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June 13th!!!

My birthday is on today!!!

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ok so yam's parents being huge on animal rescue and they have a house full of animals. dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, they've got em all. every day when the two of them get home from school they get mauled by three dogs, a macaw, five ferrets, two cats, a goose, a monitor lizard, and a pig before they can even take their shoes off - potion seller (bonus: yamaguchi carries around sugar gliders in his pockets always and the birds all flock to tsukki like he's a living playground)

big hooman = nice tree

probably bird logic 

~mod ao

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To add onto the Tanked post, they also keep large birds in the building they build the tanks, near hazardous equipment and fumes that could potentially kill the birds. All in all; Birds don't belong there and it's a hazard to their health.

Here’s a video of the Tanked macaws. I’m not an expert with parrots but their feathers look damaged/picked to me. I know their cages are shown in at least one episode, but you’re right, they’re also kept in the warehouse where tanks are built, with chemical fumes, fluctuating temperatures (from the process by which machines bend the plate acrylic for tanks), and apparently they don’t keep a good enough eye on their birds to keep them from being stolen.

Looking at the birds in the photos from this article on their theft, they look a bit unhealthy, overgrown claws and picked/missing feathers. 

They also allegedly (according to discovery channel’s bio for the show) roam freely with two cats in the shop, which is seriously concerning. A cat’s saliva can be incredibly dangerous to birds, resulting in diseases and possibly death. (Another source on that.)  And keeping parrots around cats, especially macaws, can be dangerous for the cats as well; macaws are incredibly strong and can harm smaller or similar sized animals pretty easily.

So yeah, all-round a bad situation for both the cats they have in the studio and the birds. Neither should be in that situation. I’m honestly even a little wary of the octopus they keep in the office, since octopodes are pretty easily stressed out.

-Mille Fleur
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