The more I know about Qui-Gon Jinn the more I realise he didn’t just annoy the Jedi Council, he was quite literally the bane of their existence

He was a master diplomat to the point that Obi-Wan spent more of his padawan years off-planet jumping wars and disputes with Qui-Gon than most other padawans, but at the same time, Qui-Gon apparently “looks like a bantha and smells like a Rodian.”

So let’s say a smushy Core planet puts in a request for Jedi presence at their planetary elections, and instead of a well-groomed, masterly Jedi (were they expecting something like 30-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi? They probably were) they get a 1.93 metre giant with uncombed hair hanging down to his waist, wearing tunics that seem to be clean but don’t seem to be at the same time, smelling like he just climbed out of an outer-rim catina, who bows perfectly and then starts cracking their governmental system open one flaw at a time, like a - well - bantha in a china shop-

-with a perfectly-groomed, not-one-hair-out-of-place tiny padawan by his side. Said padawan’s dimples solve nearly as many problems as his master’s diplomatic skills do.

But we only wanted someone to oversee our elections! They cry. We didn’t ask for this!

Could we have sent someone else, the Council deliberates.

Then we would have to have kept the Jinn-Kenobi pair here, someone points out.

Oh, good point, Mace Windu says. Everything’s perfect the way it is.

Jace and Magnus get hella protective about each other on missions now because they both know it’ll kill Alec if something happened to one of them. Which would be really sweet if they weren’t so ridiculously competitive about it, like

‘The demons are down there. I will go, you stay right here.’
'No way, I’ve been trained to kill them my entire life!’
'I’ve been practicing magic my entire life, which - in case you’ve forgotten - means centuries!’
'Alec won’t forgive me if something happened to you.’
'You are his brother, he won’t forgive me if something happened to you.’
'You are his boyfriend!!’
'You are his parabatai!!’
'You are the love of his life!!’

(Izzy just rolls her eyes and takes down the demons while those two are busy fighting/protecting each other)

let’s talk jace staying at magnus’

- he’s always rearranging all of magnus’ stuff like all of magnus’ ingredients for his potions are sorted into some kind of system that only jace seems to understand so magnus is like tf every time he goes to look for something

- jace cooks a lot which magnus doesn’t mind at all because hey, who doesn’t want dinner cooked for them. magnus only gets annoyed when he helps to cook and jace keeps making dissaproving noises about the way magnus is cutting the chicken or stirring the food because it’s not the way he likes to do it

- jace walks in on alec and magnus making out all the time and apologises but alec and magnus can always hear him two seconds later yelling and laughing down the phone to izzy “our big bro is getting some right now. I’m so proud of him, they grow up so fast”

- magnus likes it when jace starts playing the piano though when he’s working on a potion because it’s soothing and relaxes him. also its one of the only times jace is actually completely silent and staying out of trouble

- jace always wedges himself between alec and magnus when they’re sitting together on the couch just to annoy them as he dramatically throws his arms over both their shoulders and goes on about how he loves hanging out with them

- jace is competitive so he starts this word game with magnus where you have to say a word that begin with the last letter of the word the other person said and jace thinks he’s killing it until magnus brings out words from demon languages and words that haven’t been used in centuries and jace is like shit and alec and izzy always get random texts from jace like “give me a word beginning with q” “why?” “because…reasons”

- magnus finds out of course when jace starts saying all these scientific words that magnus knows for a fact jace doesn’t know the definition to because whenever magnus asks, jace is already half way out the room like “gotta go bye”

- sometimes magnus invites simon over just to keep jace quiet and distracted for a bit so he can have a bit of time for himself (and time alone with alec lbr)

Nothing makes me hate Mace more than this scene. Obi-Wan has just become the victim of a terrorist plot against the people of Coruscant, suffered major organ damage and was bleeding out in Anakin’s arms, and now Mace is giving Anakin a lecture about being worried? 

Here is where we begin to see just how much it tears him up to be a part of the Jedi Order. If he hadn’t rushed to the scene, Obi-Wan would have been dead. How is that wrong? The Force can’t be with you when you’ve broken your back and shit.