mace game

Gavin’s bored and Geoff’s being an utter twat. Gavin’s bored and Geoff’s gone out on some job without him, told him to behave himself and not make a mess, like he’s some kind of errant child. Gavin’s bored and feeling petty, a combination that has never ended well for anyone, least of all Mr. Geoffrey don’t fuck around indoors you animals Ramsey.

So Gavin’s just hanging out on Geoff’s couch, behaving himself impeccably as he goads the others into making a complete mess of the penthouse. He jeers on recklessness, assigns a point system to destruction, calls out various walls, ornaments and artwork as targets, and despite their best intentions everyone inevitably falls into his game.

By the time Trevor turns up, stopping to stare around the room in stunned kind of silence, Jeremy has successfully shot 6 hanging paintings off their hooks, Michael’s quickly ended an increasingly elaborate game of keepie-uppie after his throw knocked Geoff’s huge flatscreen from the wall, Jack’s got the enormous joke dildo someone bought stuck leering down at them from where it’s wedged in the ceiling, and in his efforts to knock it free Ryan’s flat out torn an enormous, unmissable hole that’s left misplaced plaster scattered all over the dining table.

There’s a moment of guilty silence, of children being caught misbehaving by an adult with authority, and then Gavin’s slipping over to fling an arm around Trevor’s shoulders, irrepressible grin in his voice as he swoops the ball out of Ryan’s hands and presses it into Trevor’s. It’s not hard to draw him into the games, not when the other’s have clearly been having a whale of a time, when Trevor’s itching to play along anyway, when Gavin’s still leaning in close and giving him a run down of everything that’s happened so far, of how many points everyone is up to, scoffing about how surely Trevor could do better than that. And Trevor does, right up until the moment he lands a direct hit on the gaudy light fixture hanging in the middle of the room, sending it crashing to the floor in a storm of shattered glass and likely toxic smoke. Which is, of course, when Geoff gets home.

Geoff arrives to find the main room of the penthouse in utter shambles, destruction to such a degree he momentarily thinks someone must have broken in, at least until he catches sight of his crew. Still as statues, like deer caught in the headlight, they’re all wearing shades of guilt clear upon their faces, all except for Gavin. Gavin who’s sitting away from all the rubble, who has his chin propped upon his hand as he smiles up at Geoff, somehow the only one who can say with complete honesty that he didn’t break a single thing.

This screenshot has to be my favorite of the whole series so far:

After The Mountain kills Oberyn Martell, everyone’s reactions are priceless. Maester Pycelle is way too old to even know what just happened. Cersei is excited (for obvious reasons). Even Tywin can’t believe the situation.

But my favorite reactions are these two:

Mace is acting like the idiot they always portray him to be: “Whaaaat?”  But Jaime, my sweet sweet Jaime, is my favorite because he’s simply like:



Houses & Places- Games of Thrones (1/?)

House Tyrell of Highgarden

“Growing Strong”

“Other great houses take lions and wolves for their sigils, and draw their power from the gold in their mountains, or the cold of their winters. But mountains run dry, winter yields to spring, and the rose blooms once more.

The Wolf Maid and the Dwarf

All of Sansa’s dreams shattered when they brought her to the Sept to be married: To Tyrion Lannister.

The Imp was so ugly, she thought, little and more ugly since he got his scar. But wasn’t he also kind?

But what could she do? She was the King’s hostage and he commanded her to be wed to his dwarf uncle. Her world broke apart but she had to obey.

They said their vows in front of the seven gods and she felt Tyrion was uncomfortable, too. She had to kneel down, so the dwarf could cloak her. The whole court laughed.

She did not want to celebrate their wedding. 

Some Tyrells danced happily. 

But she sat silent next to her husband who was drinking one cup of wine after another

“He’s a bigger man than he seems”, Garlan Tyrell tried to console her.

Tyrion’s father Tywin rebuked her new husband: “Stop drinking. You have a duty to fulfil. Get her with child” 

They quarrelled and Sansa left.

Only to walk into King Joffrey

“Do you like my little uncle? You’ll have a Lannister baby. What does it matter from which Lannister. Would you like me to pay you a visit after my uncle is done? It does not matter. Ser Meryn and Ser Boros will hold you down.”

She ran away. Tyrion saw her, he wanted to leave.

“Let’s bed her” The king screamed from the gallery. It was tradition for newlyweds to be carried to their chamber where the guests undress them to testify their union.

“No one will bed tonight!” Tyrion said, saving her from another one of Joffrey’s humiliations. “Not until you want to fuck your own wife with a wooden cock.”

The king was furious but Lord Tywin interfered.

Now they were alone Sansa knew what was expected of her. She held her tears back as she began to undress while Tyrion watched:

“I am malformed and small, but when the candles are blown out, I am made no worse than other men. I am generous. Loyal to those who are loyal to me. And I am cleverer than most, surely wits count for something. I can even be kind. Kindness is not a habit with us Lannisters, I fear, but I know I have some somewhere. I could be… I could be good to you.”

She did not say anything.

“Stop”, Tyrion said. “I cannot do this. My father shall be damned! You’re a child. I will not touch you until you want it.”

“And if I never want?”

“Then it might be so.”

Dwarf Wardens leaving their home with Duncan and looking up at the sky and seeing clouds and the sun for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens looking up at that same sky at night and seeing the moon and stars for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens that have never even seen a dog before suddenly having this Mabari following them around

Dwarf Wardens getting caught in a rainstorm and Alistair has to explain No it’s okay the sky didn’t break this is a thing that happens sometimes

Dwarf Wardens boggling at how foods that are so rare back home- grains, fruits, crops- are everywhere up here

Dwarf Wardens being fascinated by flowers or bugs or trees

Dwarf Wardens that feel vulnerable without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens that feel free without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens exploring this world that is so vastly different from the one they know

Dwarf Wardens


Game of Thrones Meme: 4 Deaths

→ [2/4] Margaery Tyrell (+Loras Tyrell, Mace Tyrell, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister & The High Sparrow)

“Forget about the bloody Gods and listen to what I’m telling you. Cersei understands the consequences of her absence and she is absent anyway, which means she does not intend to suffer those consequences. The trial can wait. We all need to leave.”