Well, with the pokemon Sun and Moon right in the corner and tons of fans asking for evolutions of old pokemons… I decided to make a “fakelution” of something I’d really like to see. Chatot deserves that evolution so as many others, I chose him because I love macaws. He would turn into a psychic and flying to add more in his stats and ability. I’m really proud of how it’d came out, I hope you guys like it as well. 

Feel free to send me headcanons on status, habilities and moves this lil’ guy would get. :D


So I love Mori/Fukuzawa and I’m a dork. We have Dazai being adopted by the previous boss and Mori being quite a bit younger than Fukuzawa (like 23-24ish? while Fuku is like 32) I just like the thought of Mori being younger than Fukuzawa. 

Dazai Osamu remembered very little of his family. He knew he had been put up for adoption and knew that someone did end up adopting him in turn. He knew it was a powerful man; but just did not know to what extent. All these people answered to his new father; they even showered praise and gifts on him. Dazai enjoyed it for the most part. There was something he enjoyed more than spending time with his new father though. It wasn’t as though his dad was mean to him. It was just that kids didn’t like doing boring things like the stuff he did.

               Therefore he spent most of his time in a local doctor’s office. It was actually the doctor that his dad used. If he were being honest, it was good for him to be spending so much time in a doctor’s office as well considering he was clumsy to the point of it being a problem. If he spent his time with a doctor then that would just solve the problem right then and there.

               “My Dazai!” Mori Ougai was the interesting doctor Dazai spent his time with. On that rainy day, no one had come into the office so Mori could just sit and talk with the kid. Dazai suspected that Mori had to be in his early to mid-twenties. Perhaps that was why he enjoyed talking and watching Mori so much. The doctor was just a kid himself. Either way, Mori had picked him up and plopped him down on his own chair. Since Dazai was taking up that spot, Mori sat down on the ground in front of him. “How have you been doing?”


               “Just good? How is your dad doing?”

               “Wouldn’t you like to know?” That froze the conversation rather quickly. Though Dazai was still just a kid, not even in his teens yet, he was not stupid. He knew that because his dad was so powerful, people were out for his blood. That included Mori. The doctor’s wicked little grin that followed up his assertion only confirmed his thoughts. Instead of continue on that path, Mori leaned back on his hands and threw his head back so his face was looking at the ceiling.

               “Well I have been doing pretty well recently. I’ve been pretty busy. Lots of stuff has been happening. Adventurous things.” Dazai knew that Mori would continue talking whether he was prompted to or not; so he simply allowed him to continue. “All these new people have been coming in. They are such chatter boxes,” Not that you aren’t? Mori was one of the more talkative people Dazai had ever met. Though he was very smart when he spoke, never saying too much or too little. Hmm, or maybe not. Whenever Mori was around Dazai, he chattered on and on like a wild Macaw. Not that Dazai minded once again. He was a people watcher and Mori was one of the most interesting to watch.

               “So I just get all this information from them when they are here. Oh and remind me to go and speak with your father sometime this week. It’s been a while since I last saw him. I guess we would need to do a checkup as well. Remind me about that too.” Mori said it all in one breath as he rocked back and forth on the floor. For a moment Dazai thought he would pass out; but he stopped before it got too close. There was a moment where all either of them could hear was the sound of rain hitting the pavement outside the front and back door. That did not last long though. Dazai blinked and looked at Mori’s face and saw something he never expected to see. What was that? A blush?

               “There is something else.”

               “My Dazai is so perceptive!” Mori shouted while pointing a finger up in the air. The blush did not go away though. It just got darker. “I….”

               Oh? For the first time since Dazai met the doctor, he was at a loss for words; or at the very least was thinking through what he was going to say to the extent that he did not speak. Dazai watched from the chair as Mori leaned back so he was lying on the floor with an arm thrown over his eyes. “He is a body guard that has been tasked with watching after me. He is older than me. Aren’t older men just so handsome?” He did not wait for Dazai to answer. “He has worked with a couple of other assassin’s before, even just this red headed kid. Apparently that had been an interesting job.”

               At this point, Dazai realized Mori was gushing. He was gushing like some little school girl. It really was showing Mori’s young age. “He is rude but doesn’t put up with my shit.”

               “I already like him.” Dazai’s interjection got a laugh from Mori; though he continued none the less.

               “I don’t know what to do. Every time I am around him, my heart just pounds so wildly. I feel the blade in my pocket; that’s all I have ever known how to use. I only know how to kill….” Mori faded off as he stared at the ceiling. There was a leak in the corner, but Mori did nothing to get a bucket. All the while Dazai watched the 20 year old. It was true. Mori was known for being a ruthless killer; torture being his specialty along with being a doctor. The young man highly doubted falling in love or having a crush was in Mori’s repertoire.

               “You said he puts up with your shit.”


               “So just be yourself.” Mori’s shocked face was not all that surprising. Perhaps he thought that Dazai had not been listening. Or perhaps he thought that Dazai was just not interested in things that had to do with love. Either way, he mulled the idea over in his sporadic mind. Being himself? That had pushed so many people away in the past. But Fukuzawa was different. He listened to Mori. Whether it was because he had to or no, the doctor did not care. The older man just made Mori fuzzy minded and rather foolish when he was around. Many a times when he was bandaging Fukuzawa up, he would liken himself to Florence Nightengale, which Fukuzawa would just blink at. He never was particularly rude; or rude for the sake of being rude. Maybe Dazai had the right idea.




               Dazai had left a while ago and Mori was alone in the room when Fukuzawa entered. The silver haired man was soaking wet from the rain, so much so that Mori shot up from his chair. “You look like a wet fox.” Which was true. Both in the sense of an animal and just that he was extremely handsome. Either way the doctor went and got a towel from the back room. When he came back in Fukuzawa was seated on one of the couple of chairs He had taken off some of his outer layers, just as Mori had taken off his white doctor’s coat. The younger male walked over and wrapped the towel over Fukuzawa’s head. He allowed Mori to do it. He sat there with an odd expression on his face actually. “What is wrong?” Mori asked.

               Fukuzawa stayed quiet, looking down so his eyes were coved by his bangs. “What does one do with a stray cat?”

               “Stray cat? Hmm? Whatever do you mean?”

               “What do you do with a cat that is too shy to come up to you, but you know it is interested in a greeting.” Mori blinked. Fukuzawa would often speak in such riddles like this. Well, perhaps it was not a riddle. Many knew that the man loved cats so he very well could be speaking about an actually feline. However the doctor felt as though he meant something else. So he paused and straightened out. He barely even noticed that Fukuzawa’s legs bracketed his own.

               “What would one do? I suspect just keep acting like you usually do. That or push the cat a bit. But not in a bad way. Just show that you are interested in making friends. Be kind to it; show it what it wants to see.” Mori could not do anything else before Fukuzawa’s large hand reached up and cupped the back of his neck. He brought the younger male’s face down so he could press a kiss upon his lips.

               Mori’s face grew bright red at this, but he did not stop Fukuzawa. If anything, he deepened the kiss himself; gripping the back of the chair on either side of Fukuzawa’s head. When they finally pulled away, Mori was almost entirely in Fukuzawa’s lap.

               “Is the stray cat still interested in another greeting perhaps?”


               “I think the cat is more than interested.”

One more work story because I’m procrastinating on this genetics paper

One time I skyped with my boss’s macaw.

My old boss has this fantastic macaw named Simon. (Dude loves birds. Sometime I’ll tell the story of how I got hired because I was wearing a t-shirt with a crow on it at my interview.) Old boss and old boss’s wife are both archaeologists and work in the same area. This one time we were working on a project- him in his office, me in the lab, and his wife at their home. And what I was doing was setting up some of her samples for carbon dating, so we set up a skype call so that she could see what I was doing and tell me which samples to use and just sort of monitor things. She had to run off for a bit, so I just left the call up and did my own thing for a while, until the computer starts squawking at me. “Hello? Hello? Hello?” I look over at it and there’s this HUGE BIRD staring at me. So I say “Hello Simon!” because I knew who it was and I thought it would be rude to ignore him. (Note: at this time I knew that my boss had two daughters and that one of them was called Lyra, but I only knew this in context of a story about the bird. In contrast, I found out about Simon on day two of the job. I knew what Simon looked like and what his favorite foods were before I realized that my boss and his wife weren’t just colleagues but were also spouses. It’s clear who the favorite child was, is what I am getting at. And I really liked that job, so I figured it would not do to be rude at all to Simon.) Well, that sets him off. He starts hopping up and down going “Hello Simon! Hello Simon!” Then he starts making phone ringing noises- he could do my boss’s phone ringtone super well (apparently his favorite trick is to make it so that my boss would come into the room to pay attention to him)- and repeating “Hello Simon!” for a while. Then he started showing me his toys. He’d flutter off, get a toy, bring it up, and then bang it against the camera until I acknowledged him. This went on for ten or fifteen minutes until boss’s wife came back. I was gchatting with my boss while this was happening, too, and his instructions were to say hello and tell the bird that he missed him.