Starscream/Soundwave high school girls AU
  • Starscream is a popular outgoing student who is also a gossip
  • She’s on a sports team
  • She wears bright colors and sporty outfits
  • Her family flies planes and she has pictures of birds and model airplanes in her room
  • Soundwave is a shy nerd
  • Her fashion sense: letter jackets and leg warmers, somewhat from 80’s
  • She likes listening to obscure music groups
  • She plays an instrument
  • I would say she has a disability of some sort
  • The Cassetticons are her imaginary friends and Ravage and Laserbeak are her cat and bird
  • Starscream meets Soundwave and is all like “WE’RE GOING TO BE BEST FRIENDS NOW”
  • Megatron is in Starscream’s friend group and is the team Mom
  • Megatron is super buff and she’d beat up anybody who threatens Soundwave. Good Ally.
  • Um their human names would be Esther, Lyra, and Angela
Fanfic: Fortress Maximus/Rewind NSFW

Last night, I had a dream about these two fucking on a desk. Literally the one thing I remember from my dream is my mind going, “let’s pair the biggest member of the Lost Light with the smallest,” and here I am.

And yes, I am aware that any sort of sexual encounter between the two of them would end up being bad, but let’s just pretend that Max is still huge, but not gigantic, for the sake of this fic.

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bayverse hens

“Starscream, you’re telling me a fairy tale.”

The suddenness of the interruption caused her to drop the datapad. She caught it between her legs before it fell on the floor and quickly placed it back in her hands. Seated in a chair facing the seeker, Megatron was watching, red optics half-lidded, slumped into the padded cushions. Night had already fallen on Trypticon, and only the electric lights of the city - and those watchful red eyes - illuminated the darkness inside the house. Starscream had been ready to leave for the night when the Lord High Protector had asked for a bedtime story.

“Tell me one of those stories you’ve written.”

Starscream stood, back straight and hands tensed in trepidation. She knew it was silly, that stories like this didn’t really happen, but she had barely begun and -

“Go on,” the urged Lord High Protector, clearly amused. Those rows of sharp teeth were bared in a friendly smile.

Picking up the datapad, and finding the place where she left off, she continued to read the story she had written. The light from the datapad cast shadows on her hawk-face - although she felt like a pigeon perched on a live electric line.

“Arael flapped low over the canyon. It was icy cold, and the sun had set on this part of the world. The sky was an inky blue, with faint, ice-frosted clouds the crescent of a white moon hanging in its expanse. Steam rose from her luminous wing-extensions where it met the ice in the air as she surveyed the landscape of this unfamiliar planet.  There was no sign of the enemy - only the stillness of the frozen surface of the sea. She knew that she could not return empty-handed, for she had been personally tasked to retrieve the Bell Jar…”

Starscream turned away from the datapad to look at Megatron once more. The Lord High Protector had placed her left hand under her chin. In the dim light Starscream could still see every sharp edge and armor plate - the crown of gleaming silver, the lines that formed two sturdy, strong legs. Megatron reminded her very much of the Ice Queen in the story, seated in a castle of crystal and surrounded by an army summoned from the dark ocean below.