Having Birds means..

-missing keys from your computer…it’s ok, I didn’t ever use that one anyways

-Your phone is not safe, it WILL be eaten…oh well it was time for an upgrade

-your shirts will be filled with holes…hey why pay money for the destroyed look

-eating will become an Olympic sport of keep away… wow lose calories while you eat

-you can officially use the pet ate my homework excuse…just not the dog

-people will ask you all sorts of dumb questions…is that a bird?! no dumbass its an elephant, geez

-even if you only have one you automatically become a crazy bird lady…so go ahead and have like 10…it doesn’t matter


Well, with the pokemon Sun and Moon right in the corner and tons of fans asking for evolutions of old pokemons… I decided to make a “fakelution” of something I’d really like to see. Chatot deserves that evolution so as many others, I chose him because I love macaws. He would turn into a psychic and flying to add more in his stats and ability. I’m really proud of how it’d came out, I hope you guys like it as well. 

Feel free to send me headcanons on status, habilities and moves this lil’ guy would get. :D


It was a really sunny day here. Every parrots had to fly :)
First and third photos : my little Luciole.
Second, fourth and eigth : Honey and Luciole, in love.
Fifth : River the amazon, Gabin the human, Gini and Luciole (both turquoise yellow sided green cheek conures).
Sixth : the same team with Milo the chloroptera macaw.
Seventh : Milo and Gabin.
Eigth : Milo, Gini, Gabin and River.
Last one : River, Gini and Gabin.

Photos by Margaux Deman.
(Beware, don’t practice free flight without a professional and a real training.)

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Greetings friends of the forest, here are some of my products made with love just for you. The month of May is my birth month so in honor of giving thanks for my life and all that has been given to me I would like to offer you the opportunity to receive also. It is in giving that we receive

The goodies you will receive:

Wild Spirit Medicine Whipped Shea Butter Lotion made with lavender essential oil

Wild Spirit Medicine Chaga Ginger Elixir made with locally wild crafted chaga and organic local honey

Two Wild Spirit Medicine Chap Sticks

Wild Spirit Medicine Lavender and Rose Soap

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Two quarts crystals

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One more work story because I’m procrastinating on this genetics paper

One time I skyped with my boss’s macaw.

My old boss has this fantastic macaw named Simon. (Dude loves birds. Sometime I’ll tell the story of how I got hired because I was wearing a t-shirt with a crow on it at my interview.) Old boss and old boss’s wife are both archaeologists and work in the same area. This one time we were working on a project- him in his office, me in the lab, and his wife at their home. And what I was doing was setting up some of her samples for carbon dating, so we set up a skype call so that she could see what I was doing and tell me which samples to use and just sort of monitor things. She had to run off for a bit, so I just left the call up and did my own thing for a while, until the computer starts squawking at me. “Hello? Hello? Hello?” I look over at it and there’s this HUGE BIRD staring at me. So I say “Hello Simon!” because I knew who it was and I thought it would be rude to ignore him. (Note: at this time I knew that my boss had two daughters and that one of them was called Lyra, but I only knew this in context of a story about the bird. In contrast, I found out about Simon on day two of the job. I knew what Simon looked like and what his favorite foods were before I realized that my boss and his wife weren’t just colleagues but were also spouses. It’s clear who the favorite child was, is what I am getting at. And I really liked that job, so I figured it would not do to be rude at all to Simon.) Well, that sets him off. He starts hopping up and down going “Hello Simon! Hello Simon!” Then he starts making phone ringing noises- he could do my boss’s phone ringtone super well (apparently his favorite trick is to make it so that my boss would come into the room to pay attention to him)- and repeating “Hello Simon!” for a while. Then he started showing me his toys. He’d flutter off, get a toy, bring it up, and then bang it against the camera until I acknowledged him. This went on for ten or fifteen minutes until boss’s wife came back. I was gchatting with my boss while this was happening, too, and his instructions were to say hello and tell the bird that he missed him.


what do I do?:

I take care of birds all sizes and colors in the exotic bird sanctuary ran by me and whoever comes to volunteer to help me! since there’s so many medical supplies and food stocks I need to buy, all the money I receive from the town of ponyville goes towards that, leaving none for any other paying employees! I actually live here at the sanctuary so the birds that need constant medical attention get the care they need.

What birds do I have here?:

well a few different types of  macaws, indian ringnecks, cockatoos, conures, love birds, pigeons, and just a few natural outdoor as well as indoor birds that are common around this area of equestria. Although our sign says exotic bird sanctuary, we never turn down a bird in need! At the moment, we have 52 different breeds here and 216 as a whole.

My favourite bird?:

well I can’t really choose, there are so many wonderful breeds! but if my life depended on choosing one, I’d have to go with the Toucan! It’d be horrible for one to have to stay here but it’d be an amazing experience to handle and care for one some day!

thank you to those who sent asks!: