Started to watch G1 with my friend, and it was amazing how incompetent everyone was, so we started to dub it as ‘gay baby fights - the series’ 

This was actually part of a bigger picture, but then I felt like I prooobaablyyy won’t finish a picture including several bots kicking each others around with their puny limbs, so here, have the seeker trio just in case the rest of that masterpiece never sees the daylight lmao

Thoughts while driving to work: this is inherently gonna be a personal issue, for readers and writers. Coding based plot and character ideas are gonna fuck with some people, and mesh or provide interesting opportunities for others.

What I’ll be doing is tagging any of my own writing that involves it with “Use of coding” or “(x) coding” if it’s specific, so people can avoid it or decide for themselves if they want to engage with it.

I think a fandom-wide request for tagging wouldn’t hurt, after all we’ve already got some pretty impressive tags to ourselves, in the interest of allowing people to browse fandom comfortably and safely.


so @thetimetravelingdetective asked if she could use the pattern for the Vehicon bean:

the sad truth is, like most of my first-time designs, i totally winged the whole thing. there is no pattern (as of right now, anyway). but! i can give out some pointers:

use an average-weight yarn and a 4.25mm hook (which will give you a bean that’s a little smaller than mine) or a 5.00mm hook and yarn with a bit more bulk. i used average yarn and the 5.00mm hook and it gave me larger holes (you can see the polyfil a bit).

make an initial chain of about 10-12 (i think i used 11, actually), chain 2 extra, and then single crochet along the ‘bottom’ of the stitches (i can provide visuals if anyone wants). this will give your bean a squarish bottom.

crochet along the sides and increase at the corners to help keep the shape square. i also put some double crochet stitches in for a few rows around the tummy area to help it have a bit more roundness.

start decreasing your stitches at about halfway up your desired finished height for the bean. you may have to juggle your stitch count a bit but i found decreasing by eights worked pretty well and held the shape, especially when i kept the decrease stitches to the corners.

the visor is just different-coloured yarn stitched into the crochet holes but i think i’d like to make a felt one next time and sew it on properly

i hope this helps! anyone is welcome to ask me about stuff and clear anything up. if i do hammer out a proper pattern i’ll try my best to let you all know (i’ve never written a pattern so we’ll see how that goes xD), but since this is just some suggestions and things, you’re totally allowed to modify these tips and make your own pattern. but y’all should ask @vstrider first about any commercial ventures and such because the Vehicon beans originated from that blog.

if you make beans please tag me in the pics, i wanna see! <3