maccaroni cheese

My girlfriend makes amazing lacto free/vegan maccaroni cheese and man i cant wait to have it again. More importantly just being with her again soon. But the food is a nice bonus! (Also ill make her cake and a nice vedgie shepards pie :) )

all-fools-in-love  asked:

Okay, my zodiac OTP is definitely Taurus and Virgo and I LOVED the one you did of Virgo falling for Taurus so can you do a Taurus guy falling for a Virgo girl? (Thank you so much)

Sure! And thanks^^

*at a restaurant*
Taurus: *eating of course*
Virgo: *is the waitress replacement, kinda bad at it*
Taurus: *thinking out loud* wow, she’s cute
Virgo: *waits the tables* *spills mayonnaise over her shirt*
Taurus: she’s not that good at her job, but she’s cute *continues to eat his hamburger*
Virgo: *walks to Taurus’s table with a mac & cheese tray* I’m sorry, did you order maccaroni and cheese?
Taurus: *slightly blushes* um, no…
Virgo: Darn! I got the wrong table again…
Virgo: *tries to turn around but accidentally spills the pasta all over Taurus* *notices* oH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY
Taurus: No, it’s okay, it’s okay, luckily I love maccaroni you know…
Virgo: I’m really sorry, just…um…*stressed out* *completely embarrased* I’m truly sorry, I’ll get some paper towels from the restroom…
Taurus: *smiles whilst watching her feeling like a mess, when he actually thinks she looks adorable*

mel-loves-all  asked:

Olicity prompt please: Felicity quietly walks in to the kitchen to find Oliver trying to coax their little one into eating their Mac & Cheese.

Established Olicity Future - Thanks for the prompt mel-loves-all

Felicity sighed as she parked the car in the driveway, resting her head against the headrest. Another late night at work. The days were stacking up again. She’d have to talk to Oliver about another vacation soon. The last one had been almost two years ago. Finally, she dragged herself out of her car, and tried to shrug off the weight of her day.

Not knowing what she was walking into, she quietly unlocked the front door and hung her keys on the hook. The house appeared to be silent. It was slightly past dinner time and the kids should have been upstairs getting their baths. But she never knew what to expect when she was running late. Occasionally they would be in bed already. Oliver wanting to maximize their quiet time together before he headed out for his evening activities.

Felicity smiled when a giggle in the distance let her know that at least one child was still up. Another high pitched giggle coming from the direction of the kitchen had her heading in that direction. She dropped her purse on an ottoman as she passed through the living room, stepping over a various collection of discarded toys. Her jacket slung over the back of a dining room chair, she stepped out of her heels and pushed them under it, as she passed through their formal dining room.

A squeal of delight reached her ears as she finally stopped just outside their kitchen. The sight before her making her smile, her heart warming and melting away what was left of the irritation from her day at work. Coming home to them was the best part of any day and made all of it worth it.

“Daddy, momma no lite you dive tomtom matndacheezz,” her daughter stated firmly, her voice mimicking the telling sound of her own when she lays down the rules.

Felicity stifled a giggle at her daughter’s label for macaroni and cheese. They’d been teaching her the correct way but she had yet to grasp it. She watched just out of sight of the breakfast nook where Oliver had chosen to set up their dinner. She leaned against the doorway to watch the happy little scene.

“Celia, mommy said I could try to give it to Tommy, it’s time he tries new things. Also, it’s macaroni and cheese,” Oliver corrected. She watched as he put some on a fork and held it out to their ten month old son. Tommy squealed and batted at the fork trying to grab it. “No, Tommy, let daddy hold the fork. It’s too late and I don’t want to have to give you a bath.”

Felicity sighed and grinned. It never ceased to amaze her how her husband, no matter their children’s ages, tried to reason with them like they were adults. Often he’d get frustrated, but never truly angry, when they didn’t understand. He’d just continue. Making her love him all the more for his persistent patience.

“No bath?” Celia asked in a high pitched whine. Baths being her favorite thing in the world. This news did not sit well with her. She pouted in her dad’s direction. “But I wants a bath daddy!! I willy wants one! Ant Teya dots me da pint bubbles. I wants da pint bubbles in my bath!”

“Well okay maybe if I can get your brother to eat maybe there will still be time before bed,” she watched as Oliver turned his wrist to look at his watch. He shook his head and groaned, “but I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Oliver tried again to feed Tommy a bite and the baby just grinned wide dimples showing on both sides of his cheeks, blue eyes full of mischief. “Please baby boy open up for dada.”

Felicity watched as her husband tried desperately to get their son to eat. His shoulders slumped slightly, his hand gripping the fork dipped lower. Tommy squealed again screeching out a ‘na na ba ba’ and slapped the tray on his high chair. Then grabbed the fork, getting the food into his chubby little hand. More squeals of delight filled the air before the food was shoved into his mouth, fingers and all.

Tommy had reached a point where he much rather feed himself. It made a huge mess but she didn’t mind that. It bothered Oliver though, not only did Tommy make the biggest messes but it meant that he was growing up, becoming more independent. Oliver was having a hard time accepting it. Tommy being their last baby, he had insisted his son not grow up too fast. Time stood for no one though.

At Oliver’s frustrated growl Felicity stepped into the kitchen, she made her way over to the table. Tommy saw her first and with a mouth of noodle started babbling ‘ma ma mm mm’. Oliver turned eyes meeting hers.

“You know I’m with him all day and he still says mama first,” Oliver said in greeting. His smile reaching his eyes, making the skin around the edges crinkle. Felicity leaned in and pressed a kiss against his smiling lips. He hummed and reached up to touch her face, his thumb brushing over her cheek. Felicity slowly pulled back, smiling at her husband.

“He’s just babbling baby, you know that. We went through that with Celia,” Felicity stood and reached over ruffling Tommy’s dark curls. “How’s it going little man? Tell daddy you want it just dumped on your tray.”

“Momma, daddy dive tomtom matndacheezz. An say no baths but I wants a bath! Ant Teya, see daved me pint bubbles. I tan use pint bubbles yes?” Celia said excitedly, standing up in her chair.

“Celia Dearden, sit down,” Oliver commanded firmly, “Don’t pout, it won’t work. Sit or you won’t get a bath!”

“Listen to your daddy sweetpea,” Felicity said, leaning over to kiss her daughter on the forehead. Celia sat down with a hard plop. Oliver eyed her before returning his attention to Tommy. Felicity spooned out some of the maccaroni and cheese onto an extra plate that sat on the table. She slid it onto Tommy’s tray.

“I was trying to avoid bath time,” Oliver said, pulling Felicity to sit on his lap, he rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I know, but I’m home now and I’ve been working too many hours. I miss them, so I don’t mind.” She turned and kissed Oliver’s cheek. “Thank you though.”

They watched as Tommy giggled and smacked his food against the plate. He grabbed fist fulls of food at first, just smashing it. Then slowly he started shoving pieces into his mouth. She smiled fondly at him as he made small humming noises. Within minutes there was only remnants of the dinner.

“He makes such a mess,” Oliver stated watching their son enjoy the meal Oliver had made them.

“Yes, but that’s how they learn,” Felicity returned.

“I is done momma tan I do det a book,” Celia asked as she started to climb down from her chair. Only half the food missing from her plate.

Felicity turned to help her down when Oliver started to laugh, jostling her in his lap. Celia joined in, loud peals of laughter as Felicity turned back to look in the direction of her son. Tommy had picked up the plate, licking off the remnants of the cheese. She laughed along with her husband watching her silly boy.

“I guess the macaroni and cheese is a hit with him huh?” She said between chuckles. “We should be recording this!”

“I’ll get it, we need to send it to Thea,” Oliver said, pushing Felicity up from his lap as he went in search of his camera.