some macdennis thots about the new ep

- dennis litcherally ignored the hand holding thing in mac’s memory. he was only concerned that mac claimed to have turned the goddamn light off

- dennis is jealous of the dildo bike. OR

- dennis is (probably) sexually frustrated with mac using the goddamn thing behind the thin walls of their apartment every single day for three hours straight (can you even imAGINE the struggle)

- dennis asked mac ‘are you my roommate?’ as if it was some kind of fundamental knowledge that defines mac’s personality (a big part of it at least)

- the whole thing probably took place in charlie’s mind but even if it’s all true we still got a really sweet macdennis moment (hands holding!) and also a few seconds of dennis’ being a repressed bitch yet again

not only is dennis “i hate mac” reynolds getting on my nerves this season but also the weird dynamic between mac and charlie. like everyone has always thought mac annoying (and yeah it makes sense that dennis would get frustrated w him bc of the sexual harassment etc.) but charlie + mac have been best bros since childhood and now charlie doesn’t seem to even like him at all??? and a lot of his anger @ him seems to stem from mac’s sexuality even tho it’s never been a problem before?

idk man i just want my gang of terrible people who actually enjoy each other’s company back u know

i have a feeling that… Dennis’s “i h8 u :(” stance towards Mac won’t change until the season 13 finale, during which we will hopefully and rightfully receive proof that Dennis has feelings for Mac, with season 14 delving into that new dynamic. after Mac came out in Hero Or Hate Crime? he started showing more outward signs of feelings and attraction towards Dennis, something Dennis seemed to more or less enjoy—in PTSDee he dances seductively all the way to Mac, reveling in Mac’s attention before he inevitably shuts doors in Mac’s face—because Dennis thought he was just teasing, playing. Of course Mac would be attracted to him, Dennis’s ego allows for that. And then Mac gives Dennis an RPG for Valentine’s Day, the one thing Dennis wanted and the one day Dennis secretly wanted to receive a gift for too. He allows himself to be genuinely touched by this sentiment, although his side-eye glances show that he is perhaps wary of the other members of the gang being around to witness him so vulnerable. But then it gets too real in Dennis’s Double Life, the season 12 finale, where Mac redid their apartment like how it used to look, with one bed for the both of them, how he was so willing to pretend to be Dennis’s lover, and raise his son with him. This created a paradigm shift of sorts, that has extended into season 13. Dennis thinks he doesn’t want Mac, doesn’t want to be with Mac, so he’s pushing him away as much as he’s aware enough to do, without effectively ending their friendship, because no matter what he can’t do without Mac. Even if he doesn’t realize it, he needs to show physical affection towards Mac, and receive affection from Mac (except he’s trying to draw the line at Mac touching him for the most part), okay with the open show of his best friend’s feelings as long as it does not assume that Dennis reciprocates. And all this fake-hate on Mac, all this pressure to restrict his relationship with Mac, it’s breaking Dennis down, which i believe will culminate in him cracking during Mac Finds His Pride, setting a new premise for the next season

I just want to point out that Charlie tells Dennis 

 “everyone knows that the most annoying person in the world, is mac so why would you ever wanna live with him?” and Dennis has no legit answer to that. Dennis could have moved out after their apartment burnt the first time or the second, or after the mess at suburbs or after he came back but he didn’t. Every time he chooses to stay and why? Oh i don’t know, maybe Dennis is a liar sometimes.

‘Good-bye Philadelphia, good-bye Charlie………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Mac, Dee, Frank’

hi lads. Dennis doesn’t hate being roommates with Mac and the whole episode was probably a figment of Charlie’s imagination (the final scene where Charlie walks into the pub in the exact way he describes reliving his memories is very telling of that) and thus probably wasn’t real, just like how The Gang Turns Black was all a dream, and all of the lessons they learnt in that episode weren’t real events.

Okay, so, given this information, it’s far more valid to look at the ‘Why Does Dee No Longer Have A Cut On Her Forehead?’ scene through the eyes of Charlie and the way his mind operates. In the scene, Dennis asks each member of the gang a question to confirm that the members are rooted in reality, rather than giving false representations of themselves. After denying to be Dennis’s roommate, Dennis concludes that they’re in Mac’s head, something which Mac protests because “Dude, if we were in my head, why would I not want you to be my roommate?”, thus inciting protests from the gang. Mac’s words quickly indicate to the gang that they’re actually in Dennis’s head. While one might believe that’s the case because Dennis has always sort of expected Mac (and everyone, honestly, but most of all Mac) to look up to, worship, and need him, Charlie chooses to explain this by confidently declaring that “Everyone knows that the most annoying person in the world is Mac. So why would you ever want to live with him?”

Charlie’s words are more telling of his own feelings towards Mac rather than Dennis. In fact, it would be fair to say that Charlie, in this fantasy, is projecting his issues with Mac onto Dennis. Charlie mentions that Mac is annoying and this directly correlates with why he finds him to be a horrible candidate for a roommate. This has nothing to do with Charlie hating Mac (which he has said he does, but that’s a whole other thing), and him thinking that no one would want to be roommates with Mac is a reasonable assumption given how Charlie and Mac’s living styles completely clash, and that Charlie has lived with Mac, something he didn’t want the longer Mac stayed with him. The best example of this perhaps, is from Mac And Dennis Break Up, where Mac’s need to keep things clean and hygienic bothered Charlie greatly, who likes the dirt, likes the mess, loves the cat food, and hated that Mac wanted it all gone.

But, assuming that Charlie accurately imagined exactly how the gang would act and talk and think throughout the whole episode, or assuming that only the final scene was Charlie’s imagination and all the stuff in between the clips was real, let’s get into why this still doesn’t mean that Dennis hates living with Mac!

It is assumed that Mac and Dennis first became roommates sometime after Dennis graduated from college and they all bought a bar together. How this came to be is something of an enigma, especially given how Mac and Charlie have known each other since kindergarten, their friendship far older than Dennis’s friendship with either of them. And as far as we are concerned, Mac and Charlie never went to college. So we have Mac and Charlie, friends since childhood, both didn’t go to college, both could’ve definitely benefitted from being roommates with each other, and yet Charlie chose to live alone (right up till Frank) and Mac and Dennis are the ones who ended up living together. Which is confusing given Mac and Charlie’s history, but is also obvious when you compare Mac and Charlie’s conflicting habits of living. It is possible that Mac and Charlie tried living together once, although it doesn’t explain why Mac would be so taken aback by the way Charlie lived in Mac And Dennis Break Up, unless Charlie’s habits were exacerbated by Frank and got worse as the years went by (which makes a lot of sense so we can totally assume that they tried living together at some point), but it didn’t work. So Mac and Dennis move in together, and somehow, it’s an arrangement that does work. Something that they get used to, get comfortable with. They develop their own traditions as roommates (Monthly Dinners™, Tuesday Night! Movie Night!, and possibly many others).

They remain roommates for most of the past fifteen or so years, at least. They are roommates for so long that it became a default in their lives. A fact. A constant deeply rooted in reality. It’s a truth so indisputable that when trying to determine if Mac is living in the real world, he asks, “Mac, um, are you my roommate?” This contrasts heavily with Frank’s question regarding his self-perception, Charlie’s question about his romantic The Waitress-specific prowess, and Dee’s question on how successful she is in achieving her dreams. Whereas Mac is tested on his living situation. Which, if posed to the other three members, would’ve been a rather bizarre thing to ask. But it works for Mac because living with Dennis is fundamental to him, and if someone were to ask Dennis a question to test if he were living in reality, “Dennis, are you roommates with Mac?” would also be a fair question to test if Dennis were fine.

Because of course Mac and Dennis are roommates. Mac is the only one who can be roommates with Dennis, and Dennis is the only one who can be roommates with Mac. The others can’t stand them, and they can’t stand anyone else. This is evidenced by how they drove the gang crazy in Mac And Dennis Break Up, how Dennis could barely stand to live with Maureen, who he MARRIED, for more than a day before he drifted back to Mac again, and how they lived with Dee and it was a nightmare. But they survived because they had each other, and were constantly trying to find time alone together, away from Dee.

This brings us to the next point of Charlie’s interrogation of Dennis, when he asks Dennis to come up with a reason why he likes living with Mac, something which Dennis fails horribly at. This is also not surprising, because any practical and logical reasons why Dennis lives with Mac, reasons he’s comfortable with admitting to the gang, died long ago. Died over a decade ago. This isn’t ‘Dennis Hates Mac So Of Course He Can’t Think Of A Reason Why He Lives With Him’ this is ‘Dennis Can’t Think Of A Reason Why He Lives With Mac Because There Is No Good Reason Why He Should Be Living With Mac, Mac Who Has Horrible Credit, Mac Who Doesn’t Pay Rent, Mac Who Mainly Relies On Dennis To Drive Him To And From Places, He’s Never Stopped To Think About Why He Should Live With Mac Because There Was Never Any Question About It’.

Deep down… Mac is Dennis’s air. He doesn’t question why he needs air, he doesn’t come up with reasons for why he breathes air. He just… breathes. In fact, he barely senses that he needs air at all, but when he’s deprived of air, that’s when he latches on hardest, that’s when he gulps and chokes on air as he inhales more and more of it. At the end of the day, even if he won’t admit it to himself, Dennis needs air to live. Likewise, Dennis doesn’t know why Mac is so important, he doesn’t know why he’s been voluntarily living with the man all these years, choosing to live with him, no matter the cost. He just lives with Mac because at his core he knows the alternative would be wrong.

And now, we come to the final bit of dissection: Dennis revealing that he was trying to “get rid” of Mac, because he loves “having a roommate who spends three hours a day on a dildo bike”, he says sarcastically. Now, this can be looked at in about two ways, or both ways, if you will. Dennis could’ve said that Mac spends hours a day on a dildo bike, just hours, but he specifies three. This could either mean that he roughly kept track of how long Mac took, or it could just be a random number Dennis picked to emphasize how long Mac takes. But the point is—there is no good reason why Dennis should be affected by this as he had no issue with Mac getting himself off before, they even masturbated together as a fun bonding activity—unless Dennis feels neglected because of this. He used to be doing all this fun, cool shit, and he used to do all that fun, cool shit with Mac. But if Mac’s fucking himself for at least 1/8 of the day, where does that leave Dennis, seeing how he doesn’t join in? Alone with nothing to do.

Again, if he did anything that he enjoyed with anyone else while Mac was taking care of himself, then this wouldn’t affect him in any way. Dennis being affected by this could also mean that… he is affected by this. Think about it. Imagine you live with someone who you’ve had repressed feelings for for over a decade, and you’ve repressed your own sexuality for years too. Said person who you’re secretly in love with embraces their new found sexuality, their feelings for you, and every step they take towards you is a step you take back into a trap, a trap where you’re forced to admit you feel the same way. So Dennis is obviously struggling, and also, since Mac probably doesn’t soundproof his walls (which i surmise is probably how Dennis knows Mac is using his dildo bike in the first place) Dennis can hear everything. Every pant, every grunt, every moan. And should his body dare to have a reaction to this? Dennis would freak out, Dennis would run, Dennis would want to ‘get rid’ of Mac. Because of course Mac is the problem. Mac has always been the problem. But Dennis is the one who needs to be solved.


The Fuckening - a Macdennis Playlist

I’m Straight - The Modern Lovers
Take Me To The River - Talking Heads
Shake Some Action - Flamin’ Groovies
Why Am I Lonely? - The Nerves
Astral Plane - The Modern Lovers
Sunspots - Julian Cope
Ever Fallen in Love - Buzzcocks
What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks
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