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flightofthedragon  asked:

Just wondering, are there any sculptors you really admire yourself? (Some classical ones I presume, but maybe some modern ones as well?)

Certainly. I’m not well-versed in modern sculptors, but of the few that I know:

Kate MacDowell does some really bizarre, intricate porcelain work. Aside from her clever takes on the subject matter I particularly like that she lets the medium speak for itself, instead of painting it. 

Johnson Tsang’s work blows my mind. He has a way of combining seemingly conflicting textures and natural forms together that’s really fascinating to look at, and there’s a definite sense of humour to it too, which I love. Just fantastic. He is another porcelain artist and he runs an excellent blog to boot.

You’ve probably already heard of Ron Mueck, who is known for his hyperrealistic sculptures. From what I know of his work, he does things with with size and uses hyperrealism to play with perception. Like all sculpture the impact of it is rather taken away by seeing it in photograph form unfortunately, but these at least give you a sense.

Cao Hui is another one who does really interesting things by combining the organic with the inorganic. 

And Jessica Harrison is best known (at least on Tumblr) for her tattooed or gorey porcelain figurines, but she does a lot of other interesting things to controvert the medium as well. 

Modern sculpture has a way of taking ordinary life and making it feel so strange and other-worldly in a way that 2D art can’t, at least for me– it has an immediacy and presence that insists on reality, even if it could only be ‘real’ in some other universe. When we see photographs or paintings there’s kind of a mental wall there that prevents us from being fully invested, I think. We tend to feel like we’re looking through a window into another world rather than being a part of it. Sculpture denies us that wall. I fucking love that. It might not show in the sort of art that I post here, but ugh the things I’d do if I had a proper studio and a kiln…

Thank you for asking! I can go on about sculpture all day.


Ceramicist & Artist:

Kate MacDowell

“Skin-Changer’s Closet”

Wall-Installation, Size Varies

Grouping Forms a Rectangle Roughly 3 ½’ x 2 ¼’,

Hand Built Porcelain, Glaze


“Skin-Changer’s Closet: Bat" 

11” x 5" x 1½"

Hand Built Porcelain, Glaze,


“Skin-Changer’s Closet: Alligator" 

34” x 12" x 3"

Hand Built Porcelain, Glaze


“Skin-Changer’s Closet: Stag Beetle”

6½" x 3" x 1"

Hand Built Porcelain, Glaze,



To encourage the curly women out there - riding the coattails of my post below, here are some of my favorite celebrity curls. Unfortunately, most of these woman now straighten their hair (Julianna, Kerri, Julia, Annalynn), but they still provide some sick inspiration.