo’s introduction, in which he held a dramatic little speech about how he came to love the game.

He shows us the first piece, the Viking chief which he speaks of as “honorable” although he could have also been talking about the player being honorable in his or her strategy. I’ll just call the piece the Viking chief, as honorable is not used as an important part of the piece’s portrayal.

Next we get a close up of the board, left we see a dragon, in the middle stands the Viking chief and just behind it lies a longship. On the right there is a figure facing the camera, holding a sword in his hands, I’ll call it the swordsman for now. The figure seen from the back looks like he is holding a shield in his hand. And lastly Viggo holds a spare miniature mace.

In the next episode Viggo leaves Hiccup a maces and talons board with three pieces. Hiccup pointed at the left one and said it was supposed to represent him, the Viking chief. On the right stood the chief of the Marauders, the leading piece of the other party. The two chiefs start sound like the black and white kings on a chess board. Both pieces carry the same title, namely the title of chief, and are clearly of opposing teams.

In the middle stands the impostor, or the traitor as Hiccup calls it. Viggo later confirms that the piece is named the impostor, but also goes by the name of the traitor, possibly because of its role in the game. Hiccup stated that the traitor always dies in the end, which bears some resemblance to the role of the spy in Stratego. (The spy can take out the highest ranking piece of Stratego if he attacks first, but dies by the hand of any other piece). It also suggests that the traitor is a much anticipated piece. Players use it a lot and as a result it dies so often it ends up dead during most of the played games. Both the impostor and the spy die most of the time, but are still pretty important pieces to a player.

Fishlegs comments that “the game was designed to test the abilities and decision making expertise of future chiefs in the heat of battle”, telling us that it is a game stimulating a war where the player is the leader of their force, not unlike popular real-life games such as chess and Risk.

By now we can also identify the figure from Viggo’s board that was seen from the back. It is probably the chief of the Marauders. Both pieces carry a shield in their left hands and both have a helmet with a shorter horn on one side. The impostor (as seen on the right below) also carries a shield, but lacks the belt that both figures on the left have. Its shield appears to be more ornate amd the sides of its mouth point downwards. Another difference is the sword in the right hand of the impostor. The chief of the Marauders does not hold anything in his hand.

The impostor is also spoken of as singular. It’s other known name and role as the traitor could very well mean that there is only one of these in the game, flip-flopping from the Vikings’ side to the Marauders’ and back.

Next we get a scene where Viggo and Dagur play the game using real life people as pieces. They speak of “my longship” and “your kingship”, implying that both players own one of each of these ships. Any of these four could be the ship seen on Viggo’s board, but my money is on the longship. I would expect something a little more impressive from a piece called the kingship.

There are also eight hunters, addressed with possessives as well, making the total sixteen, just like pawns in a chess game. The word “hunters” used to address their pieces could both be the official name of the figures, or the name given to them because they are played by dragon hunters.

At the end of their game one of Viggo’s hunters/pawns holds a mace to Dagur’s Viking king’s head. This mace could very well be the miniature mace he used to knock over a figure during his introduction, making that mace one of multiple. If there was only one mace in the game, it would have been THE mace to Dagur’s Viking king ’s head.

Dagur has the figure of the Viking king, which I believe is the same as the Viking chief. Taking out Dagur’s viking king made Viggo the winner, in resemblance of taking out the king on a chess board. As seen on the board Viggo left Hiccup, the Marauder chief and the Viking chief are the leaders of their respective parties and probably the most important pieces as well. Having another king on each side would not make a lot of sense, so I’m just going to assume the Marauder king/Marauder chief and the Viking king/Viking chief are the same piece.

It is also worth noting that if Dagur plays the Viking chief, Viggo is the Marauder chief, just like he was on the board he left Hiccup. Apparently Viggo prefers playing the Marauders’ side. Maybe because it gives some sort of advantage in the way the player playing the white chess pieces starts the game? Or maybe he identifies with the Marauders more, seeing as the said himself playing the “honorable Viking chief” was what got him to lose from his grandfather.

The last we see of the game in season 2 is Hiccup holding the viking chief.

By now we know that the game is well known because every member of the gang seems to remember this game. Hiccup feels the need to point out which figure is which and what their roles are, so the gang’s knowledge of it might be a bit shady. This does not seem illogical, after all not everyone can recite the rules of a real-life strategy game at the drop of a hat. Only those who play it often (in this case Hiccup) may.

It has the following pieces: The viking chief, the Marauder chief, one or more impostors, two kingships, two longships, eight viking pawns, and eight marauder pawns. Figures not identified yet are a swordsman and a dragon, both of which could belong to any of the two parties.

All those pieces can never fit on the board together without making it impossible to move them. Every time we see a Maces and talons board there are only a few pieces on the board itself. Either they have been removed, or as Dagur said “have been taken out” or they are yet to be added as the game progresses. A third option would be that a player is able to trade pieces on the board for pieces not used at that moment in the way a pawn can become a rook or queen. I’d personally prefer the second theory, making the board pieces similar to the troops used in Risk that a player can add at the start of each turn.

Lastly we know it is played by strategists to test their intelligence.

So far so good, now it gets confusing~>

The game makes its reappearance in the season finale as Hiccup meets Viggo and hands him a piece that is most likely the impostor. the confusing part is that he was seen holding the Viking chief back in season 2.

We also get a view of the board, with the longship from Viggo’s board back in Maces and talons Part 1, the dragon and the figure that looks like the Marauder chief, but with a sword. I’ll call it a pawn. (My explanation will follow later, keep reading).

We get two more shots of the board, both from roughly the same angle. They show the longship on the left, the swordsman in the back, two impostors in the middle, the dragon and on the far right the Marauder chief.

I don’t know if this was a mistake, intentional or just Hiccup messing with Viggo by returning him another piece. Viggo does not comment on this, rendering the last theory unlikely, unless he chose to keep quiet to frustrate Hiccup.

Next we see Ruff, Tuff and Fishlegs playing the game. On the screencap above stand the Viking chief and the swordsman and on the screencap below Fishlegs looks at the dragon, a longship and the impostor.

On Tuffnut’s side we have a pawn, the Viking chief (so far the Viking chief is the only figure with bent horns) and the swordsman. The Viking chief and the swordsman are likely to be the same as the ones two screencaps up. Not much new information is given.

On the contrary, the game’s last appearance is VERY interesting. Fishlegs and Snotlout play against Heather and Astrid and their game is in full progress when the camera hovers over the board.

There are two ships on the board and two beside it: the longships and the kingships. It looks like the animators used the same model, so we can’t tell the difference between the two kind of ships, but I am sure the characters can.

The two pictures above show that there are multiple pieces of the figure with the sword in one hand and a shield in the other, pretty much confirming that these are the pawns.

Below I have marked every piece I could identify. Circled in green are the four ships, two kingships and two longships. There are eight pawns in red, one impostor in blue and three dragons in orange. Unidentified are three objects in the top left corner.

All figures marked with orange have a tail and wings, making the total of dragons three while the Marauder chief and the Viking chief are nowhere to be seen.

There are three pieces left unidentified. On the side lies a figure without bent horns, with a belt and without a sword in his right hand. If I have to guess I’d say it is the swordsman. The swordsman has so far only been seen once per game and was not on the board itself. The little piece on the right looks like a spare mace to me. In the middle lies something I cannot identify AT ALL, but given that it was hinted at that there were multiple maces in the game, I’d pin this object as a second mace.

My conclusions~>

Except for two little errors, I’d say maces and talons is a very detailed and logical game with many elements from real life war-simulator board games.

The first error is that Hiccup gives Viggo a second impostor in Defenders of the wing Part 1, despite holding a Viking chief at the end of Maces and talons Part 2. For the conclusion, let’s assume this was a mistake and Hiccup actually handed Viggo the viking chief. This would turn the impostor into an unique piece, matching Heather and Fishlegs’ game where I marked only one figure in blue.

The second error are the three dragons on Heather and Fishlegs’ board and the lack of the two opposing chiefs. My guess is that there is only one dragon and that two of these dragons were supposed to be the chiefs instead. This is a guess, as the dragon has so far only been seen once per board. It has never been addressed, nor hinted at, so anything about it would remain a mere shot in the dark.

With those errors fixed… Let’s move on to the real conclusion

The game features two parties at war with each other, the Marauders and the vikings. The parties are led by their chiefs, and taking out the opposing chief will win you the game, like the king on a chess board. Each party consists of a longship, a kingship, a mace and eight pawns. Furthermore the game houses one dragon and one swordsman, both without known designated roles, and one impostor who does not belong to either side an usually pays for this with its life.

Furthermore, the Viking chief holds two axes while the Marauder chief holds up his hand without holding something in it. A spare piece of the game is the Marauders’ mace, which I think could fit into the empty hand of the Marauder chief. If the Marauder chief wins, the player can take out the mace and knock the Viking chief over in a chessmate kind of style.

Not all pieces are on the board at the same time, usually only a few are seen on the battlefield, tying into the strategy-part of the game. Picking the right pieces to play with at the right time could be a huge intelligence test for the player, reminiscent of how a player picks a card to play during various card games.

There seem to be rules on how the pieces are supposed to move across the board as well, yet I do know them, nor could I figure them out.

All in all Maces and talons seems inspired by turn-based strategy games like Risk and Stratego to some degree, while keeping Chess as its main influence.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to add your theories! ^^


Rare Near Eastern Figural Bronze Mace-Head, c. 3rd-2nd Millennium BC

Extremely rare, the body of the mace-head is decorated circumferentially with four standing stylized humans. The figures face out, with circular staring eyes and with prominent, angular noses and open mouths. The hands placed on hips/breasts with arms bowed. 

The function of this rare weapon is mysterious. Possibly a weapon, elaborately decorated as a display of wealth, or alternatively a purely ceremonial piece, for carrying out sacrifice.

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 6

Past Posts

Items 1 - 5

Items 6 - 10

Items 11 - 15

Items 16 - 20

Items 21 - 25

Items 31 - 35

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Items 41 - 45

Items 46 - 50

26.      Gifted Blade

Weapon (Longsword), Legendary, Attunement by a sorcerer

This longsword gleams with natural magical energy. It has a purple gem on its hilt that glows in pulses in the presence of magic. The stronger the magic the more intense the glow. When a Sorcerer attunes themselves to this sword, it shares it’s magical energy. Every successful attack against a creature that has innate magical energy (Ie. Dragons, Hags, Constructs etc.) the sorcerer regains 1 sorcerer point. (Can’t go over maximum sorcerer points)

27.      Widows Wish

Weapon (Mace), Rare, Requires Attunement by a Cleric

A gleaming gold mace with a round head, knobs of divine rubies surround the head and act as flanges. When the creature attuned to this weapon makes a melee attack – on a hit that player can heal any creatures within 30 feet for an amount equal to their Cleric level. The player can assign the healing in any way they want, however they can only heal themselves for a max of 50% of the available points (Ex. Level 10 Cleric can only heal self for 5 out of available 10) This ability can only be used once per round.

28.      Hammer

Armour (Shield), Very Rare, Attunement (Requirements: Strength 15, Shield Master (feat))

A sturdy, heavy shield made of Orc oak and Dwarven steel. Its crest in the center is that of an anvil. When you successfully shove a creature with this shield, you may force the creature to make a constitution saving throw, becoming stunned for 1 minute on a fail. The saving throw is 8+STR+Proficiency. The stunned creature can repeat the saving throw every time they take damage and at the end of their turn. A creature who passes the saving throw is immune to being stunned by “Hammer” again for 24 hours.

29.      Foe Ender

Weapon (Greataxe), Rare, Requires Attunement

A double-bitted hefty greataxe, each bit has a vicious edge that thirsts for the enemies of its wielder. This axe gains a +1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls. Also, once per long rest the person attuned to this weapon can select a foe it can see within 30 feet. This effect lasts for 24 hours or until the attuned creature or the foe dies, until then - double all damage modifiers on attacks done to the foe. The wielder can only have one foe at a time. (Does not stack with great weapon master or similar abilities)

30.      The Mind Flayer

Weapon (Halberd), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

This slender halberd, comes to a hooked over steel curl at it’s tip, the base of the blade is bejeweled with pink gems. Attacks done with this weapon can deal an additional 1d12 psychic damage once per turn. Additionally once per turn on attack the wielder can force the recipient to make a wisdom saving throw of become stunned for 1 minute on a fail. The saving throw is 8+CHA+Proficiency. The stunned creature can repeat the saving throw every time they take damage and at the end of their turn. A creature who passes the saving throw is immune to being stunned by “The Mind Flayer” again for 24 hours.

Something Sweet {Part VI}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Look who’s back with a new chapter!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“No, absolutely not.”

“Why not?”

“Crêpe suzette involves working with the stove, you’re a baker.” Obi-Wan countered as the staff overlooked the menu revamp.

“I know how a stove works, Chef Kenobi. It’s not my first time in a restaurant kitchen.” You sighed, crossing your arms.

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anonymous asked:

That latest sithandchild fix? That was bloody awesome!!!! Prompt: How would Anakin or the council react when they discover that Obi's dark side creatures have attacked him? Would they try to reason with Qui that the dark side is not right for Obi? Or would they double down on trying to take Obi back by force so it won't happen again? And how does Obi feel about the dark magic now? Is he just more cautious? Or too scared to use it at all?

Qui-Gon stepped of his ship and towards Dooku, Obi-Wan held tightly against his chest even as he stopped by the counts side. He didn’t spare the bounty hunters a look as he shifted the boy a bit higher in his arms.

“Qui-Gon.” Dooku shifted to give the other his attention, a small frown crossing his face as he could feel both pain and a drugged soft of unconsciousness come from Obi-Wan. “What happened?”

“He lost control of his blood magic.” Qui-Gon shot an acid look at Ventress. “No more blood magic.”

She held up her hands from the bench she was sitting on, having been observing the box and the bounty hunters. “I warned him, blood magic has consequences. He lost control of what though? I taught him several things.”

“Shadows, its torn his face apart.” Qui-Gon bared his teeth at her.

“Oh? Good thing he’s not dead then. They tend to tear their summoners apart.” She looked away, feigning disinterests.

“Savage saved him.”

Dooku quietly turned Obi-Wan’s face while Qui-Gon was busy snarling at Ventress, getting a look at what the bacta bandages were not hiding away and stroking Obi-Wan’s cheek gently. Among the bounty hunters, Mace Windu’s disguised eyes took in everything he was seeing to relay to the council after this mess of a Rako Hardeen mission.


His face felt awkwardly numb when he woke and Obi-Wan reached up before he was even conscious enough to consider his actions.

A far larger hand caught his though and tucked it back down, soothing rocking motions making him open his eye to meet Qui-Gon’s relieved expression. “Oh imp.”

Obi-Wan stared at the older man before hiccuping heavily. “I-I…”

“Shh shh, its alright, you’re safe, you’re here, I’m not letting you out of my sight again Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon rumbled and pulled the child more against his chest, rocking him steadily. “We’re bacta treating your injuries as it is and the scars will not be to terrible.” He didn’t want to get into the technicalities of it but happily the tip of Obi-Wan’s nose was something that was easy to fix. The scars would be forever though and there was the question of Obi-Wan’s eye…

“I don’t want to use shadows again!” Obi-Wan started to sob, hiding against Qui-Gon’s chest.

“I know you’re scared little one, but this was just a min-”

“No!” Emotions reeling, Obi-Wan sent several trinkets falling of Qui-Gon’s desk as he continued to sob, no longer keeping a hold on his Force ability.

The older man stood and rocked his apprentice, ignoring the mess as he did. “Alright, yes, no more shadows.” He agreed quietly while rubbing a broad hand against the shuddering narrow back.

“No more shadows little one.” He whispered quietly, nuzzling the others head slowly.


When Meribald was finished a profound silence fell upon their little band. Brienne could hear the wind rustling through a clump of pussywillows, and farther off the faint cry of a loon. She could hear Dog panting softly as he loped along beside the septon and his donkey, tongue lolling from his mouth. The quiet stretched and stretched, until finally she said, “How old were you when they marched you off to war?”

“Why, no older than your boy,” Meribald replied. “Too young for such, in truth, but my brothers were all going, and I would not be left behind. Willam said I could be his squire, though Will was no knight, only a potboy armed with a kitchen knife he’d stolen from the inn. He died upon the Stepstones, and never struck a blow. It was fever did for him, and for my brother Robin. Owen died from a mace that split his head apart, and his friend Jon Pox was hanged for rape.”

“The War of the Ninepenny Kings?” asked Hyle Hunt.

“So they called it, though I never saw a king, nor earned a penny. It was a war, though. That it was.”

(A Feast For Crows, Brienne V)

College Was Interesting...

I don’t know if my experience was unique because I lived in a weird fucking town (Ashland, Oregon) but during the two years I attended college, I…

Got hit in the face with a 1-pound brick of marijuana,

Interrupted a cult meeting at like 2:00AM while wearing a dead coyote on my head,

Maced a black bear,

Faced off with a mountain lion, 

Lived in a cave,

Had a secret admirer (who later turned out to be not-so-secret and actually rather creepy), 

Had one college professor who absolutely hated me and went out of her way to grade my papers unfairly because I knew more about the course curriculum than she did,

Ran into a man and two of his friends walking their pet llama down the road, was asked if I wanted to kiss said llama, and totally did (because why the fuck not?),

Got hit by a drunk driver,

Fell madly in love and deeply regretted it, 

Ate my first roadkill turkey,

Played beer pong at a party with a guy who was later beheaded with a sword in one of Ashland’s strangest unsolved murder cases,

Was somehow adopted into a metaphysical healing arts school, given the name “Sister Coyote”, was revered for my “supernatural” ability to see “auras” (which is actually just a form of synesthesia), and was told I was an “Indigo Child” who’s soul was not from this planet (…..?). 

Accidentally met Chuck Norris when I stopped to tie my shoe next to him on a park bench as he read the morning paper, 

Befriended an old mountain man living deep in the woods with his dog, smoked weed with him, and discussed the philosophies of life while patching up an open wound on my ear, 

Was once followed through a park at night by two people dressed as Slenderman until they stopped in front of me while I swung on the swings, pointed at me wordlessly for thirty seconds, then left,

And started a city-wide “werewolf scare” because I took to wandering around town at night while wearing a wolf pelt on my head. 

Yep. College sure was weird. 

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#Losttoddler was SO CUTE! Can we have some other characters interacting with baby Obi? Maybe Dooku is with Qui-Gon the next time he stumbles upon Obi and they get introduced?

“You’re not meant to be here, are you lost?”

Looking up, Obi-Wan blinked at the tall stranger with wide eyes before nodding as the man knelt down to be proper in view for the young Initiate, the mans thin lips forming a small smile as he offered a dark hand to him. “Uhu, I don’t think I’m suppose to be here.” Obi-Wan confessed before glancing around the big shelves with dusty scrolls all over and accepting the warm hand of the bald man.

Chuckling a bit, the man pulled him away from the shelve and stood, lifting Obi-Wan up on his hip. “No, I agree since you’re usually suppose to get in here via a pass from Madam Nu. Now, who are you? And how in the Force did you get in here.” The man questioned while moving out of the labyrinth of shelves.

“I’m Obi-Wan, I get lost a lot.” The toddler confessed while holding onto the tunics of the knight. “And the door was open when I got here.”

Humming a bit, the knight nodded. “I see. I guess I have to tell Madam Nu someone forgot to close after themselves…” The man murmured dryly.

“Someones in trooooouble.” Obi-Wan giggled at the tone, feeling at ease. So far everyone he meet when he got lost had been kind to him and the Force told him that this one was the same.

Smiling down at the Initiate, the man nodded. “Indeed they are. Most likely their privileges will be revoked for a few weeks. I’m Knight Windu.”

Scrunching up his nose, Obi-Wan tried out the name. “Knight Wimble?”

Snorting, the knight glanced about. “I guess you can call me Knight Mace.” He chuckled while moving towards the doors.

“Mace.” Obi-Wan beamed while holding onto the tabards of the man. “…Is your head naturally bald?” He blinked up at the others shiny head.

“No. I shave it, see how shiny my head is?” Mace hummed, smirking a bit when Obi-Wan nodded as he quickly swiped his permission card so they could step through the door. “Well, that’s because I shave my head instead of losing my hair naturally.” He looked about and closed the door firmly behind him. “Now, where is your clan?”

Obi-Wan looked about then shrugged. “Dunno. Master Dolan said we’d be allowed to pick one book to borrow and read, I wanted one on Naboo cats.” He wiggled his feet a bit and peeked down before beaming at Mace. “You’re tall. I feel tall too now.”

Stifling a grin at the missing front toothed smile, Mace raised a brow. “I see…do you want to be taller?” He outright grinned when he received an enthusiastic nod from Obi-Wan. “Alright, hold on…” He shifted Obi-Wan a bit, snorting when the other gave a gleeful squeak when Mace lifted him with the Force up on his shoulders. “Alright, hold on then Obi-Wan.” The other chuckled more as he took a good hold of the others legs and headed for the counters.

He imagined the data console might tell him exactly which shelves master Dolan and the Initiates clan were.

And honestly?

This Initiate wasn’t as bad as most of the kids Mace encountered, arms resting on Mace head while chatting to him about the felines he knew about, useful information too if the knight encountered a Felessian tiger ever.

Aftermath (Agents of SHIELD fic, philinda, fitzsimmons, gen)

post-finale speculation. Angst ahoy, because let’s be real– Tuesday ain’t going to be pretty. 

When it’s over- finally over- they look to Coulson for orders.

They are once again leaderless, trying to navigate without equipment. And he has always been their North Star.

“Take the week,” he says. “Take care of yourselves, and each other.”

He hears Mace in his head and tries not to flinch. An exhausted team is not an efficient team. “And then, we go back to work.”

Because there’s no fanfare when they save the world. No ticker tape parade, no messages from the adoring public.

They’re not those kinds of heroes.

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By Chamberlain Haskill

My Lord Sheogorath has directed me to compile a guide for those seeking to create “Grim Harlequin” arms and armor, so that the Mad God’s mortal servants may have a way to make all their equipment look the same. Of course, this standardization runs counter to all other cult practices, and is insane on the face of it. (Ahem.) Milord has probably already forgotten he asked me to do it, but what better do I have to do with my time than write manuals for mortals?

Actually, almost anything, now that I think about it.


Curved crescent axe blades are specified, with edges of varying depth, and a complicated cluster of sharp, curved … somethings … at the haft. You know: what-you-may-call-ems. Also, grinning skulls. Put those on everything.


The belts shall be made of one, two, three, or four leather straps, of tanned Human or Elf skin, where possible. A grinning skull for the buckle, of course, Hip tassets may also sport skulls, wearing fool’s caps and with tongues extended. The extended tongue is very important—a stylistic hallmark, really.


Pointed toes are required. This is not negotiable. Uppers may be of dark quilted motley, as you like. But nobody will be looking past the pointed toes: do that right, and the rest is gravy. Note: not actual gravy. Gravy may be implied, but is never stated.


Now isn’t this a pretty thing: seed pearls on the facing, and swooping recurved limbs that terminate in finials curled ‘round large, lovely milk pearls. An instrument of death, but ornamented with nacreous excretions: simply splendid. Don’t you think?


traps, straps, straps, and many layers—but not too rigid, not to confining, we do not wish to make it impossible to somersault. A Grim Harlequin must somersault, after all. As appropriate. (You’ll know when.) Also: grinning skull sternum cameo. Very important!


What we want here is more or less a curved poniard. Pointed, of course, but with a definite crescent edge, so that it matches the swords and axes. The serrated back edge is handy for cleaning fish or grating cheese. A bastard to keep clean, though.


His Derangement has decreed that the fashion in Grim Harlequin gauntlets this season shall be for half-fingered gloves—the upper half. The lower digits shall remain nimble and free, so they can, as Milord Madness puts it, “Dance like little rabbits from blade to bow and back again.” The metaphor is strained, but you get the point, do you not?


Let your headgear be a cunning cowl that simultaneously evokes both a fool’s cap and an executioner’s hood—jolly but gruesome is the goal here, mortal. And there’s nothing to lose by adding a mummy-wrap bandit’s mask to the lighter sets, or a skull visor to the heavy.


These should match the boots. I suppose. Just between you and me, to be quite candid, I have had no instruction from The Avuncular One in the matter of graves or schynbalds. Not a peep. It’s as if he didn’t care what you put on your lower legs. Make of that what you will.


The Grim Harlequin mace head is a grinning skull (naturally) wearing a fool’s cap, with a long extended tongue that wraps right ‘round the top of the haft. It’s quite cunning, really. If I were a mortal, I’d want both the one-handed and the two-handed versions. But I’m not.


Grinning skulls, fool’s-capped jester faces, diamond quilting, those curving sharp what-you-may-call-em motifs: the Grim Harlequin shield has it all, really. Strap this on your off-arm, and they’ll get out of your way in the grocery store, believe me.


For your left pauldron? A grinning, grimacing jester-face with an upturned spade beard, of course. Oh, and another one on the right. Assuming symmetry is your goal. Who knows—it might be!


I already effused about the fool’s-capped grinning skull on the mace head, doing so again about the same motif on the finial of the Grim Harlequin staff would be just rather tedious. I would prefer not to.


The swords should be long, curved single-edged blades—almost scimitars, really. The crossguard is another one of those clusters of curving overlapping sharp whatevers, you’ll recognize it when you see it. And there, that’s the Grim Harlequin guide, for what it’s worth, which fortunately is not up to me.

I Did What No Jedi Thought I Could Do

Star Wars (The Prequels) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Anakin Skywalker + Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda & Mace Windu

Warnings: mentions of blood

Request: “One-shot : based on “ imagine being the mascot of the Jedi Order” plus the reader is badass af, use this quote “ Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” please?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,308

A/N: oh dear godDDdDDD this was the hardest to write and probably my least favorite, no offense. not really proud of this one, but oh well. sorry i didn’t really make the reader that badass. original gif imagine is here [x]

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the ot3 nobody really needs and probably don’t want either

So I was playing around with this idea that Mace gets his head out of his ass and switches reports and files around so Dogma was killed on Umbara Officially, but he’s taken into Mace’s office, with Wolffe, and Mace is just “Wolffe, this is your new soldier” and Wolffe is told EVERYTHING and he just goes “A'ight, let’s go Uj'ika.” and that becomes Dogma’s new name and that’s how Plo meets himand has no idea he’s actually Dogma until Dogma takes his helmet off and everyone recognizes him as the one who killed the asshole jedi

like Kit and Dogma meet every so often for ‘rehab’ or therapy or w/e so they’re friends but Kit doesn’t know Dogma is DOGMA

he never met Dogma before, so he just knows he’s (Dogma) another clone dead, this time because he did what was RIGHT and saved everyone the trouble of dealing with Krell

so he knows Uj'ika, and Uj'ika is a pack member, so he and Plo talk often about Uj'ika’s welfare and both are like 'fuck we both like him’ (by that time, Kit has probably stopped giving therapy sessions to Uj'ika bc it’s no longer moral and he’s not gonna do that to Uj'ika)

and Plo and Kit are probably already in a relationship, but it’s an air toss because nobody can confirm it

so they’re like “We gotta talk to Uj'ika” and then working with the 501st, Kix is doing check ups on the pack bc they fucking need it and Uj'ika has been protected from him ALL THIS TIME, and he finally gets to ORDER HIM to the medbay andhe cries because everyone, including Tup and the Jedi and EVERYONE, thought he was dead and Dogma feels bad

and then Plo and Kit are just floored and just “I fucking love you?????” and Dogma is Embarrassed because Wolffe is like “So do I have to give the 'brother to boyfriend’ speech to my DAD???" 

anonymous asked:

'It is I, your local asshole!' Skywalker

Before anyone else could open their mouths, Skywalker beat everyone to the punch. “It is I, your local asshole, come with news.” He offered, arms spread.

Twelve councilors stared at him before looking at the mans master, said master who was busy rubbing the bridge of his nose with a deep, bone weary sigh escaping him. “Forgive him, the healers pumped him full of drugs… Anakin I thought you were going to let me do the talking?” He glanced at the other wearily.

The blond beamed at him, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Master I don’t remember promising that.”

“…If I give you a lollypop, will you shut up?” Obi-Wan questioned and then reached into his belt to pull out said confectionery for the enthusiastically nodding padawan. “I’ll make a note for the healers not to give him this cocktail of painkillers…” He mumbled.

“Please do, he’s bouncing off all our shields.” Depa seemed amused despite it all.

Obi-Wan gave her a wry grin even as Anakin stuffed the bright purple lolly in his mouth, looking quite content with himself. “To the mission report then?”

“Please.” Mace grumbled quietly.

And so the sordid tale of a starting revolution they had come to help ease into peace came out as it became a firefight without equal until the rebel leader had come out victorious as the new president of the planet instead of the monarch who was currently in a stockade instead of on his throne as a new governmental system was put into place.

“So there’s was no chance of a peaceful solution then?” Mace rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Obi-Wan slowly stared at him, giving him a long look before he spoke. “Considering the monarch told the rebel leader that he’d wear her hat while waving her decapitated head in front of said rebel leaders weeping mother during our one attempted negotiation meeting, no, I don’t think so.” He offered dead panned. “So I believe that shuttle flew out before we even arrived.”

Mace lifted his head from his hand and Yoda’s ears rose high as even Shaak mouth dropped open. “I…see.” Mace returned weakly.

There was a short silence before Plo shifted forward. “And what happened with your padawan?” He questioned, raising his brows.

Obi-Wan slowly looked to his much too happy padawan and then back at Plo, eyebrow twitching faintly. “My padawan thought he could jump out of the palace from the top floor and land on the back of a Nutanda, a cattle like riding animal, so he could help the rebels to prevent more loss of life.” The redhead clearly resisted slapping the back of his padawan’s head.


“…Well its commendable that he wanted to save lives.” Shaak tried, smothering the urge to giggle at the almost constipated look Obi-Wan was starting to sport.

“Oh yes, I’m more unhappy with the fact that he jumped from the top floor. That poor animal was scared half to death Anakin and then it threw you off, you broke four ribs!” Obi-Wan finally gave into his urges and slapped his whining padawan on the arm.

Tapping his claws together, Plo cleared his throat to get the two’s attention again. “…May I presume that you too are currently under a cocktail of drugs Master Kenobi?” He questioned.

Obi-Wan opened his mouth then closed it moments later before sighing and nodding.

“Thought so, you’re not quite…yourself.” Plo’s amusement leaked into the Force and he looked towards Yoda and Mace before exchanging clearly amused looks with Shaak.

“I think we have enough of a mission report Master Kenobi, please go to your quarters and… decompress.” The Korun said dryly.

Obi-Wan and Anakin both bowed as best they could before they headed out, the blond almost skipping a bit.

The doors closed behind them and there was silence for a few moments before the council broke into quiet snorts and chuckles.

“Cocktail of drugs indeed.” Yoda cackled.

Indo-Persian Armour, 19th C.

A rare and beautiful set from the property of a high ranked warrior, consisting in a khula-khud, a sipar, a bazu-band, a coat of mail, two points and two maces.

Helmet with hemispherical skull, cusp of squared section at the top, on a base shaped as a truncated cone; sliding nose-piece, two plume-holders; all engraved and gilt. Decorated with six, big, richly carved and pierced cartouches at the base, featuring Arabic writings, provided with twenty-four smaller cartouches, pierced with floral motifs and with gold frame; featuring a copper leaf under the cartouches. Silver-plated, Arabic writings at the border the skull. Red cloth lining at the inside. Mail neck defense consisting in small rings with simple closure (missing parts). Height: 60 cm circa. Featuring a big, round and convex, iron sipar, provided with four studs engraved and gilt with floral motifs; decorated with nine cartouches at the center, together with twelve, smaller ones, all richly pierced with floral motifs and gold frames, with a thin, copper leaf below. Silver-inlaid, Arabic writings among four bands decorated with flowers at the border; brass support at the border. A red cloth lining at the inside, with an old label, four suspension rings. Diameter: 46.7 cm. Bass-band decorated en suite, featuring a stylized face at the top, complete with plaques to close it and with sword-shell (defects), Length: 55 cm. Coat of mail consisting in rings with simple lock, some missing parts; neck with lined cloth, provided with fringes. Height: 60 cm circa. Neck: 10 cm. Two trident heads, one with damask structure and Arabic writings, decorated with horned head, snakes and floral motifs (Height: 55 cm), the other one with socket featuring silver decorations an cusp engraved with floral motifs and silver and gold decorations (height: 54.5 cm). Two iron maces, one with horned head and remains of silver decorations (77.5 cm), the other one with bull head and remains of silver decorations.