maccaline  asked:

YOU'RE GOING TO SEE MADS, OMGOMGOMG *takes a deep breath* you're SO lucky! I live like on the moon and.. GAAHHHH, so gelous T_T (btw, I LOVE your videos!) Hope you'll have a great time! :D

I mean, I’m kind of jealous of you living on the moon. I think we might be even. 

Haha thank you! :)



Vanna! Where do I begin to describe how much I love you?! You’re such an important person in my life and it’s funny how we met back a few months ago but instantly grew so close to one another. Our personalities are identical which is probably why we bonded so quickly. I love the fact that you do live quite far away that you’re never to far away if I ever have to talk to you, and that means so much to me! When I was having my father problems you were one of the first people I went to and I knew that you’d care. You care about so many things and I admire that so much.

December 8th is one day that I shall never forget in my lifetime. It has been the world to me and I will treasure that night of all the words that we exchanged. You are such a wonderful person and I just wanted to say that you mean so, so, so much to me. More than you’re ever know and I just love you! <3