Spix’s macaw is likely one of the best known rare species on the planet, and it’s thanks to Blue Sky Studios!  Originally meant to be a movie about penguins, “Rio” is the tale of a male Spix’s macaw who struggles to find love and return to the wild.  Sadly, the plotline of “Rio 2″, in which Rio and his family find an undiscovered flock of wild Spix’s macaws still living in Brazil, may be more than a bit overly optimistic.


It was a really sunny day here. Every parrots had to fly :)
First and third photos : my little Luciole.
Second, fourth and eigth : Honey and Luciole, in love.
Fifth : River the amazon, Gabin the human, Gini and Luciole (both turquoise yellow sided green cheek conures).
Sixth : the same team with Milo the chloroptera macaw.
Seventh : Milo and Gabin.
Eigth : Milo, Gini, Gabin and River.
Last one : River, Gini and Gabin.

Photos by Margaux Deman.
(Beware, don’t practice free flight without a professional and a real training.)

Having Birds means..

-missing keys from your computer…it’s ok, I didn’t ever use that one anyways

-Your phone is not safe, it WILL be eaten…oh well it was time for an upgrade

-your shirts will be filled with holes…hey why pay money for the destroyed look

-eating will become an Olympic sport of keep away… wow lose calories while you eat

-you can officially use the pet ate my homework excuse…just not the dog

-people will ask you all sorts of dumb questions…is that a bird?! no dumbass its an elephant, geez

-even if you only have one you automatically become a crazy bird lady…so go ahead and have like 10…it doesn’t matter

So the very talented & sweet @leibi97 requested the OWCA files agents. I’m so sorry, this became a series of Doof-becoming-the-adoptive-dad-of-animal-agents XD For some reason, I just think that Doof could be a really great parent figure to his team along with Perry. In the last pic, he is sewing sweaters to keep them warm in winter.

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Greetings friends of the forest, here are some of my products made with love just for you. The month of May is my birth month so in honor of giving thanks for my life and all that has been given to me I would like to offer you the opportunity to receive also. It is in giving that we receive

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Wild Spirit Medicine Chaga Ginger Elixir made with locally wild crafted chaga and organic local honey

Two Wild Spirit Medicine Chap Sticks

Wild Spirit Medicine Lavender and Rose Soap

Handmade earring made with macaw feathers from my pet and shamanic seed beads

Beautiful White Sage

Two tangerine quarts crystals

Two quarts crystals

Raw bee’s wax in its natural honey comb shape



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