macbeth 2013

James Mcavoy, a Monster Succes.

This is an interview from The Times, published the 29th of November, 2015.

James McAvoy’s recent roles have taken him to some dark places. Frankenstein is the latest to evoke ‘severe mental trauma’, but he is an actor who revels in confrontation.

James McAvoy is so confident that I only notice how short he is when he stands up. He is well under 6ft, but seemed so much taller as he sat ranting in a busy bar. To highlight this confidence, here’s what the actor said about a drama scholarship that he created so that wannabe peers from similar working-class backgrounds to his can attend an expensive school. He feels it is his responsibility to help. “And I’ve used,” he says with a wicked grin, caring less than any actor paid to flog clothes ever has before, “my ill-gotten gains doing a Prada f****** modelling campaign to fund it.”

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